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How to Delete YouTube History

Are you ready to get to know YouTube, one of the most used social media platforms of recent times? We know that you watch dozens of different videos from here every day. But if you favor your streaming history not being visible even to you, we would like to point out that you can delete your history completely. Moreover, the function of saving history can be completely disabled on YouTube –yes, you heard right! You can cancel the history recording! See how to delete YouTube history.

How to Delete YouTube History

Deleting YouTube watch history is a fairly easy process that you can perform on both your computer and mobile devices. You can follow the steps below to delete your YouTube watch history on your computer and also on your mobile devices. Also, if you are passionate about YouTube, buy YouTube views and increase the engagement of your videos. Now, let’s learn how to delete history or other words, how to clear history on YouTube.

Delete YouTube History on PC

YouTube website
  • First, go to the YouTube website.
  • When you enter the YouTube website, click on the “history” option in the left menu.
  • On the page that opens, you can see all the options related to your watch history in the right corner.
  • If you wish, you can clear YouTube history by choosing”clear all watch history” from here.
  • You can also pause your entire watch history in this section. So you don’t have to constantly clear your watch history.
  • You can see the more detailed settings page by clicking on the “Manage all history” option.
  • It’s that easy to delete all history on YouTube.

Remember that when you stop your YouTube watch history, it stops in your search history. So you can’t see a retrospective search or tracking from either of them.

Delete YouTube History on Mobile Devices

How to clear youtube history on mobile devices, you may ask. Deleting your history on your mobile device’s YouTube app is also quite simple. You can easily do this on your Android and IOS devices. Follow the steps below to clear your YouTube search history.

YouTube mobile
  • After logging into the YouTube application, click on the “Library” option from the main page.
  • Here you will see the history page.
  • Click on the “View All History” option.
  • From here, click on the three-dot option in the upper right corner.
  • Here you can manage your history settings.
  • You can turn off all your search and watch history by clicking on the “Pause all history watch” option.
  • Or you can clear your watch history simply by choosing “clear all watch history.”

Deleting YouTube History Automatically

If you want to delete your YouTube history, but you don’t want to clear it all the time, or you don’t want to close it completely and lose your search history, you can do one more thing. YouTube also gives you the option to delete your history automatically. It’s pretty easy to do too. You can set the automatic deletion of your YouTube history by specifying the time interval you want. To do this, follow the steps below.

auto delete YouTube history
  • Sign in to the YouTube website or YouTube app.
  • Select “history” from the left menu on the YouTube website. To do it from the mobile application, click on the “library” option and then click on “history.”
  • When you click on the “Manage all history” option, you will see the “auto deletion” option on the page that will open.
delete automatically YouTube history
  • By clicking this option, you can specify the time period you want your YouTube history to be deleted and click “Next.”
  • This will save your settings.

Clearing YouTube Search History

To delete or clear YouTube search history, you previously had to choose the option to delete or pause the search and watch history separately on YouTube. However, when you completely stop your watch history in current versions of YouTube, your search history also stops completely. And when you say to delete all history, your search history is deleted along with your watch history. Thanks to this feature, you get rid of the hassle of dealing with them one by one.

How to Turn Off History

As you know, you can also cancel the feature of recording history on YouTube. After following the steps above, the “Turn on Watch History” option will be located just under Clear Watch History in the next menu. If you disable this button, history will not be saved.

Why You Should Delete Your YouTube History

We all like YouTube. It’s our personal space where we watch videos about our interests and explore. You may not like this area for other people to see. So clearing your history is a pretty good option. You may also not want to see it, as the YouTube algorithm drops you to discover videos similar to the ones you watch. You can delete your YouTube history both to prevent YouTube from receiving data from you and for your personal preferences. But if you want to delete your channel; learn here how to delete YouTube channel. Also, you can always check the YouTube Help page for more information.

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Moreover, it is crucial to remember that YouTube search history and watch history may reveal sensitive or private information, potentially damaging us in various ways. Therefore, knowing how to delete YouTube and search history effectively is essential.


In conclusion, YouTube has become an integral part of our daily lives, providing a vast array of videos and content we can access with just a few clicks. However, with this convenience comes the potential for recording our search and watch histories, potentially revealing our browsing habits and personal information. Fortunately, there are various ways to learn how to delete search history. And we show all the ways to delete all searches, clear all history, and ultimately clear YouTube history. How to delete YouTube search history and YouTube watch history are essential things to learn. So, clear all, and you will not have to worry about anything later!

Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes, this process can be done on both desktop and mobile phones. You can easily manage this process by following the steps we have told you above.

Using this option, YouTube does not save the videos you watch in your history, so you do not need to delete them from now on. This is really functional for those who do not want to see their watch history for different reasons.

No, this is completely private information, and nobody can see it. This contributes to your privacy and security so that you can be relaxed about this.

No, because there is no setting that makes this public.

Yes, you can make it visible if you wish from the privacy settings of your channel.

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