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Facebook Something Went Wrong Error (Solved)

Facebook, one of the most widely used social networking sites today, is a fantastic way to share information, join groups, and make new friends. It’s one of the most often accessed web platforms due to its considerable popularity. One of the primary benefits of these platforms is the knowledge that you may access your account from anywhere in the world using only a network connection. But occasionally, they might abruptly quit functioning. When you try to enter your account on Facebook, you may receive a message indicating “something went wrong.” This can make you worry if there is a problem with the network connection, the system, or your device. In addition, you might ask yourself, “How can I solve this?”

To answer your query, we will talk about Facebook something went wrong error in this article. We will explain why this error may happen and provide you with solutions on how to fix this. 

How Does Facebook Work?

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has been a well-liked social networking site where users can connect with others and share content. Facebook makes it simple to interact with friends, make new friends, post photos and videos, and join groups.

Registration with an email address and profile creation are the only requirements. Then, in a matter of seconds, you will have a free Facebook account. You might want to access Facebook whenever you want now that you know you can build a network with your coworkers and people who have common tastes or pastimes with you. But what if it suddenly stops working?

What Is Facebook Something Went Wrong Error?

Facebook’s “something went wrong” error is due to logging in. You will be unable to access your account until this error has been fixed. Whenever you try to access your account, you repeatedly see the words “Something went wrong, please try again” or “Something went wrong, try refreshing this page.” This can get pretty annoying.

If you keep getting this error every time you insert your email address and password, it might be difficult for you to access your account at that time. Why, then, do I continually receive the Facebook something went wrong error? You may inquire. Now let’s examine the causes of the Facebook “something went wrong” error:

  1. There might be a system bug
  2. You might request to log in too many times
  3. You might type the wrong password too many times
  4. There might be something wrong with your internet connection or VPN

Considering all these factors, the problem might be resolved in a few hours without your involvement. You could, however, try the alternatives we offered in the next part if you are eager to find a quick solution to the issue. If you see an account error, check how to fix Facebook account temporarily unavailable issue here.

How to Solve Facebook Something Went Wrong Error

Facebook, something went wrong error may happen due to a system bug, the use of VPN, or too many attempts at logging in to your account. You could take a couple of actions to correct this problem on your own.

Before we look at these actions, you should check if you are using the most recent versions of your device software and the Facebook app. You could attempt the following solutions if Facebook and your device are both updated to the most recent versions:

Reload The Facebook Page

Before attempting anything else, try refreshing your page a few times if you keep seeing the Facebook something went wrong error when attempting to log in to your account. Refreshing the page may help fix this issue because it might only occur temporarily.

To check if you can access your account, you can also close all the web pages, close your browser, and then reopen it.

You can take a look at our Buy Facebook Followers service to attract attention among users and help your Facebook page grow organically.

Clear All The Cache Data, Cookies, and Browsing History

There are times when a minor problem results in a Facebook something went wrong error. This issue could be resolved by clearing all of your cache data and browsing history. Go to Menu > More tools > Clear Browsing Data > Advanced if you’re using Chrome. Caches, cookies, and your whole browsing history can all be cleared this way.

firefox erase data

To erase all cookies and cache data in Firefox, navigate to Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security > Clear data.

Turn off Your VPN

A possible fix for the Facebook ‘something went wrong’ error is to turn off your VPN. So, you might try disabling your VPN so that you can access Facebook if you use one. Additionally, you can attempt to disable every plugin and extension you have installed on your web browser to check if any of them are the source of this issue.

Switch to An Another Device

The cure for the Facebook ‘something went wrong’ problem may be to switch your device. If you are accessing Facebook through a mobile app, you can try downloading the app to a different mobile device to see if you can log in. In addition, you can try using a mobile browser or your computer’s web browser to verify if you see the same error.

Reset Your Facebook Account

You might try to reset your Facebook account if none of the alternatives we listed above work for you. You should start by going to the Facebook basic page to achieve this. Basic Visit the basic Facebook page and log into your account.

change password

Go to Security and Login > Change Password after that.

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Once you have finished updating your password, visit the Facebook website and attempt to get into your account. After all of these attempts if you still see errors take a look at the Facebook Help page for more details. And if you are interested in making your account more visible, make sure to buy Facebook shares to help you be more active on Facebook.


In conclusion, we talked about Facebook something went wrong error and why it may happen in this article. Additionally, we provided you with solutions on how to fix this error. We trust that this post has given you a better understanding of Facebook something went wrong error and how to resolve it.

Frequently Asked Questions About

You temporarily cannot access your Facebook account from a web browser or mobile app when a Facebook something went wrong error occurs. Although only short-lived, it can be resolved by taking the steps this article has mentioned.

A system issue, your browser add-ons, or your VPN could be at fault. You could try disabling your VPN as well as any browser extensions and add-ons. Contact support if it doesn’t work, or try again in a few hours to see if you can access your account.

There may have been too many attempts to log into your account. Try refreshing your website, shutting all of your open tabs, and restarting your web browser. After attempting these solutions, you can probably log in to your account.

You might have to wait a little while before you can reaccess your account because this could be the result of a system bug.

It’s also possible that Facebook is down if you are unable to access your account. Using tools like Down Detector, you may check to see if Facebook is down. Simply type Facebook into the website’s search bar to check whether it is functioning properly.

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    Azaan Santos

    Thank you for your blog post about the Facebook Something Went Wrong error. It was very informative and gave a clear explanation of the issue and how to resolve it. Your post was very helpful in helping me understand the issue and find a solution. I appreciate your hard work and effort in providing this valuable information.


    why my FB page always went wrong and I have to reload every time I access to my FB

    • Yasmin Talley
      Yasmin Talley

      You should follow the steps mentioned in the article to solve the problem.

  3. Ida

    I followed all your steps for my PC. It’s not working. And I’m getting the same thing on my iPad. So it cannot be cache…..

    • Yasmin Talley
      Yasmin Talley

      You should try all the methods in the article and contact Facebook Support.

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    ive tried everything and i still cant log in my FB account. its been 2 months

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      Yasmin Talley

      You should contact Facebook Support to solve this problem.

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