How to Turn off Comments on Facebook

How to Turn off Comments on Facebook

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Don’t you want to see any comments for your posts on Facebook? Or do you want to disable for comments for some posts? Unfortunately, Facebook does not want to provide you with that option. Nevertheless, there is a trick you can use to reduce the number of comments you receive.

I will tell you the process you need to do to avoid comments on your posts.

Note that this option only works for your personal account. There is another way for Facebook Pages and Groups.

  1. Go to Facebook
  2. Next, click on the triangle shape on the top right.
  3. Next, click on Settings

  1. Next, click on Public Comments.

  1. Here, you can change the option who can comment on your posts.
  2. Next, change the option you want to appear.

  1. Now, the number of people who can comment on your post is changed.

Let’s say that you want to turn on or off comments on Facebook Pages or Groups.

Note that you can only turn off comments if it is your post or you are group admin.

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Here are steps for you to follow

  • Select group post which you want to turn off comments.
  • Click on three dots on the upper right corner post.
  • Click on “turn off comments”
  • Simply your post comments now off.
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