Create Instagram Ad With 3 Steps

Create Instagram Ad With 3 Steps

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Three steps are maybe looks like so less for creating Instagram ad. But digital systems have to so easy to use cause they wants to reach everybody on Internet world.

Instagram had some brilliant featured in first years. Then the Facebook bought them and increase Instagram’s algorithms. With new ad feature, making Instagram Ad was possible and making money on Instagram was possible too.


Instagram most popular online app in Internet so far. It has 700 million users and 800 million use for a month. Instagram’s growth rate like rocket-launcher. This speed makes him best social media app in the world.

Making money with Instagram is new kind a thing. Years ago Instagram released a update and started an Instagram ad service. Thanks to this update Instagram celebrities and Instagram users are started to making money. Then the money came with bigger entertainment business.

Instagram Ad Service

We called three easy steps because when you want to create an Instagram ad, Instagram helps and guide you for it. Now we can take a look these three steps.

  1. Have a Facebook Page And Connect It With Instagram
  2. Create a Sample
  3. Make Your Ad Perfect With Tools

Have a Facebook Page And Connect It With Instagram

As you know Instagram and Facebook working together. If you request an Instagram ad you must have a Facebook account to. Connecting Facebook account with Instagram is so easy. Get to Facebook settings and select Instagram ads.


Now tap or click add an account section and fill the page properly. You can also create an Instagram page if you have not one. Finished the step one and go for step two.

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Create a Sample

You have connected your Facebook account with your Instagram account. Now you should think creative content and caption for your Instagram ad. Tap or click create campaing then select a start point. These advices are very useful and also they save you from waste of time.


These sections made by users contributions. Ask yourself “What I am doing in my business ?” and “What I want from Instagram ?”. You want sale then, select product catalog sales or store visits. Use these helpful options.

Make Your Ad Perfect With Tools

Like we said before, creating Instagram ad is very easy. Because Instagram and Facebook wants everybody on board. Now you are at “Ad Set Page”. You can optimize your ad and choose many different locations.


You can also choose gender, age, language, pages your potential clients like and connections to. You can create you own Audience and make your Instagram ad perfect.

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Create Instagram Ad With 3 Steps
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