Faith People use Instagram and they love it

Faith People use Instagram

Not all technology is evil. Faith people use Instagram there are ministers that are using Instagram to communicate with their flock.

Before Sunday one can put out a list of recommended readings for people to have prepared before a bible study. Or they can give deeper understanding of what was meant by a bible passage. They can also give inspirational notes for people to be more connected with Jesus during the week. They can send pictures of Saints or famous people of the bible and have people guess who the person was. They can send out quick reminders of when church hours will be different for Holidays. They can also put out reminders of when coffee and donuts will be and who was support to being dinner to an event. They can also promote connections with the community by reminding people to vote. Where there are people that might need some help. And also where their might be some need for support to stop crime in the community.

Faith People use Instagram and they love it
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