Corporate Gifts for Clients

Corporate Gifts for Clients

Expansion of customer-based industry led to new ways to satisfy customers and clients. The responsibilities of a company do not end when they sign a contract with a potential customer. They need to have high-quality customer service, an easily reachable technical support line, and many other special treatments to keep the clients happy. There is an even better and unique way of showing how you care about your clients; corporate gifts for clients.

This article will give tips for choosing the best corporate gifts and include helpful sites you can select them from. Let’s start with the fundamental recommendations, so we can move on to introduce the best places to choose your corporate gift!

tips on corporate gifts for clients

Tips on Corporate Gifts for Clients

Sending gifts to your clients will make them very happy, but there are some things you need to be careful about while choosing the right one. Here are some tips to help you make their gifts unique and keep them satisfied with your service.

Getting Them Outside the Holidays

Holiday gifts like Christmas gifts are monotonous and expected. You can still send gifts to your clients on holidays but try sending them more on random dates to show your clients you care about their business every day of the year.

Not Overdoing It

Try categorizing your clients according to their investments in your company. If you are gifting a $500 gift box to a client who pays you $100 yearly, you are overdoing it. Finding a sweet spot is vital as gifts can cost a fortune, and your company’s economy is as important as your client’s happiness.

Giving Personalized Gifts

Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to gifts. That is why you should not provide the same gift card to every client you have. Try being more creative and get them something more personal, considering their hobbies and preferences. An example would be, rather than giving a coffee mug with a text or picture not relevant to your client, you can create a customized coffee mug your client would love to see.

best sites for corporate gifts

Best Sites for Corporate Gifts

It’s hard to choose the most suitable gift for your clients and employees. That is why there are websites designed only for this purpose. Some of the unique gift websites will be introduced with their incredible gift options in this subsection. is an online corporate gifting site with lots of essential aspects such as sending E-gifts to clients you don’t have the addresses of, brand customizable gifts with your branding on its packaging. Also, features like automated gifts for clients that reach a milestone and clients’ allowance to choose their gifts with flexibility make the site one of the best among other corporate gift sites. gives you the best gift ideas to find the perfect gift by helping you order customized corporate gift baskets, business cards, and gift sets for your clients. There are also digital gift alternatives, such as annual subscriptions to popular applications. 


Bloomscape is excellent for both client and employee giftings. This site can be a friendly alternative if you want to send a unique corporate gift. They have a perfect plant gift delivery process. 

Bloomscape ships live plants to your clients or employees with the optimally selected pot for the plant, and they include care instructions to keep the gifted plant healthy, making the plants last long. This will make your clients remember your gift every time they see and water their plants. Plus, they are not as romantic and more professional than flowers.


Snappy automates the gifting process. Instead of giving business gift ideas to you to choose from, it provides your clients and employees the freedom of choosing their own gifts. 

In a way, gift cards give people worth. Snappy successfully eliminates that negativity of gift cards and help your clients decide what they want from a random list of similarly priced products. is specialized in offering customizable products. Their customizable products are made from famous product lines such as Amazon Kindle, Bose Headphones, and many more. You can also get customized wine holders, socks, notebooks, bags, and even Bluetooth speakers. Any gift you get from for your clients will be unique to them, which will probably make them happier than getting a generic water bottle they can buy from a random shop. 

FAQ about Corporate Gifts for Clients

What are the best corporate gifts for my clients?

The best client gift is the one that leaves a long-lasting positive impression. The best way to create that positive impression is to give your clients a meaningful and personalized gift rather than giving them generic gifts such as plastic water bottles.

Why is sending corporate gifts important?

Corporate gifting is essential for displaying that you care about your client, and you are trying to know and make them happy on a personal level. It shows that you care about their business and you are pleased to work with them.

Is it hard to find a unique corporate gift?

No, it is not! You can even send a coffee mug to a client and make it look unique. There are ways to customize and personalize the gifts that you send to your clients. Try finding what your client likes to talk about by having little conversations with them.

When should I send corporate gifts to my clients?

There is no specific time for sending corporate gifts to your clients. Sure, business Christmas gifts are always appreciated but what is more important is to make your clients feel that you care about their business every day of the year.

How much should I spend on my gifts?

You can decide it by categorizing your clients with their investments in your company. Try not to overdo it and spend too much on gifts. The gifts’ value is not essential if you can impress them by touching their souls with personalized gifts. Being cheap is not a good idea either, so try to find a sweet spot to make your clients happy while keeping the company’s economy in mind. 

Conclusion on Corporate Gifts for Clients

Corporate gifts are essential for making your clients and employees feel appreciated. Now that you know how to choose your clients’ right gifts, you can freely look at the suggested sites or have a more in-depth search for more alternatives. One thing to remember is, make sure they are customized to be personally useful for your clients! Remember, all this is part of a greater scheme, which is the business plan. Not sure how to build a successful business plan? Then read more!

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