I Can’t Create Facebook Account With My Phone Number

I Can’t Create Facebook Account With My Phone Number

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Facebook Account one of the most helpful social media accounts you can register with the account almost every Internet sites.

Facebook is known as the first and biggest social network. It wasn’t popular at its first times. But, people have heard Facebook and have created accounts since that time. Facebook is so popular with its millions of users today. New accounts are being created on Facebook every day. People have had the opportunity to find their old friends and get interacted with their all friends thanks to Facebook. Users can follow each other and see all their updates instantly. Users can share their photos and videos with other users and they can get comments. If their posts are liked by many users they can be popular on Facebook. There are many people who have become popular on Facebook. So, many users want to be popular like them as well. Because of that, they try different ways. For example, they buy Facebook video views to their Facebook videos.

Why Can’t I Create Facebook Account With My Phone Number?

Of course, being popular on Facebook is not the only issue that people are interested. There are also many problems that Facebook users face. One of the common problems is about creating a new account on Facebook. Some users complain that they can’t create a new account on Facebook with their phone number. Now, we will explain the possible reasons for this problem.

Your Phone Number May be In Use With Another Account

If you gave your phone number to your friend or a relative to use it with his Facebook account, that may be the reason as Facebook doesn’t allow to use the same number in different accounts. In this case, you may ask your friend or relative to change the number that he uses on Facebook.

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You May Have Typed a Wrong Number

It is a very common mistake that users may not type phone numbers correctly. In this case, you should check your phone number whether you typed it correctly.

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