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Does AI Write Better X (Twitter) Posts Than Humans? 

As AI has become a part of our lives, this particular question arises: Does AI Write Better X (Twitter) Posts Than Humans? To answer this popular question, I carried out a little experiment. In this article, I’ll delve into a comparative study of Human vs AI Twitter engagement, aiming to determine which boosts engagement with AI vs human Twitter posts. Hypothesis: Human-written X (Twitter) captions will get more engagement and reach than AI-written captions. For this experiment, my hypothesis is that tweets written by humans will receive more engagement than tweets created by AI. 

Furthermore, AI has only been writing for the past two years. Hence, AI-generated Twitter content is a new feature that has to be improved. So, I assumed that human-written ones were going to be much more successful. Now, let’s compare these three sets of tweets to check the effectiveness of AI in Twitter posts


I created three sets of tweets to post on my personal Twitter account to see if human-written or AI-written captions for Twitter get more interaction and reach. I began by tweeting in my typical tone and manner. In order to compare the two fairly, I then asked ChatGPT to create a comparable tweet. 

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The results of my comparison, which asks, “Does AI Write Better X (Twitter) Posts Than Humans?” can be seen below.

brief explanation

Tweet #1: Tweet with a Link 

I tweeted a link to an article I created in my first tweet to test this out. I then summarized the article by briefly explaining why someone might find it interesting. Although it sounds less personal than the tweet I wrote, I asked ChatGPT to create something comparable using a similar article I prepared for the same brand.  

Although this tweet had a higher engagement rate, it didn’t even come close to having as many impressions as a human’s tweet. Additionally, in my view, the AI Twitter post quality is lower and seems artificial compared to the tweet I created. 

AI writing a tip on Twitter

Tweet #2: Text-Only Tweet 

I gave ChatGPT instructions to write a tweet sharing a freelancer tip to replicate a similar tweet. In my opinion, AI-generated Twitter content performed better, mostly because there were hashtags and some emojis. Since I usually don’t, I didn’t include any of these in my first tweet. After all, it’s advised to use emojis and hashtags to improve your performance.  

AI writing a tweet post

Tweet #3: Only Text-Based 

This experiment taught me that when you ask ChatGPT to write a tweet, it always adds hashtags and emojis. Thus, I made it clear that I don’t want to use any hashtags or emojis in this one. 

Remote working is another subject I write about frequently. I offer advice that might be helpful to other remote workers. I wanted to check if the AI could produce content more in line with the style of my typical content, even though it was obvious that the hashtags had an impact the previous time. Since this tweet seems to be text only, it resembles the human-written one quite a bit. However, it garnered a significantly reduced engagement rate and fewer impressions. It turns out that when you leave out the hashtags and emojis, ChatGPT generates pretty generic tweets. 

Top Takeaways 

An interesting discussion is sparked by contrasting human-written content and tweets produced by artificial intelligence. Let’s check out the results of human vs AI Twitter strategies

  • These Tools Can Be a Major Time-Saver: Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are amazing time-savers that can quickly produce content at scale and simplify the content generation process for effective management. You can also buy automatic Twitter (X) likes for these posts!
  • Hashtags and Emojis Help: Emojis and hashtags should always be included, even in AI-generated Twitter content. They increase audience engagement by increasing the relatability and accessibility of the content.
  • AI’s Talent for Idea Generation: AI makes brainstorming easier by offering a variety of recommendations and concepts, turning it into a priceless tool for content ideation. 
  • AI Makes Brainstorming a Breeze: Tweets frequently need human interaction, even with AI’s efficiency. Human-crafted content has more intrinsic qualities, such as creativity, mood, and authenticity, that captivate viewers on a deeper level. 
  • AI-Written Captions Still Need a Human Touch: Artificial Intelligence surely provides unmatched productivity regarding content creation and ideation support. Still, with its creativity and depth, the human touch remains essential to creating tweets that connect with readers. 
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In Summary 

So, “Does AI Write Better X (Twitter) Posts Than Humans?. Although AI Twitter post quality still needs some improvements, combining human creativity with AI-generated insights is best. The key tip to real and interesting content on Twitter remains to create tweets on your own, even though AI simplifies procedures and provides insightful feedback. As a result, AI-generated Twitter content can be a useful method, but you should still rely on your creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Embracing human creativity is still essential for producing genuine and captivating content, even though AI can create content more efficiently and effectively. 

AI-generated captions can be made more enticing and in line with current trends by incorporating hashtags and emojis, which can provide context, personality, and visibility.

Whereas AI can help with content generation, it might not be able to provide the same emotional depth and clear understanding as a human. Relevance and authenticity are guaranteed by human intervention. 

Reach is the total number of users who view the content, whereas engagement is the degree of interaction with your audience. Both are important, and engagement frequently indicates a more engaged audience. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are excellent in producing a wide range of content ideas rapidly, supporting ideation sessions, and offering an abundance of options for microblogging. However, human judgment is frequently needed to hone and choose the best ideas.

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  1. Alissa T.
    Alissa T.

    Fascinating read! AI’s ability to generate Twitter posts is impressive, but it’s the blend of human creativity and AI efficiency that really brings out the best in social media content.

  2. Tim K.
    Tim K.

    This article highlights a pivotal moment in content creation. AI’s role in writing X (Twitter) posts poses an interesting question about the balance between human touch and technological advancement in digital communication