How to Create a New Location on Instagram via Facebook? (Updated – 2020)

How to Create a New Location on Instagram via Facebook? (Updated – 2020)

Did you ever want to share where you were at that moment with people you love? Maybe you’re finally having the week of your life; you’re at the Maldives, and you want to create a new location on Instagram as the place where you sip your mimosa is not shown there.

It’s quite normal for some of us wanting to flex their favorite landscapes. There are many places such as restaurants, night clubs, beaches, and a lot more that we can’t even mention.

This is possible through creating a new location on Instagram. In that way, it possible for users to add their own location to Instagram via Facebook.

As a result of its groundbreaking purchase by the social media behemoth, Instagram uses Facebook’s mapping and geography system in its location tags.

How to Create a Location on Instagram

Unfortunately, Instagram users can’t create a new location within the Instagram app.

  1. They have to use the Facebook mobile application to add a new location to Facebook first.
  2. Then, the location will be visible on Instagram through Facebook’s mapping system.

When it was purchased by Facebook in 2012, Instagram started to grow strong under the vast shadow of its parent company, Facebook. After the sudden resignation of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2018 (the app’s original founders), the platform was pretty much left alone to Facebook’s administration.

Also, as a divine right, Instagram uses Facebook’s infrastructure for new features and updates. Consequently, the systems are integrated and we have to use Facebook to add our location.

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Steps for Creating a Location

If you experience any problems using the location feature on Instagram, you should get in contact with Instagram Help.

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  • The first step is easy. You just need to open the Facebook Mobile and then you need to hit the Check-In button to find your exact location.
  • If you could not find your location, we need to go step two for adding our location to Facebook and Instagram.
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  • In the second step, Facebook will show you the closest locations available. But you need to hit the ‘+’ sign at the bottom for adding a new one. These suggestions come from your phone’s location system or from your most visited places.
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  • When you hit it, Facebook will prompt a message as “Could not find what you looking for?” and then it will suggest adding a new location.
  • You can add your location by tapping the blue box from right next to the Add Your Location Here” text.
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  • In this step, you should choose a category about your location. Categories are extremely crucial for locations because if you running a brand or business on Instagram, people can find you through these categories. These categories are public so when you select one, all Instagram and Facebook users can see it.
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  • The final step is quite simple; tap on your phone’s location mark and wait for the GPS to focus as close to 100 feet. Then Facebook will find your exact place and mark that location for you.
  • Congrats you created your location on Instagram and Facebook. Now you can share your location on Instagram with your posts.
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Why Instagram Uses Facebook’s Location System?

Facebook bought Instagram almost nine years ago and from that day to today, Instagram managed to improve itself a lot with the help of Facebook developers.

This happened to a point that, today, Instagram even challenges its parent company to some extent.

In 2019’s first month, they released several updates about Direct Messages’ last seen attribute; also, typing fonts and GIF stickers for Stories were updated.

Moreover, at the end of January, a piece of flash news came up from some social media users.

This news was about the Stories’ screenshot feature, according to social media users new screenshot feature still being tested on some users. Maybe after a few weeks from today, we will be able to use this new screenshot feature.

However, our point is, it’s easy to see that they are always trying to bring up more traits, especially from Facebook’s legacy features.

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  1. I created a location like this, it is shown in Facebook and it even shows up in location search on Instagram but when I want to either post a story or a feed post, I can not find that location while posting. Is there some time delay to it?

    1. Make sure your Location Feature is on, write the name of the location, and at the bottom of the list you will see a plus sign where you can add a new place.