Although There is no Message, I get Notification on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Problem
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Facebook messenger one of the most successful messaging application but in the recent time users face off Facebook messenger problem.

Facebook has taken many steps since it was established first. At first times there were rare people who knew Facebook. But, it has grown and has become the biggest network in the world. Today there are millions of people who use Facebook. They post something about themselves, share something they like, see other people’s posts, like them and make comments. As the interaction between the users is so important, some people want to be popular and get interacted with people. They can buy facebook photo likes to their photos or posts in order to make them popular on Facebook.

Apart from being popular on Facebook, people are also interested in many topics about Facebook. Sometimes, they face problems and don’t know how to figure out. One of them is about notifications on Facebook Messenger.

There Is No Message But Notification On Facebook Messenger

Notifications about new messages won’t be shown up on Facebook messenger. If you are new to this problem, it is normal to see it as a problem.

How to Solve Facebook Messenger Problem

Before, we used to get messages on Facebook inbox. All messages were used to be here.
But the new Facebook messenger doesn’t work this way. If someone sends a message to you and he is not your follower, you receive the message but it will not be on Inbox.
In other words, if someone that you don’t know sends a message to you, notification will show up, but you will see nothing.
Go to the app and find “friends”. You will see requests and you will see all the messages that came to you. When you follow these steps, your problem will probably be solved.

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