Facebook-Instagram Interaction Will Bring Bigger Thing

Facebook-Instagram Interaction Will Bring Bigger Thing

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According to a new announcement which has been recently made by Instagram, it has reached 800 million users.

Founders of Instagram claim that it is including 100 million new users every nine months.

According to the announcement posted by Instagram on its official blog on 26th of September, the number of its users reached 800 million.

It is written that 500 millions of those use Instagram every day. Moreover, Instagram is including new improvements that provide the better user experience.

For example, they announced a new feature about polls. So, the question is that with its new features and a huge number of users, will Instagram be new Facebook?

Instagram has reached 2 million advertisers

The answer is both yes and no. Because Instagram is a great social media website around a new generation of young people and teenagers. They can take selfies and get new followers. And also they get likes and comments.

According to the interview that was made with Instagram founders, Instagram is having 100 million new users in every nine months. Of course, advertisers take this issue seriously. According to the recent announcement made by Instagram, it has reached 2 million advertisers.

The reason that especially young people use Instagram is that their parents don’t use. So, it makes them feel special. Another reason is that Instagram has a simple interface. Teenagers think that Facebook is old-fashioned and not user-friendly.

Videos have also contributed much to the growth of Instagram. According to the statistics, view rates of videos has increased %80 since last year. Videos posted via app has also increased %400 since last year.

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