What is Facebook Marketing?

What is Facebook Marketing?

The word “digital” has become so much involved in our lives that there is a massive gap between the original meaning of digital and the modern meaning we use the term for. Looking at the past years, when even a digital watch was a very high technology device, it is a significant curiosity to think about what extent this digitalization can go.  In this development, we have started to use digital channels for many purposes, from our daily life to our commercial activities. What is Facebook Marketing? If you want to learn the answer, then keep reading.

Facebook and Digital Marketing

One of the most important blessings brought by the digital world is digital marketing. Facebook is one of the most suitable channels for digital marketing activities in today’s social networks. This suitability is provided both by a large number of active members and by the filters that directly reach the target audience.

benefits of digital marketing

Tips for an Effective Use of Facebook Marketing

Along with these facilities, there are some essential points to be considered in our marketing studies on Facebook. What are these?

1-Gathering the Most Suitable Target Group for Products and Services

The first step for businesses to use Facebook marketing is to create a company page. While creating the page, it is necessary to choose the most suitable sectoral categories offered by Facebook. The importance of this is to make it easier for users who match your interests, products, and services to find you. Let’s suppose we have a technology page, and one of the users started following the page of a technology company that is competing with you. In this case, Facebook will show your page to this user and say “look at this page, it is a technology page too, you should follow it as well.” and you will be one step closer to your target audience.

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2-Company Information

On the page you created, there is a section on the “About” tab. Here, you can enter all the information about your company. Filling this information will make it easier for the users to reach you, and your credibility will increase in the eyes of the users who will come to your page after the advertisement trials you will do.

3-Profile, Cover and Sharing Images

You should not forget that people’s interest in visual content is always higher. For this reason, you should design the icons, colors, and visuals that you use in your content to attract the attention of the users by preparing these images that will be the showcase of your page in appropriate sizes and quality resolutions.

Facebook Ads

After the issues we have listed above, the subject we want to explain is Facebook Ads. There are some criteria for making customers like your page. Also, you can gain followers and share content that will look interesting to your followers. The impact of these criteria on marketing can not only go beyond brand awareness and reputation. Also, the content you will share on social networking sites should not have sales anxiety. Because the analysis shows us that the ultimate purpose of the users following a page is not to buy products or services. The primary goals for users to follow a page are; getting after-sales support, feeling of belonging to a community, and also, finding useful information.

If you are targeting sales on Facebook, you should create an advertisement project for this. The images, icons, colors, concepts, etc. you will use it in your advertising campaign should be suitable for the target audience you create. The issue you need to consider here is the personal characteristics of users, such as age and gender differences, languages, and geographical locations.

a) Advertisement Categories

It is vital to decide what purpose you will use this advertisement for before you advertise. Facebook will offer nine different types of ads during the advertising phase. Also, it will ensure that the ad you will provide is in line with your purpose. It also checks if it reaches the most relevant user. If the goal is to sell products and services, the most appropriate category is Increasing the Conversions on Your Website. This option will make the ads visible only to users who are interested in the products and services you offer. These are the users who tend to purchase them. In this way, you will get rid of unnecessary impressions and clicks. Also, it will reduce your advertising costs and help you meet your sales target.

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b) Advertisement Images

While Facebook offers many different services to us, it also introduces some rules and restrictions among these differences. Images to be published have different sizes specific to each ad category. Facebook specifies these dimensions at the stage of advertising. Also, you can see how the image that will be published looks on different devices. And design the most suitable image for your advertising work accordingly.

Also, another issue in advertising images is the ratio of text on the image. This ratio should not exceed 20% of the size of the picture. You can use the Facebook Grid Tool to see if the ad image you have prepared is suitable.

Facebook marketing, which is one of the digital marketing steps, makes excellent contributions to you in reaching your goals. At the end of the marketing studies you have done, you must measure and analyze the works you have done. How many people have your works reached? What are their characteristics? How did they reach you? How did they interact? Make an assessment considering many criteria such as these and also make a plan for yourself for your next steps.


What is the difference between regular blogs and microblogs?

For a good looking regular blog, you need to write around 600-800 words, but microblogs limit you to generally 140 characters.

What can I tell in 140 characters?

Even though 140 characters may seem like not enough, but it is really impactful. In Twitter, the news spread super fast, and they all use 140 characters.

What is the most popular microblogging website?

Twitter is by far the most popular microblogging platform.


In this article, we mentioned what microblogging is and what are the popular microblogs. Thanks for reading. If you want to check other blog posts of InstaFollowers, click here. If you want to learn more about microblogging, watch this video by Wes McDowell:

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