Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram: Instant Fix

Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram: Instant Fix

On the main page of Instagram, there are posts that best meet the interests of the user. To see more new posts, you need to refresh your home page. An issue where you couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram may mean that the user will not be able to access the newly uploaded photos and videos.

However, if we can get an idea for the cause of the issue, we can take our steps accordingly and cause no harm to our visibility and account maintenance.

Why It May Refresh Feed on Instagram

Reasons Why It May not Refresh Feed on Instagram

If Instagram has a problem updating the feed, you should first identify the causes before acting decisively to fix them. If we act before we find a real cause that might trigger this error, we may harm our account and app usability even further.

Possible causes may include the following:

  • Low speed or no internet connection for the device you are using Instagram on.
  • You’re using an older version of the Instagram app.
  • Technical reasons (application failure, use of VPN or DNS).
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Reason 1: Couldn’t Refresh Feed Issue Due to Internet Connection

In this case, users should check the internet connection of the mobile device or computer they are using and restart the internet connection if it is possible and necessary.

It is also recommended to clear cookies on the device on which you use Instagram. The cookie section and browser history are usually found in the Settings section of your app or web browser.

couldn't refresh instagram feed

Reason 2: Using an Outdated Version of Instagram

Using an older version of the Instagram app may result in users not being able to take advantage of many features available for newer versions.

In addition, if you are using an outdated version, it can cause errors in the application. As with any app, Instagram can give out various errors in the versions it publishes.

  • If you’re having trouble updating your feed while using Instagram, you should check for updates in Google Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOS).
  • In the event that there are updates, you need to download and install them. If updates are not available for any reason, uninstall the Instagram app and install it again.

Reason 3: Further Techni̇cal Reasons Beyond Your Understandi̇ng

Sometimes errors can pop from nowhere. One second ago everything was smooth and cool; however, now you are struggling with these types of common errors.

In cases like this, it can be beneficial to restart your device, completely delete the app from its storage and install it again to get a fresh start.

However, trying to fix Instagram can be hard on your nerves because we cannot possibly solve everything on our own. Therefore, it may be a wise choice to contact Instagram Help and get their assistance to get a further piece of knowledge about common Instagram bugs, errors and potential fixes.

FAQs About Instagram Refreshing Problem

Why is my Instagram not refreshing?

There are 3 main reasons why your Instagram might not refresh the feed; lack or inconsistency of the internet connection, outdated app version, or other technical malfunctions.

How can I send a report to Instagram?

You can easily send a report to Instagram by going to Instagram Settings, Help, Report a Problem.

Why is Instagram so glitchy?

As well as the unstable internet connection, not having enough free storage on your device can also cause your Instagram to run glitchy.

Why aren’t my Instagram DMs working?

Again, absence or stability issues your internet connection is having can cause this, but so can an outdated app or operating system. If you’re sure about the internet connection, you can quickly check your Instagram from the web app, and if you can see the DMs there, it’s about your mobile device, either the app or the OS.

What is the refresh button on Instagram?

Instagram uses a gesture movement instead of a static refresh button to refresh your feed. Just swipe down on your homepage, and your feed will be refreshed.

Instagram Refreshing Problem in Short

We have covered the reasons for the error ‘Couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram’ and what you can do to fix it. There are three main reasons why your Instagram cannot refresh the feed. The first reason is the most common one; the lack of internet connection. The easiest way to solve it is by restarting your internet connection. The second most common reason is using an outdated version of the app. Again, it is so simple to fix it. All you have to do is updating your Instagram. The last reason is the technical problems beyond your understanding. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for it to gel solved, or you can report it to Instagram.

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    1. Same thing is happening to me too I can’t even get on my own Instagram page to change or do anytjing its been like that for two weeks or longer I’m very frustrated

    1. Yes me too. Stories & else working as well but the feeds doesn’t showing up new posts from others. I’ve cleared everythings, reinstall plus tried on another phone but still happen the same thing. Please anyone got solution do tell me.

    1. Instagram – couldn’t refresh feed error.

      I have two instagram accounts, one works perfectly while the other keeps giving me “couldn’t refresh feed error.”

      I have eliminated three of the potential causes for the error;
      A) I have a strong internet connection
      B) I am using the latest version of instagram
      C) A technical glitch beyond my understanding – I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and have had no success in rectifying the issue.

      The real cause behind the problem is you have incurred a penalty which has lead to your account having a restricted service and level of access. The only way to fix the problem is to wait until your accounts restrictions have been lifted and you are given full access again.

      I would avoid engaging in any activities that could further restrict your account and incur a penalty.

      1. Hello, I am having the same problem. Since three weeks ago I get te error “Couldn’t refresh feed”, and I don’t see anything, neither my photos nor other people’s photos.
        Finally how did you solve your problem?
        Thank you!

