How Can I Disable Comments on My Facebook Page?

Disable Comments
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Facebook pages are popular but sometimes page owner does not want to followers comment on their page and wants to disable comments.

Facebook is known as one of the most popular social media platforms and apps around the world. When it was published first, it wasn’t known by many people. But it has grown in time. While people used it, they advised it to their friends so that Facebook has become very common. Facebook is a large social network with its millions of users today. People can share things that they are interested, follow other users, create fan pages and join fan pages that they like. When they create Facebook fan pages, they need followers in order to make it known by people. They try different ways in order to get followers. For example, they buy Facebook followers on their Facebook pages.

Apart from getting followers, users are also interested in many topics about Facebook pages. While their fan pages grow, some problems may arise. While people make comments too much, it may be hard to control them one by one as there may be unwanted comments that disturb other users. So, users who are the owner of pages may want to disable comments of those users that disturb other users. In this article, we will explain how to disable comments of selected users on a Facebook page.

Disable Comments On Your Facebook Page Step by Step

First, log into your account on Facebook and go to your page.
Find “members” and tap it.

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Go to Members Area

When you go to the member’s area, tap the user who you want to disable his comments, tap “mute the member”. You can determine the time when the user can’t make comment or share something. If there are any other users who you want to disable their comments you can follow the same steps in order to prevent them from making comments. They will not be able to make comments in a specified time.

How Can I Disable Comments on My Facebook Page?
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