Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram 2019

Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram 2019

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On the main page of Instagram are always posts that best meet the interests of the user. To see more new posts, you need to refresh your home page. An issue where it couldn’t refresh feed in Instagram may mean that the user will not be able to access the new uploaded photos and videos.

Reasons why it couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram

couldn't refresh instagram feed

If Instagram has a problem updating the feed, you should first identify the causes and fix them. Possible causes may include the following:

  • Low speed or no Internet connection of the device you are using Instagram on.
  • You’re using older versions of the Instagram app
  • Technical reasons (application failure, use of VPN or DNS)

Couldn’t refresh feed issue due to internet connection

In this case, users should check the Internet connection of the mobile device or computer and restart the Internet connection if necessary. It is also recommended to clear cookies on the device on which you use Instagram. The cookie section and browser history are usually found in the Settings section.

Using an outdated version of Instagram

couldn't refresh instagram feed

Using an older version of the Instagram app may result in users not being able to take advantage of many of the features available for newer Versions. In addition, if you are using an outdated version can cause errors in the application. As with any app, Instagram can give out various errors in the versions it publishes.

If you’re having trouble updating your feed while using Instagram, you should check for updates in Google play (for Android) or Apple market (for iPhone). In the event that there are updates, you need to download and install them. If updates are not available for any reason, uninstall the Instagram app and install It again.

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Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram 2019
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