Explore Page and Your Profile Connection in Instagram

Explore Page
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Explore Page is a free page to watch posts by users this page has enormous effect on your profile to get new followers and likes also.

Unfortunately Instagram does not share the alghorithm behind the explore page that is why wo do not know how the users ranked in the explore page.

But there is some tricks and even not everyone use these tricks have been in explore page but everyone in explore page has been used to them already.

We are going to talk about the explore page, its gains and how should be used.

Explore Page is not somewhere you can post something it is completely special and Instagram choose it or make it featured to have new audience.

The trick is being consistent about Instagram uploads. It means you should not to change your uploads intervals just to be in the explore.

You should have an ideal intervals to uploads photos. This interval could 1 photo for a day or 30 photos a day, it is completely belongs to you and your followers.

After having a good interval your posts must have the power that fight with its enemies.

So what is our components in this war:

  1. High quality and resolution
  2. Having threes rule for photo
  3. It is better to be post owner
  4. A good message about the posts
  5. Identified the appropriate time zone to post in your country
  6. Identified best day to post
  7. Answer and likes the comments
  8. And having consistency between posts ( it means you shoudl not be bipolar Instagrammer
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That is it with these rules you can get more likes and followers.

Explore Page and Your Profile Connection in Instagram
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