What’s Facebook Collab Feature?

What’s Facebook Collab Feature?

Facebook Collab feature is the new, experimental app for making collaborative music videos. It’s a new app that lets you create short-form videos. It’s a new app, publicly released on the App Store just recently. The Collab was in early development in late May. The current conditions of the current pandemic have greatly affected the entertainment industry. As we moved to social media applications instead of going to concerts and other social events, Facebook’s NPE Team came up with the idea. 

Pandemic not only affected social media users but also deeply affected Musicians. New restrictions meant the lack of live concerts. Naturally, the musicians also turned to online sources to connect with their audience. At the same time, short-form video platforms such as TikTok and Musically grew in popularity. 

Collab emerged in such conditions. It mixed features from Tiktok and Musically with the participation of musicians. Many musicians have already shared their products on Collab to connect with their audiences. 

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What’s a Collab? 

A collab is fifteen seconds videos stacked on top of each other that play in sync. When you open the app, you encounter countless collabs that you can add to or mix. You can also favorite any creators and be notified when they share new collabs. It’s a new way to create music with the help of the community! 

do i need a facebook account

Do I Need a Facebook Account?

The app doesn’t offer direct integration to Facebook. However, you can always use your bio to post your other social media accounts. With that being said, you can export your collabs to your Instagram stories or even to Tik Tok.

If you lack musical talent, don’t worry! It looks like the mechanics of Collab can offer different kinds of videos, such as dance or humor videos. These videos made an appearance during the invite-only beta. The dev team, however, is focused on music videos for the time being.

Overall, it looks like Collab can become a full-fledged social media that has a widespread user base. Considering the success of similar social media platforms, it’s only a matter of time Collab will take off just like them. 

FAQ About Facebook Collab

What is Collab? 

As we said in conclusion, Collab is a short-form music video platform that allows you to create music videos or mix other collabs you see on your feed.

Can I ‘’subscribe’’ to a creator to be notified when that person releases new collabs?

You can add a creator to your favorites. This will result in that creator’s collabs showing on your main feed. It will also notify you when the creator you want to follow releases new collabs.

What’s the difference between Collab and TikTok?

While Collab is similar to TikTok, users here can sync three videos in landscape mode simultaneously, resulting in a final, vertically-oriented video that can be shared.

What are the possibilities of this music video format? 

For example, you can find someone playing drums and someone playing the guitar. You can then add your vocals on top of it and create a music video.

What awaits Collab users in the future? 

The Facebook team has a lot of updates under their belts. Perhaps someday, the application can even be used from the Apple Watches.

What’s Facebook Collab in Short?

Collab is a social media platform that allows you to make fifteen-second music videos. Then someone else can take your video and make additions to create music with you. You can also find collabs and add onto them or mix them to your liking. Facebook Collab is live on the App Store. If you liked this article, you can also like our article about the three Facebook features you should know about.

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