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How to Delete A Story on Instagram

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for sharing photos with followers because it solely focuses on visuals. Instagram succeeds in setting itself apart from other social media platforms by letting people participate in their stories. You can undoubtedly offer your followers a glimpse of your life by using Instagram stories. But the story doesn’t end here. You might feel that a picture you uploaded to your story doesn’t fit with how the rest of your stories are going. Moreover, you might think your followers aren’t paying attention to one of your Instagram stories, or you might just regret posting a picture you took. Regardless of your reason, we are here to tell you that there is a way to delete an Instagram story.

Therefore, to help you understand how to delete a story on Instagram, we will explain what an Instagram story is and how it works in this article. We will also provide steps to delete Instagram stories from the app and your Instagram archives.

Introduction to Instagram Stories: What Are They? How Do They Work?

You might want to share what you are doing with your Instagram followers, whether it be an event, a glance at what goes on behind the scenes at work, or trips that you are taking. We refer to Instagram stories as “sharing what’s happening at the moment”. 

Instagram Stories allows you to add text, filters, doodles, stickers, and GIFS to your material and post multiple photos and videos. This picture or video slideshow remains on your Instagram stories for 24 hours.

instagram story

You can check who views your Instagram story and give others a peek into your day when you utilize Instagram stories. For people who wish to share a range of images or videos they take during the day and like to post their content momentarily, it’s an excellent Instagram feature. Additionally, you can add highlights to your Instagram profile if you want to save a handful of the photos you posted on your stories permanently.

Instagram stories are also excellent for getting plenty of engagement. According to social media experts, using Instagram stories and reel features increases engagement from Instagram users for brands and influencers. More than just adding attractive images to your feed, Instagram stories provide more. Because they depict what you are doing at that very moment, they feel more genuine.

How to Share An Instagram Story

Fortunately, posting an Instagram story takes less time and effort than most Instagram features. It will take you a few seconds to upload an Instagram story unless you look for an aesthetic appearance. So, how do we share an Instagram story with our followers?

how to share an instagram story
  • You must first log into your Instagram account to post an Instagram story.
  • After that, look at the top of your Instagram feed, where your icon may be in the upper left-hand corner. Click on your icon in the top-left corner once you’ve located it.
  • Click the “camera” button if you want to take a picture at that time. You can choose from settings such as boomerang, normal, hands-free, and more when you select the “Camera” button.
  • Make your decision and snap a photo.
  • Click on the icons in the top right corner of your page to add text, stickers, or filters to your picture or you can learn how to add music to Instagram story.
  • When satisfied with the outcome, select “your story” or press the arrow button to add the image to your Instagram story.

A photo already saved on your smartphone can also be added to your Instagram story. To do this, simply repeat the previous procedure and click on your icon in the top left corner. Instead of clicking on the “camera” icon, select the image or images from your phone’s gallery to add to your Instagram story. Add the desired texts, filters, or stickers and share them on your story.

How to Delete Instagram Story

Now that you know how to share an Instagram story, you may also wonder how to delete an Instagram story from your Instagram profile. Whether you plan to delete a story on Instagram from the app or your Instagram archive, there are certain steps you should follow to delete it manually.

Let’s first take a look into how to delete a story manually on the Instagram app:

How to Delete Instagram Story Manually

You might not want to wait 24 hours for your Instagram story to be deleted from your profile. If you are planning to delete your Instagram story manually, check the following steps to delete your picture:

how to delete instagram story manually
  1. Open your Instagram account.
  2. Click on your feed’s Instagram profile button in the lower right corner to access it.
  3. To view your story, click on your profile icon.
  4. After opening your stories, click on the three dots in the bottom right corner of your story.
  5. Choose “delete,” and then confirm your delete decision.

You have it now! You are now aware of how to remove an Instagram story from the app. Your followers will no longer be able to access your story on the app since you erased it. But remember that it doesn’t necessarily mean they hadn’t seen it before you took down your story. In addition, if you want to delete your Instagram story because of less interaction, you may consider thinking again. You can buy real Instagram story views to increase the number of views.

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You could also delete your story from your Instagram archive, where it was previously saved. Check out the following section to learn about the steps if you want to remove a story from your archive.

How to Delete Instagram Story from Your Archive

If you are planning to delete an Instagram story you saved from your archive, follow the steps we provided below:

how to delete instagram story from your archive
  1. Click the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen to access your Instagram profile.
  2. Click on the triple-lined icon and tap on the “archive” button.
  3. Select “story archive” from the archive options at the top.
  4. Choose the story you want to remove.
  5. Click the “delete” button by tapping the three dots at the bottom right of the image.
  6. Verify your decision to delete the story.

You’re all set! You may delete any Instagram stories you regret sharing now that you know how to remove them from your archive. The most frequently asked questions about erasing Instagram stories are covered in the next section, so check if you still have queries about Instagram stories. If you have some problems deleting your stories, you can contact Instagram Support.


In conclusion, today’s article covered Instagram stories and how they function. Additionally, we provided instructions on how to delete Instagram stories from the app and your archives to ease any worries about how to delete the Instagram story. We hope that this article helped clarify how to delete an Instagram story.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

You can try clearing your cache and data if you removed your Instagram story, but the picture from it still appears when you refresh your feed. If it still doesn’t work, check whether the app needs to be updated or uninstall and reinstall Instagram. The issue should be resolved after you sign in to your account again.

Several profile icons of the people you follow will be visible at the top of your Instagram feed. If their icon has small, vividly colored circles, it signifies they have shared an Instagram story. You may see what they shared in their stories when you click on their icons.

Instagram provides a feature called “recently deleted pictures” to help you with this problem. Within 30 days of the picture being removed, you can restore it. Simply access your Instagram profile, and select “archive” by tapping the three-lined button in the top right corner. Next, choose the story you wish to recover from the “recently deleted” folder. Remember that manually deleted Instagram stories remain in the recently deleted folder for 24 hours, and achieved Instagram stories remain for 30 days.

If you manually deleted an Instagram story, it means that you may not be able to find it on your Instagram stories archive. Only Instagram stories that were automatically deleted after 24 hours will be accessible in your archive. On the other hand, if you delete Instagram stories manually before their expiration in 24 hours will remain in the “recently deleted” folder for 24 hours.

Instagram stories undoubtedly boost engagement. But keep in mind that using Instagram stories also comes with some risks. Because it just takes a few seconds for your followers to notice your stories, using them as a test or experiment could result in losing followers, lowering interaction with your content, and losing the enthusiasm of your audience.

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