Record Earning from Instagram Photographer

Record Earning from Instagram Photographer

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Earning from Instagram

If you’re a working photographer and you’re considering if you can get an earning from Instagram, then certainly you’ll love this article. For there is incredible potential on Instagram. This photographer is a great example of how to make it using social media.

Brooklyn-based photographer Daniel Arnold proved this a couple of days ago. He made over $15.000 earning from Instagram selling prints over Instagram in just one day. He has over 200 thousand followers now. Check him out!

How did he make this record earning from Instagram? Arnold had only 90 dollars in his account on Wednesday night the night he turned 34 years old. With no idea how to pay his rent next month and photo work, he took to his popular Instagram account. Afterward, he told his followers that they could order a 4×6 print of any photo they want for $150 ‘for just one day.’

In a very short span of time, over 30 thousand people asked for his services. This made him gain over $15.000 selling his photos over Instagram. After he realized this was just one day’s earning from Instagram he mentioned that he will keep doing sales on the platform.

Opportunities for Photographers

Instagram is a new world for photographers. This photographer is just one example. There are a lot of hashtags on photography you can find, and when you look at their numbers you know they’re successful. I will talk about photography hashtags in detail in another article. But just keep in mind, people love aesthetics, people love photos, and people love Instagram. No reason for you to not make it, provided that you have the talent, of course. Just believe in yourself.

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Hope you enjoyed this article, it’s a short one but it’s here to motivate you. Feel free to drop a like or comment.

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Record Earning from Instagram Photographer
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