How to Create an Instagram Poll?

Survey What Your Followers Think

Instagram is dynamic and instant platform and that’s why getting in touch with your followers is really essential. Many Instagram influencers want to know what their followers think about their post instantaneously. One of the best ways of learning it is creating polls in your stories. The great feature of Instagram definitely creates a chance for you to create more productive and popular content. So, how to create a poll in Instagram? It is really easy to make an Instagram survey in your stories and main page. Here is the full description of how you can make it.

Creating a Poll in Stories

In order to arrange a survey on an Instagram story, you should do them step by step:

  • After you create your Instagram post, select stickers section in stories which represented with a square face. Find poll sticker there and click it.


  • Then, place it on your story and arrange its theme color with sticker settings. Also, you can arrange its dimensions.

  • Write your question by selecting “ask a question “part. You can change the color and theme of text like an ordinary text.
  • Normally, there are two options for a poll as “yes” and “no”. But you can change these options by selecting and rewriting them.
  • You can also see the results by simply dragging the published story to up!


How to Create an Instagram Poll?
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