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Use Facebook Desktop Version on Mobile

Smartphones are more convenient than desktop devices in people’s daily routines. Therefore, mobile devices and mobile versions of apps are more accessible. It is easier to find information in a couple of minutes from smartphones. Nevertheless, mobile versions may lack functionality or features. They are generally more basic versions of websites. Most users use browsers on their smartphones to reach those websites to not get affected by limited functionality. That’s why in this article, we’ll explain how to use the Facebook desktop version on mobile.

Facebook Mobile Version

Facebook app on smartphones has mostly the same features as desktop versions. However, people do not prefer using it because they can access it via their browsers. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, the Facebook app spends too much from battery and memory on mobile phones. Even though it is easily accessible, high memory and battery usage can affect loading speed.

Moreover, Facebook does not allow users to use some features on browser versions, such as Messenger. It would help if you had Messenger to chat with your Facebook friends. However, Facebook does not let you use it if you are not using the app. Therefore, it does not matter which version you use; you should download the app eventually for more functionality.

How to Use the Facebook Desktop Version on Mobile

There are a couple of ways to shift the mobile version to the desktop version on smartphones. Ways differ for IOS and Android devices. Thus, you can check the methods and choose the one that suits your smartphone.

Desktop Version on Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is the easiest browser to switch from the mobile version of Facebook to the desktop version. You may try this method on Safari or Chrome too, but according to reviews of users, it does not work on other browsers than Mozilla Firefox.

  • Copy and paste the link above to your browser. 
facebook on mozilla
  • Usually, Facebook forces users to switch to the app. If you are directed to the app, go back to your browser, and reload the page. Besides, sometimes smartphones ask whether you want to stay on the browser or not. You should stay on your browser for a method to work.
  • Tap on the three dots in the top right side of the page.
facebook menu on mozilla
  • On the dropdown menu, you will see a switch for the ”Desktop site”, tap on it.
facebook desktop site option
  • Now you can view Facebook as the desktop version on your mobile.
facebook desktop version on mozilla firefox

Desktop Version on Android (Google Chrome)

The first method above is compatible with all devices that include Mozilla Firefox. However, if you do not use Firefox as your browser, you can try other methods according to your smartphone is Android or iOS.

  • For Android devices, go to your browser and load the mobile version of Facebook. Again, Facebook may try to direct you to the app. If it does, go to your browser one more time and reload the page. 
  • At first, you should login to your account and find Chrome’s menu placed on the right top of the page. 
facebook menu on google chrome
  • Then, you will see a list of options, and one of the options is written as “Desktop site”. Once you click it, the option will be checked with a symbol, and the page will be reloaded. 
facebook desktop site option
  • Now, you can use the desktop version as you like. You can send and read messages as well.
facebook desktop version

Desktop Version on iOS (Safari)

iOS and Android versions are similar to each other. There are slight differences due to using different browsers. For iOS, you should use Safari if you did not download Chrome on your phone.

  • Similar to Android, go to Facebook and log in to your account. 
log into facebook on apple
  • Then, tap the “Aa” button on the bottom menu. Once you click, a menu will show a couple of more options will appear. You will see an icon named “Request Desktop Site” on that menu.
aa button
  • For switching to the desktop version, click on that option and wait for the page to reload itself. When reloading is completed, you can visit Facebook with the desktop features.
request desktop site facebook

What Are Differences Between Facebook Desktop and Mobile Version?

Facebook’s desktop version is richer than the mobile version in terms of some functions. However, users also report that Facebook mobile is more responsive and quicker than the mobile version. Thus, you can see the list below that contains differences between the two versions and choose the best one by yourself.

  • The desktop version can display much more content than the mobile version. While you can see ads, navigation, and some other content on the desktop version, the mobile version compresses the content to use the screen properly.
  • According to users, the Facebook mobile app is found to be more responsive and quicker. The reason might be that the app connects Messenger and IM to itself. It means that you can reach those features without leaving the app. However, those features will be displayed on the desktop version on other pop-up tabs.
  • Facebook displays ads differently on desktop sites and mobile app. On the desktop version, there are sidebars for apps. Since the mobile version needs more space for content, there are no sidebars. Companies can buy premium status updates to display their ads as a part of the main content.
  • If you like playing games on Facebook, the mobile app cannot display those games. It means that you only can find them on the desktop site.
  • On the other hand, the desktop site has a lot of extraneous content and ads displayed. If you want to have a fast and plain experience, you may prefer the mobile app.
  • On the desktop version, you can have more control over your content. On the desktop site, you can work on the size, format, length, and etc., while the mobile app does not allow you to do that.

Facebook Desktop Version on Mobile

Facebook offers different kinds of experiences on desktop and mobile versions. The desktop version is generally more complicated and functional, whereas the mobile app is simple, more responsive, and quicker. Therefore, depending on the experience that you would enjoy, you can pick the version.

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Even though the mobile app has its advantages, most users prefer using the desktop version due to its richer features. However, it may not be possible to carry a desktop device all the time. Hence, users search for a way to access the desktop version from their smartphones. Methods can differ among various devices, but it is mostly possible to switch to the desktop version on all kinds of devices, as can be seen above.

Frequently Asked Questions About

On Facebook’s desktop site, you can experience better functionality. It means that more features are available, and you can have more control over your content and account. Besides, you can reach a wider audience because the mobile app restricts sidebar ads and features that can connect you with more people.

It is not a personal problem that you are struggling with because Facebook wants it that way. It tries to direct you to the app. To do that, it forces you by restricting access to Messenger and switching the app without permission.

The best version changes depending on the experience you want. The desktop site would be better if you prefer full functionality, display more content, and play games. Nevertheless, if you prefer a direct experience by reading some content without ads and chatting with your friends, the app can give you a more satisfying experience.

Pasting the “” link into the search box of Mozilla Firefox is the easiest way to switch to the desktop version. It usually works with all devices. If not, you can see other methods above.

On the desktop site, more content and ads are displayed. Therefore, the site can respond slower than the mobile app.

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