How to Create a New Location on Instagram via Facebook ?

How to Create a New Location on Instagram via Facebook ?

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What Is Creating New Location on Instagram ?

Creating new location on Instagram is adding your own location to Instagram via Facebook. Because Instagram uses Facebook’s map system in its location tags.

Instagram bought by Facebook almost nine years ago and from that day to today Instagram improved itselves with Facebook developers. Even new year’s first month they released several updates about direct message’s last seen, Type and GIF feature for stories and last week a news came up from some social media users.

This news was about stories screenshot feature, according to social media users new screenshot feature still testing by Instagram users. Maybe after few weeks from today we can use this new screenshot feature. What so ever they always trying new updates for users. Now we will describe creating new location on Instagram.

How to Create a Location on Instagram ?

Unfortunately Instagram users cannot add their locations with Instagram app. They have to use Facebook mobile application to add new location to Instagram. Instagram’s owner is Facebook, if you did not lived in a cave since by 2010 you know the relationship between Facebook and Instagram. Also Instagram uses Facebook’s substructure to every updates.

First step is easy, you just need to open Facebook mobile and then you need to select check in botton for find your exact location. If you could not find your location, we need to go step two for adding our location to Facebook and Instagram.

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Facebook’s Suggestions

In second step Facebook will show you closest locations but you need to press X sing for adding new one. These suggestions comes from your phones location system or from your most visited places.

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Add Name Of Your Location

When you press X Facebook thought like “Could not find what you looking for ?” and then it will suggest to add new location. You can add your location with pressing to blue box from beside of “Add Your Location Here” text.


Choose A Definition For Your Location

In this step you should choose a category about your location. Categories are so significant for locations because if you running business people can find you with these categories. These categories are public so when you select one, all Instagram and Facebook users can see it.


Final Step is Create A Place

Final step is so easy, make on to your phone’s location and gps. Then Facebook will find your exact place and it will be marked there for you. Congrats you create your location on Instagram and Facebook. Now you can share your location on Instagram with your posts.


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How to Create a New Location on Instagram via Facebook ?
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