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Facebook Special Ad Category

Facebook Special Ad Category

Before we start talking about Facebook Special Ad Category, let’s quickly cover why you should consider it. Facebook is one of the most advanced social media applications that are great for advertising. Providing service in order to ensure the rapid development of people, the institution has highly developed its advertising options. The preferred address of companies in order to gain more income and reach more people is Facebook. The reason is that people are familiar with these ads, and Facebook is really sending ads suitable for suitable audiences.

The product and service promoted on Facebook will be a big step for the institution to affect the middle age group positively. Facebook is an important formation for people to manage their ads in the best way. After people prepare their ad, they can meet the discounts that will cover certain periods with the users. Ads can receive support in various ways and attract more people’s attention. Organizations that aim to grow by advertising will definitely need to evaluate Facebook because it will not only be accessible to more people but also at an affordable price. The most accurate address where people can advertise at the specified price is Facebook. Because supporting and developing every organization is the main purpose of Facebook.

what is a facebook special ad category

What Is a Facebook Special Ad Category?

The Special ad category is a special category by Facebook to advertise housing, credit, and business opportunities. Only trusted users provide these ad types. In order for people to use this ad category, they must prove themselves by submitting some documents. The reason is that many people used these ads for malicious purposes before. In addition, Facebook does not share such ads with every user. Situations such as age, gender, place of residence are also determinants. Facebook Special Ad Category is the most advantageous ad group that people can directly address to the target audience on Facebook. So what are the differences provided?

Short Description

  • Targeting restrictions are available, preventing people under 18 from seeing these ads. There are also some restrictions according to the place of residence and existing rules.
  • People will be able to reach the right target audience by creating special ad audiences. It is the most advanced ad group that benefits directly.
  • While creating targeting audiences, people are to create audiences for special events.
  • Detailed targeting selection is available, which allows advertisers to meet people who really want to encounter opportunities such as housing opportunities.
  • People are to give zip codes when creating targeting options. This is especially important in the real estate category.
  • The ad includes everyone within a 15-mile radius who does not have the Facebook age requirement.
  • There are different ad rules according to the ads targeted. The most important and special audience is valid for credit opportunities.
  • Housing advertisements: this ad category, which Facebook carefully carries out, is also assertive in reaching lookalike audiences. It ensures that people are victims and does not make the advertiser a victim. Having an important place in social media marketing, Facebook attracts great attention with the opportunities it offers.

What are the Three Custom Advertising Categories on Facebook?

The three special ad categories on Facebook have different features.

housing opportunities

Housing Opportunities

It is one of the special advertising options that offer the possibility to determine according to the location. Housing loan advertisements include advertisements such as Home equity or valuation services, Home repair services, Sale or lease opportunities for Houses, apartments, apartments or other types of housing, Homeowners or mortgage insurance deals.

Credit Opportunities

It is among the special advertising opportunities for reaching people according to age limit and work plan. When people make run ads, they can record their target audience by making saved audiences. In this way, it will not be necessary to determine a different target audience for each advertisement.

Business Opportunities

It is a type of ad that is sent to people who are not working and who have searched for such content before. It was determined as the main goal to make people find jobs and workers more easily. Full or part-time jobs, Internships, Professional certificate programs, Job postings or job fairs ads, Ads that describe the benefits of working for a particular company, even if there is no specific job offer, are included in this category. There is less moderation compared to the others because there is no serious abuse associated with these ads.

where is the facebook special category

Where Is the Facebook Special Ad Category?

Time needed: 40 minutes

As a result of following very simple steps, one will gain access to Facebook Special Ad Category.

  1. Start creating

    Enter the ad manager and start by clicking the create option.

  2. Pick the type

    Report the type of ad; at this point, Facebook evaluates whether the ad is suitable for the special ad category.

  3. Give detail

    Until you reach the audience targeting option, creating a regular ad and creating a category ad will be the same. Click on the targeting option from the audience targeting section.

  4. Enter additional info

    Here, enter information such as age, gender, postal code. After these are completed, normal ad creation continues. The advertisement will be ready after the budget and planning option is completed.

Facebook Special Ad Category Briefly

It has been informative content that should be read by people who have previously used Facebook ads for business, housing, and loan but did not get the expected result or never used them. Topics such as what the Facebook Special Ad Category is, what it does, the tricks to be aware of, how to create it, what should be considered in choosing the target audience were included. Now that you run your ads, it’s time to optimize them. Here’s a great guide on how to optimize Facebook ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

It minimizes the rate of advertisers encountering irrelevant people. This also prevents people from being harmed. It can be mentioned that there is a mutual benefit situation. Especially, there are many applications under the age of 18 for job applications and loan opportunities. It is important to take advantage of this opportunity so that the advertiser does not linger in vain.

People need to prepare a striking text for their advertisements and determine an accurate and challenging visual and video. Since video ads attract more interest, people should not skip this step especially. An accurate target audience planning is provided. Since regular ads will attract more attention, it is important that people plan the ad for as long as possible, with as high a budget as possible, and if possible, repeat it regularly.

Whatever the budget people normally spend while creating a campaign, this is the budget they should allocate for this category. Advertising planning is done without any extra costs.

When creating an ad for this category, people will need to determine their target audience in the most accurate way. Especially in residential advertisements, this is a very important issue.

Simply head over to your Facebook Ads Manager. After that, click on Create Audience. Finally, pick select Custom Audience from the menu that shows up.

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    Thank you for the informative blog post about Facebook’s special ad categories. It was very helpful in understanding the various options available to advertisers and how to best utilize them. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this post, and I look forward to learning more from your future posts.