Email Subject Lines for Sales

Email Subject Lines for Sales

The first thing email recipients see is the subject line and preview. That’s why it’s so important to make a good impression. When giving concrete information, you have to be direct and engaging to be intriguing. Avoid using click-trap or language that looks like spam. After an engaging subject line, give your customers a good reason to keep reading the email. Considering the resulting sales and customer loyalty, it is worth spending time on this. Let’s take a look at some tips on email subject lines.

Use Simple Subject Lines

For e-commerce sites, we always say simplicity is important, especially to increase the conversion rate. This rule also applies to email marketing. 35% of users who receive email decide to open an email by subject title. So keeping it simple and engaging both helps you be mobile-first and increases email open rates. When we examine some of the global brands’ emails, we see that they benefit from this.

create scarcity and urgency

Create Scarcity and Urgency

The proximity of an opportunity makes people want to act. According to research in email marketing, email topics that feel scarcity and urgent are opened 22% more than other topics.


Although one of the simplest examples of personalization is birthday emails, it is now necessary to go many steps beyond that. With the development of big data analysis technologies, sending emails according to the correct segmentation and personal behavior instead of sending bulk emails to all users will increase the return on email marketing investment and make the customer more engaged with the brand.

Use Lists

In recent years, list contents have entered our lives, and internet users have quickly adapted to this trend. The lists seem to remain in our lives for a while. You can easily use this fashion in your email marketing and content strategies.

Remove Spam Words

Subject lines that are created aggressively focused on sales often get stuck with spam filters because some words used here are usually found in filters. Words like “Buy Now,” “Free,” as well as heavily used exclamation marks, cause mail to get stuck in the spam filter. Instead of focusing on sales in your mass emails, if you share your experiences and knowledge and look for your target audience’s benefit, the result will already result in sales.

Ask Question

Why should question marks be put in email subject lines? Questions are an effective way to concentrate the reader’s attention and keep their curiosity at the top. Also, questions are the halves to be completed. When you use questions, readers will open the mail by searching for an answer.

use deadline

Use Deadline

Whenever it is an important day or the last day of the big sale, be sure to spend this date in the subject line. A successful promotional strategy for an event or special offer will likely involve a series of emails. You can send a start announcement and let people know about an upcoming date. You can then send a reminder and a last chance email as the deadline approaches. Don’t be afraid to shorten the turnaround time to as little as 24 hours. “Now or never” deadlines are often the most successful method.


Why do people love movie trailers but hate commercials? Because the entire message was given in the advertisement, but the trailer’s message was incomplete. It would help if you thought of something that will keep your readers curious and interested.

Use Imperative

On the other hand, some people tend to follow direct instructions. If your email has a direct call to action, such as encouraging tickets to an event, feel free to make it feel in the subject line too.

Why Does Your Target Audience Delete Your Emails Without Reading?

Companies are constantly testing new things to bring their email marketing campaigns to more people. To prevent the emails they send from being deleted before they are read, companies that want to improve everything from the subject line to the design are testing many things for this. So, have you ever thought about the reasons for these emails that were deleted before they were opened? One of the biggest reasons for this is the subject line.

If you think you only have one chance to influence people, you should never forget that you have to choose the subject line of your email marketing campaigns very well because the subject line is the key point for recipients to open your email. Cleverly prepared and interesting subject titles will contribute to the opening of your emails. You should also consider that it increases the opening rates in informative titles. Using the same headline in more than one email campaign can pose a risk to your brand. Very long titles are often overlooked by people. Subject headings with words such as “Free” “Discounted” may benefit your brand. It is important that you do not repeat these words in the subject line and give details on the subject.

subject lines for sale examples

Subject Lines for Sale Examples

Here are some of the main takeaways you need to keep in mind before starting a campaign. These are universal and proven to have a great impact on your sales.

Be Clear

Announce to your readers what they will find in your article and what they will learn when they take the time to read what you have written.

  • How to Get High on Google Searches
  • Attention of Diving Fans: The Most Beautiful Diving Spots of the Mediterranean
  • 10 Best Documentaries About Healthy Eating

Give Information

Provide information about what you will be talking about in the content and what problem you will solve.

  • How to Delete Social Media Accounts
  • Hows to Make Thin Lips Look Bold
  • Combining Suggestions with White Jeans
  • Tips for Finding Cheap Airline Tickets

Make an Assertive Judgment

Choose an engaging, challenging title to engage your readers and get them to read your article. The click-through rates of such titles are also high. Of course, it’s also important that your title really relates to your content.

  • Travel Lovers’ Dreams of Occupations
  • Pluto Falls Back: Time for Change
  • Your Mom Will Love These Gifts

Use the Power of Numbers

 With the increase in popularity of list content, we have frequently encountered titles with numbers. Titles with numbers give the reader a clear idea of the content of the article. Readers love easy-to-read, entertaining list content.

  • 15 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss
  • 10 Life-Saving Suggestions for Working Mothers
  • Europe’s 10 Most Beautiful Towns

Create Mystery

Mysterious titles are at the top of the list of titles that make readers curious and want to read more. Mysterious titles give a small hint of the content of the post but do not contain a clear statement of what is being told.

  • 20 Information You Will Have Hard to Believe It’s True
  • 10 Productivity Mistakes Everybody Makes Unconsciously
  • Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Children’s Homework?

FAQ About Email Subject Line

What is the subject line?

The subject line determines whether the email message is opened or removed before it is opened.

What is the importance of the subject line?

Reliability is essential for brands that understand the importance of subject lines.

When should you include a subject line in the mail?

An email with a blank subject line is likely to be unreadable or lost in a cluttered inbox, so type the subject line before the email, so you know it has been dealt with.

How long is a subject line?

It will be better if you keep it short. The longer it is, the more distracting it becomes.

What is the email subject length limit?

Note that your subject line should never exceed 50 characters.

Conclusion on Email Subject Lines for Sales

If used properly and efficiently, one of the channels that provides the best return on investment in digital marketing is email marketing. Try a few of the above items and analyze the opening rates. After these steps, your email subject lines for sales will be golden. However, you are still missing one thing: a professional email address!

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