  1. The same issue is happening to me…my feed won’t refresh but my stories are. It’s been happening for two days now…very frustrating. Had anyone found a solution? I’ve done everything that online help sites suggest.

  2. Our feed is doing the same from two different phones. We saw the same post at the top all day yesterday, and have a new one as of this morning, but hasn’t changed in 3 hours.

  3. For 6 days my home page has had the same post. It’s the same on my phone and my laptop which leaves me unable to do much more…I deleted the app and reloaded it but didn’t fix it.

    1. I have also the same issue that you are facing and I don’t know what to do
      This is the 6th day I’m facing this problem. anyone please reply for this
      Can’t see new feeds stories but I can see the lives

        1. I have not tried changing my email yet but I am getting ready to try that after I figure out where to go and how to change it thank you for your input

  4. I can’t refresh my Instagram and I can’t see any new post and stories
    It’s been 9days I’m seeing the same post in the front of the screen
    I don’t know what to do
    Once I had change my email,on that day itself the problem had came
    And yesterday I made a new email and connect it
    Will it be okay?

  5. My account says “couldn’t refresh feed”, it also says that on any other account
    I can still access IGTV but I can’t see my posts. When I switch to a different account I can see everything perfectly.

  6. Hello my Instagram was working fine this morning then a hour or so later I go on it’s I keeps saying “couldn’t refresh feed”.. I’ve tried logging out, restarting my phone, re downloading it & checked WiFi/ internet connection and nothing is working.. my account name is “jamilwelham”

    1. Hello, I have the same problem, since 3 weeks ago I get the same error, and I don’t see anything, neither my photos, nor others photos. I try all the possible solutions you give in the post, but it didn’t work. I try to contact to Instagram, but it’s impossible.
      I don’t know what else to do 🙁

  7. Me too!! Just started happening today … stories get refreshed but posts don’t
    . I don’t get an error message, it just doesn’t happen!! ?

  8. Hello, my Instagram account name is jackyyy0523. I can’t refresh my feed and I have reported my problem to Instagram for millions of times but still receive no replies…. Please help me with this. I have no idea what’s going on with it

  9. after i post a photo and refresh the photo is gone from my feed and the only way i see it is in my profile.. but everyone else can see it but me, i am sure some might think its cute but i hate it.. and i hate your all cough up bs. you might want to add a check make for that to for someone us hate that and i do thing its becouase of that this is going on.. its when you do that stupid thing.. i might have to change my time of posting.. you have a night app and i am sorry but to many click and you get lost in the what ever… please fix that stuff.. its making me crazy

    1. Hi, now Instagram has the option to view the older visuals in the feed in a different way. To see the older posts after you refreshed the page, you must tap on ‘view older pests’ under the tick that says ‘you’re all caught up.’

    1. My post count says I have 39 post but I have only 36 in total which is showing in my page. But in the insight, the 3 post which is not shown is slightly visible. But when I tap it, it says “couldnt refresh feed” please I need a solution to it

  10. I am getting the error ” could not refresh feed” on my food page. My other page is working properly. Its been more than 2 days. i have submitted report to help desk as well. Could you please help me as i have tried everything.

  11. Nothing works for me not feed, stories, dms, my activity, and my account all broke all dont work. This happened to my last 2 accounts and still hasnt been fixed on either. I reported the issue never got response I did all the steps here nothing happened. I’m lost

  12. Hie my Instagram is not working I am able to log into my account but it keeps showing couldn’t refresh feed if anyone knows the solution kindly please let me know

  13. avatar
    My name doesnt matter

    I have 3 instagram accounts, but only one of them is having this issue. Its been like this for 2 days so at this point its not about internet connection. What is instagram doing with our accounts???

    1. Hello,

      Our guess is that your account is not updated. If you have set the auto update option, it may not get updated due to an issue on Instagram servers.

    1. I’ve tried that. And this popped up. And that was the App.
      👉🏿 Confirm Your Info on the App
      Confirm your information using the Instagram app to try to get back to your account.

    1. Hello, we have listed the reasons and solutions to this ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram’ error. Please take a look at the solutions that are mentioned in the article.

  14. I cant go on Instagram I dont have alot of time but when I do I like to see what people are up to now my account says couldn’t refresh feed can we please fix it I tried Uninstaller and reinstalling reset my phone and internet

    1. Hi, it looks like you are having an error. Please try to uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app. If it doesn’t work, try refreshing the feed on different devices.

  15. I tried everything, still it shows couldn’t refresh feed. If we violet any privacy policy does it happen? I can’t even check what i posted on story, please let me know if anyone knows solution

  16. OMG GUYS THIS IS THE SOLUTION – I found this comment a fair way down and tried it and it 100% works, I got my account working again…

    You gotta go to setting , security then access data and you will have a msg saying you broke guidelines and will have to click okay .
    Then when you go back to profile, it will be fixed 🙂