How Can I Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications?

Facebook Messenger Notifications

Facebook make easier our life but sometimes we do not want to get the notification, today we will talk about how to turn off Facebook messenger notifications.

Social media has been so popular in recent times. Facebook is known as the first social media platform and today it is still one of the most popular social media platforms and apps.

People share their moments, follow their friends’ posts. Apart from these, people also create fan pages or join those fan pages. They share posts about things they love on those fan pages. Users who create fan pages try to improve their pages.

They buy facebook fan page likes or some other things to make their fan pages popular on Facebook.

Apart from fan pages, there are many topics that are searched about Facebook. For example, notifications feature about Facebook messenger is a common topic. Some users don’t know how to turn off notifications on Facebook messenger. In this article, we will explain how to do it step by step.

People Send Messages On Facebook Messenger

As it is commonly known, the Facebook messenger was established and people send messages to each other on this separated platform. Although many people like this app, some users have still couldn’t get used to it.

Some of them are bored of this and don’t want to get these notifications at all. It is easy to turn on and turn off this setting in the settings.

Turn Off Notifications on Facebook Step By Step

If you are bored and don’t want to get notifications from Facebook messenger you can easily turn off them. First, log into Facebook messenger with your Facebook mail address and password.

Then, go to settings. You will see notifications and sounds. Tap it and it will be closed. You won’t get notifications from Facebook messenger anymore. If you want to turn on them, you can go to settings and tap notifications and sounds again.

How Can I Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications?
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