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How to Create an Email Group in Gmail

How to Create an Email Group in Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular and most trusted email providers in the world. If you need to create a mail group, creating a mail group is very easy on Gmail, and it is also effortless to edit. It may take some time to add the people you want to email one by one. Instead of sending it separately, you can create a Gmail group and send any email you want to multiple people.

Create an Email Group in Gmail

 It is quite easy to create an email group in Gmail. You can create a group by following the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. Clicking the square dotted button in the upper right corner (just to the left of your profile picture).
  3. Enter the drop-down menu and select the contacts option.
  4. The next thing you have to do is select the people you want to include in a particular group.
  5. After selecting the people you want to put in the group you are about to create, click the tag button (located just below the search bar).
  6. Click the tag button, and a drop-down menu will appear.
  7. What you need to know is to select the “create the label” option from the drop-down menu.
  8. Enter the name you want to set for the group.
  9. Click the save button now (all contacts you selected will be added to a group you just created).
  10. Click the Create button in the last step and enter the name of the group you just created in the “Recipient” section. You will see that the “Recipient” section will contain all the people you entered in the group.

That is all. You have now created a group in Gmail. You can send the same mail to several people at the same time. For example, you can create a Gmail group at once and send it to your colleagues in one click. Thus, you make things much easier and more efficient by saving time.

For organizations that want to automate their sending process to send group emails to their customers, this method we just demonstrated isn’t going to work. For these purposes, it is best to use a suitable tool. There are many different tools designed for this.

Sending Mail to the Label List With Gmail

Now that you have created your mailing list via Google Contacts log in to Gmail to send mass emails to this list.

  • After opening Gmail, click the “Send” button on the left.
  • When the new message window opens, type the name of the label you created in the recipient field. 
  • After completing this process, write your required message and press the “Send” button to send the message to the whole group.

Individual Gmail accounts are limited to a daily message delivery quota of 500 mails. If you are sending an e-mail for business, you must have a Gmail address registered in “Google Business.”

how to delete a contact from a gmail group

How to Delete a Contact from a Gmail Group

Open the Google Contact page and select the Contact option (or My Contacts for users with older Gmail versions). Next, select the contacts you want to remove from your email group. Click on the label icon. From the Manage tags drop-down menu, select the name of the group from which you want to remove the recipients of mass emails. When you add a new contact to the group, you had to mark the Gmail labels you want. However, this process is reversed when removing contacts from the group email address list. After selecting the contacts, you want to be removed; you need to uncheck the person’s label name—Click Apply from the drop-down menu. The selected contacts will be deleted from this email group immediately.

create an email group in gmail

Conclusion on Gmail Groups

By creating a Gmail group, you can save time and make your work much more practical. Create your group based on the above information and make your work easier. Not a fan of Gmail? Then better check out the best alternatives to Gmail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the reliability of the e-mail address you use, it is limited to sending e-mails to 30-50 people a day.

If you need to send mass emails frequently and more than 30 people on your mailing list.

It isn’t easy to automatically track recipients who do not respond to your e-mail. For example, if you sent an email to 100 people and only 30 people replied, you will need to manually review your list and select the 70 recipients who did not respond and followed.

You cannot send e-mails to more than 500 recipients a day.

Sign in to your Gmail account. Click Contacts, then click the arrow in the left sidebar to the right of the word Groups. A list of your groups will be displayed.

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  1. Jasper Shields
    Jasper Shields

    This blog post provided an excellent guide to creating an email group in Gmail. It was easy to understand and laid out the steps clearly. The screenshots were also very helpful in understanding the process. I would highly recommend this post to anyone looking to create an email group in Gmail.