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How to Delete Telegram Account

Telegram is an instant messaging application focusing heavily on speed and security. It provides so many features and offers one-to-one encryption to chat secretly. Telegram has a channel feature that welcomes limitless subscribers and a group service of a 200.000 members capacity. To increase audience in these groups, you can buy Telegram members for a start and engage them by creating exciting content. If for any reason, you find yourself desiring to delete your Telegram account, you have found the right place. This article will explain the best way for you to deactivate your Telegram account while ensuring your data remains protected.

The Self Destruct Method for Deleting Telegram Account

Telegram has a built-in feature that you can set up to automatically deactivate your account after a predetermined length of inactivity time. The amount of time your account must spend inactive before deleting itself has four lengths of time to choose from one, three, six, or twelve months. If you don’t use the app for longer than the time you selected, then it will automatically delete your account, conversations, and contacts.

To find out about how account self-destruction feature works, apply the following steps;

  • Navigate to the in-app settings menu, then privacy and security.
delete Telegram account
  • Scroll to ‘delete my account if I’m away for’
  • Select the length of time you’d like.
self destruct Telegram

If you change your mind during the inactivity period, simply use your Telegram account instead of creating a new Telegram account, and the self-destruct timer will reset itself back to the length of time you have chosen.

Steps to Delete Telegram Account Manually

If you don’t want to wait to exterminate your Telegram account, you can deactivate it immediately. This feature is another unique tool that only Telegram provides. Telegram deactivation is available on your web browser as well as on the Telegram app. The following steps will guide you to delete your Telegram account using the manual method permanently. 

Time needed: 2 minutes

To deactivate your Telegram account, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to My Telegram.

    Begin by navigating to the Telegram deactivation page on their website. my telegram

  2. Enter your phone number.

    Enter the phone number linked with your Telegram account. Then click Next. delete account

  3. Enter the confirmation code.

    Enter the confirmation code that is sent to your mobile number via the Telegram app. delete Telegram account

If you wish, you can tell them your reasons for leaving their service before selecting ‘Done’ to deactivate your account permanently.

Saving Data before Deleting Telegram Account

If you want to save your data such as; chats, pictures, videos, and other media, then you should export your data before deleting your account. Exporting your data from Telegram is relatively straightforward. You must have the most recent version of the Telegram desktop app installed on a computer. Follow these steps to export your Telegram data:

  • Open the Telegram desktop app.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Select the settings menu.
export Telegram data
  • Click advanced then Export Telegram data.
  • Then select to export chat history, and choose which type of data you’d like to export.
  • Then download the data to your PC in JSON or HTML format. 
export data

It is always advisable to create a backup of any vital data before even considering deleting anything just on the off chance you then lose access to necessary data you can’t recover.



Overall, there are two ways to delete your Telegram account. You can either delete your account manually using the steps outlined in this article or enable the self-destruct settings for your account. Both ways will permanently delete your account and all of the data associated with it; therefore, it is a great idea to export any data you need to protect before deleting your account. So, whether you are changing to a different messaging app or don’t want to use Telegram anymore, you now have the steps to remove your account safely from their system.

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The steps outlined here make it incredibly easy to delete your Telegram account should you choose to do so. Hopefully, you have learned how to delete your Telegram account quickly and easily. Remember to export any data you don’t want to lose before deleting your account to prevent data loss. Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Telegram has settings that allow you to delete any messages you send or receive. Navigate to the message or chat you want to delete and long press on it to bring up the delete option. You click the message to bring up the delete option on the desktop app. Click on the delete option and then confirm you want to delete the selecting content.

You can delete messages for yourself the same way as deleting messages you have sent. However, if you want to delete the message from other people’s chats, then you need to have the permission of the group’s admin.

Deleting the app itself won’t delete your account or data history. However, if you delete your account, then you will delete all of your data. It is advisable to export any data you want to save before deactivating your account.

Not initially. However, if any of your contacts try to message you, then it will show them that they have messaged a deleted account. So, eventually, your contacts will discover that you deleted your account, but only if they try to message you.

If you have set up the self-destruct options in the app, you can. On the other hand, if you haven’t set up the self-destruct settings, then you have no way to delete your account without signing in. So if you are considering deleting your account, then you should make sure you have enabled the self-destruct settings on the off chance you have forgotten your login information.

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