How do you Reach your Contacts on Twitter


Twitter can reach your phonebook and you can find your contacts in Twitter with this feature it is easy and quick process to follow relatives and friends.

Twitter is one of the most preferred social media platforms and apps today. With its millions of users, Twitter is as popular as Instagram and Facebook.

Twitter app is also one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play Store and App Store. People follow their friends, get instant news, announcements about everything as well as they share their tweets with their followers.

Some important news or events can be so popular on Twitter with Retweet feature. A tweet can be so popular instantly when it is retweeted by many users. Being aware of this, users buy Twitter retweets to make your tweets retweeted and make them popular on Twitter.

How Can I Find My Contacts on Twitter?

As Twitter is very common, there are many topics people are interested. One of the common topics is about how to find contacts on Twitter. There are many contacts in every phone.

Not all them use such social media services. Some people may prefer Instagram, some of them use all social media services effectively and some of them don’t use any of them. If you use Twitter, you may want to find your friends there so that you can get interacted with them on Twitter as well. The easiest way to find them on Twitter is to use phone contacts.

Use Contacts To Find Your Friends On Twitter

First, open Twitter app. Go to settings and privacy. You will see an option “Find Your Friends” on the list. When you tap it, you will see a notification “Search your friends on your contacts”. A new window will pop up. Here you need to give permission to Twitter app to see your contacts.

Your Friends Will Be Listed

All your contacts who use Twitter will be founded and listed. In this way, you will easily find all your friends who use Twitter.

How do you Reach your Contacts on Twitter
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