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Facebook Ad Templates for Free

Facebook Ad Templates for Free

Facebook ad models continue to drive more leads and sales for businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes. While being one of the most used social media platforms worldwide, it offers brands the option to promote and sell their products and services while bringing us together with our friends and family. Facebook has become an application used by most business owners. You can give ads and gain the opportunity to promote your business more. So here are some Facebook ad templates that you can make use of for your next advert.

Free Ad Template Applications

Facebook has great importance for brands in social media marketing. Most users of social media have taken place in Turkey and with analytical features and options regarding advertising models, Facebook is making an important channel in this area. Because of these features, brands take an active part in this medium. In order to get more efficiency from the work on this platform, it is necessary to use some tools. These tools are very effective both in terms of analysis and in terms of seeing the results of your work. Performing these analyzes with a tool instead of manually will make your work easier. I will recommend a few free apps.



You don’t need Photoshop or similar software to prepare the images you will share on Facebook. Even if you do not have any design background, you can prepare your visual works on Canva and make them ready for sharing on Facebook.


You can use Buffer when you want to schedule your posts on Facebook for the future. This tool will assist you in making plans ahead. At the same time, since the shortening service is also used on Buffer, you can analyze how much interaction your posts receive through Buffer. In free profiles, you can make 10 timed posts per account.

Facebook Ads Compass

This tool analyzes your advertising campaigns on Facebook and provides you with a report on what worked and what did not. With this tool, you can find out how effective your advertising is and what you need to change.


Pagemodo offers social media marketing opportunities for small companies that don’t have much budget. With this tool, you can edit a cover photo, make contest arrangements, schedule your posts and analyze your organic and advertising content.

types of ads

Typ of Ads

There are various types of ads you can use on Facebook. In this post, you will explore the types of Facebook advertisements, and get tips for deciding which one is better for your brand. When you publish the right ads to the right target audience with the aim of giving the right advertisement, you will surely achieve the results you want from the ads.

Visual Ads

Visual ads are the easiest and most effective way to advertise on Facebook. These ads offer you a clear and simple format that you can use with eye-catching visuals and impressive text. One Facebook study found that a series of photo-only ads were better than other content. If you want to create a quick view ad on Facebook, you can advertise by highlighting the content you post as a post. Or, you can create new visual ads in minutes with eye-catching visual and actionable text. Include images of people benefiting from your product rather than just putting the product in your ad. Because Facebook ads come across when people browse news sources and view posts from family members and friends. If a person finds something in his or her social environment, the ad will be more likely to attract his attention.

Video Ads

Facebook video ads are the best way to get people to remember your brand and return to your site. In Ads Manager you can create video ads or highlight the post with a video on Facebook Page, and each format is unique. You should take the time to test them all and find the ones that work best for your business. Before advertising, be sure to review Facebook video advertising requirements.

Story Ads

Stories are the way people share their content in a fast and fun way. Facebook Stories ads help with reach, brand awareness, video views, app installs, conversions, traffic, and lead generation. For performance marketers, story ads can encourage people to take action. More than half of the people surveyed said they shop more online because they have seen the stories. Advertising as a story is important.

messenger ads

Messenger Ads

1.3 billion people use Messenger each month. Messenger advertising solutions direct people to have conversations with your business, which can help you achieve significant results. Messenger ads work the same as ads on other Facebook platforms. You can use the same creatives you use on Facebook and Instagram in Messenger. People see these ads in the Chats tab of Messenger apps. When they tap an ad, they are brought to a detailed view in Messenger with a call to action that will be directed to the destination you selected during the ad creation flow. This referral target could be your site, app, or a conversation with your business on Messenger.

Carousel Ads

The rotating ad format allows you to showcase up to 10 images or videos, each with its own link, in a single ad. With more creative space in an ad, you can highlight different products, show specific details about a product or service, or tell a story about your brand.

Slide Show Ads

With Facebook slide show ads, you can create cost-effective video ads that use less data by using the images you have. Facebook slideshow ads are video-like ads that use motion, sound, and text to tell your story in a pleasant way across different devices. They load quickly, so they can be played comfortably at any connection speed. To create slideshow ads, you can use stock images or an existing video included in the ad creation process.

Conclusion on Facebook Ad Templates

As we mentioned in the article, it is possible for you to advertise and prepare for free. Make sure your ads are eye-catching and noticeable with the help of these Facebook ad templates. They can help determine the first impression and potential customer base for your business. Templates make our lives easier. So, if you want to learn more about them, check out the best YouTube description templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales generation ads attract attention. It is usually more cost-effective than a standard ad that redirects your traffic to a landing page for lead generation.

Build your strategy and target audience, use catchy headlines.

There is a certain spending limit, you can expand or reset this limit.

The best practice is about 6 ads. However, you can exceed this limit if you wish.

As your budget changes, you can edit and manage the rules at any time.

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