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How to Embed Facebook Feed

Today, we use many social media platforms, which is not enough to focus on one. It would be a very reasonable choice to show your accounts on other platforms on your site or social media accounts, especially if you are a business or a famous brand. Nowadays, you are probably coinciding with the share button on many blogs and sites. It is quite strange that if we encounter a business that does not have social media connections. Therefore, if you have a blog or a site for commercial purposes, it will be very important to learn how to embed the Facebook button HTML on your website. Since Facebook is a popular platform for all businesses, today, we will tell you how to embed Facebook feed widget.

How to Embed Facebook Button to Your Website?

To add a Facebook box to your site, you must first have a Facebook account. People like to interact with businesses and brands they follow from other platforms. It gives us some options for this on Facebook. If you want to attract and engage your customer base on other social networks on Facebook, Facebook offers you some buttons. IIn this way, you can put your Facebook page on the desired part of your website, like business info or events, and you can add a like, share, or even a comment button.

There are several ways you can do this; you can use third-party plugins or use code. However, since Facebook for Developers site already provides these buttons, this process will become a very easy process for you. Facebook for Developers makes it very easy for you to interact with your audience. Let’s look at how you can add these buttons one by one.

Embed Facebook Button to Your Website

How to Embed Facebook Like Button?

Adding the Facebook Like button to your website will make your content more accessible and, therefore, more shareable. The Facebook Like button is the easiest and fastest way for your audience to interact with you on Facebook. This platform gives you an option to develop your own like button. 

When you visit the Facebook for Developers site, there are step-by-step sections that tell you about the different like button options and how you can embed these buttons on your page, with or without using iframe. Among the different types of likes, you also can choose whether to show your number of likes at the place where you placed your like button. All you have to do is select the style of the like button you want and then click on the Get Code button. When you press the Get Code button, the system will give you two codes. The first code is for your header of the site, and you can add the second code anywhere on your website where you want to embed a Facebook Like button.

How to Embed Facebook Share Button?

This button provides much more interaction than the like button because, with this button, people can share your Facebook feed with their friends in their timelines, groups, or via Facebook Message. There are also options to add a personalized message to their links before sharing or sending this message. Using the Share on Facebook button is a more personal and more functional button than the like button. So if you are a business website owner, it will be beneficial for your business to add this button. The Share button is very important for your customers to reach you and reach you to other people and larger masses.

Embed Facebook Page Plugin

How to Embed Facebook Page Plugin?

The page plugin allows you to place your Facebook page easily and embed Facebook feed on your website. Thus, you can promote your Facebook page on your site without wasting time and messing with customers.

Adding a Facebook page plugin to your site is essential for your visitors to like and share your Facebook page without leaving your site. For this, of course, your Facebook page should be public, and it should be an unrestricted page by country and age.

If you think you are already a business or a big brand that meets these criteria, you can place your Facebook page on your website right now. You can get a code for your page by going to the Page Plugin section on Facebook for Developers site, and with this code, you can make your Facebook page more accessible for your visitors.

How to Embed Facebook Posts and Videos? 

Instead of Facebook like or share button, you can also specifically embed a Facebook share or video. If you want to highlight a specific post, not a whole page, this option will help you. In this way, you can get attention to this post. 

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This method is a bit simpler than other methods because it is possible to directly embed code from your shares. You can get a code by going to Facebook for Developers website, or you can get a code from your Facebook page by clicking on the settings section of your share. Please note that your account must be public, and the post or video you want to embed on your site must be a public one, as in the methods we have described above.

  1. First, go to your Facebook account and find the share you want to embed on your site.
  2. You will see an arrow pointing down at the top right of the share; click this icon.
  3. Click Embed Post from the drop-down menu.
  4. Facebook will give you a code. Copy this code and paste it on your site. Thus, you will embed your post on your site.

Conclusion On Facebook Embedding

In this article, we have explained to you how you can embed Facebook feed, page, and shares on your website. With Facebook for Developers site, it is possible to create many buttons for your website and embed Facebook feed. It is possible to add the like button and a comment button, share button, or posts to your website. These buttons have great importance for your website because they provide convenience to the visitors and provide you convenience. 

When your visitors want to reach you on Facebook, they can do this effortlessly. If you are a business and your Facebook page is not embedded on your website, we recommend doing this as soon as possible.

If you want to learn more about Facebook, please read our latest articles about it. You may be interested in what Facebook marketing is.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Facebook buttons allow your visitors to reach you on Facebook without leaving your site. Facebook buttons are efficient and helpful features so that your customers can interact with you, and you can gain more customers and become a more accessible business.

Of course. It is possible to hide your cover photo while embedding your Facebook page on your website. You can even choose Small Header if you wish. To do this, all you have to do is check the boxes containing these options before getting the code from Facebook for Developers website.

Yes, you can also embed your Facebook comments on your site, just like the Facebook like and share button embedding methods we explained above. You can do this by using the comment button section on the Facebook for Developers website.

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