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Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are both applications for creating conversations with people you know. You can create chat groups or make video calls with both. However, there are curiosities about which one is better. Therefore, we will examine each of them and make a comparison to decide which is better, Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp.

Below are the pros of each platform. We have highlighted and explained each feature. Upon reading, you will have a clearer idea of which platform to use hereafter.

Facebook Messenger's Features

Facebook Messenger’s Features

Messenger is a conversation tool owned by Facebook; nevertheless, you do not have to have a Facebook account to use Messenger. There are features of it!

  • Texts, pictures, and videos: You can send texts, pictures, and videos to certain people or groups. Besides, you can use stickers, emojis, and gifs in your chats.
  • Voice and video calls: Facebook Messenger allows you to make voice and video calls via an internet connection.
  • Sending money: This feature is meant to send money to other debit cards. You can send money to anyone by entering the needed information and an optional explanation.
  • Games: Via Messenger, you can play games without interrupting your one-on-one or group conversations.
  • Location Sharing: Via Messenger’s mobile app, you can share your location with your friends or family. They can track you there.
  • Reminder: The application does not have a calendar part. However, you can adjust event reminders on the mobile app.
  • Ride: The applications that offer you a ride are connected to the Messenger application. Hence, you can request a ride from an Uber or Lyft account.
  • Other Features: The messenger app allows you to change group pictures and names; also, you can adjust the colors of conversations. Besides, you can send audio clips rather than making voice or video calls. Lastly, you can connect with your contacts or invite them unless they do not have Messenger accounts.
WhatsApp's Features

WhatsApp’s Features

WhatsApp has its own features too. Some of them are common with most of the conversion tools, and some of them are unique. Thus, let’s see them!

  • Text, pictures, and videos: As with most of the other social media applications, you can send texts, pictures, and videos with WhatsApp too. You can send them to certain people or your groups. Besides, gifs, stickers, and emojis are available too.
  • Voice and video calls: You can make voice and video calls via your personal hotspot or a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Location Sharing: You can share your certain or live locations with people you want. Moreover, you can adjust the duration of accessibility of your location.
  • Story sharing: You can share stories that available to your contacts for 24 hours. You also can see who saw your stories.
  • Privacy features: You can determine who can see your profile picture, last seen, and/or status.
  • Starring messages: You can star certain messages you like and then check them later from the starred messages section.
  • Background: You can change the theme of your conversations. It means that you can change your conversations’ background and change your theme to light or dark mode.
  • Document sharing: You can share the documents on your device via WhatsApp.
  • Web WhatsApp: You can connect your WhatsApp account to your computers with QR codes. Therefore, you can use most of the features of WhatsApp on your computers.

Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp

As you can see above, both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have common and unique features. Thus, the decision can change for anyone. It means that it can be shaped according to people’s needs. Facebook Messenger’s features are more comprehensive. However, WhatsApp easier to use and utilize features. Therefore, you can decide which one is fulfilling your needs more, then decide.

Conclusion on the Comparison

In this article, you can find an answer to the big unsettled question of Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp. You can check their features separately and decide which one is better for you. Good luck! Before you go, if you enjoyed such comparison we can offer you more, especially our Instagram vs Facebook one!

Frequently Asked Questions About

These applications’ security systems are compelling and secure. Hence, nobody can see your messages.

The disadvantages can be personal, generally. It means that your friends, families, or the person you are dating can reach them easier because of your intimacy. It can be uncomfortable to find out that someone saw your messages.

Both have their own security policies, and they are both strong. Although they are different, the strength does not differ that much. Hence, both are secure to use.

Due to WhatsApp’s security system, it is not that possible. However, if someone takes your phone and log into your account on their computer via QR code, they can see your information. Therefore, you can check whether your WhatsApp account is open on other devices.

If you shared your live location, they could track. You can stop sharing your location whenever you want.

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  1. Skylar Meyers
    Skylar Meyers

    Been thinking about Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp dilemma lately. I’d personally go with WhatsApp for its layout. Lovely article.