COPPA on YouTube. A Brief Review

COPPA on YouTube. A Brief Review

Do you know what COPPA is on Youtube? YouTube’s aim to be a secure and customizable platform leads to the development of various algorithms. Especially as individuals under the age of eighteen use YouTube, there has been an increase in studies to enable these individuals to view safer content. In this context, YouTube has started to use some applications and systems that will make parents feel more comfortable. In general, we can say that one of the laws or rules that YouTube uses to protect children is COPPA.

COPPA stands for the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and is a law enacted in the USA in 1998 to protect children under 13. In line with this law, YouTube has made some regulations. COPPA on YouTube can help you recognize the rules that YouTube has made a standard procedure to comply with USA law. If you wish, let’s get started!

About COPPA on YouTube

Things You Should Know About COPPA on YouTube

If you are a YouTube creator, you have to follow some rules for children under 13.

Label Your Video as “For Child” or “Not Suitable For Children”

Under the YouTube COPPA rules, you need to specify whether your videos are child friendly. This is extremely important for YouTube, which can control your videos after you share them using a machine learning system. Videos not suitable for children are not shown in child profiles (if that’s not a concern, learn about free movies on YouTube).

Do Not Make Mislabeling

Under YouTube COPPA law in the USA, owners of YouTube content that do not comply with the required rules can be penalized up to $ 42K per content. Therefore, these rules may be more serious than you think. In order not to share a mislabeled video, first think about your video in detail. Otherwise, you will have to take a monetary penalty.

Share Child-Directed Videos

You Can Share Child-Directed Videos If You Like

If you share videos intended for children, of course, you can do so. Within the framework of the Online Privacy Protection Act, people who share child-directed content should not contain anything that contains abuse. Videos that comply with these rules are shown to children, and a safe YouTube experience is provided.

Making Audience Settings for Each of the YouTube Videos

If you want to comply with New YouTube rules, it is essential to set your video’s audience settings correctly. For this, you have to follow the steps below:

  1. First, log in to YouTube and go to YouTube Studio.
  2. You can then click the Audience in the settings tab here.
  3. When you upload a new video here, the system asks you a question for each video one by one. You will need to specify whether the content in question is suitable for children through this question. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this stage.
  4. If you have set the general audience setting of your channel, the audience setting of each selected video can be automatically adjusted accordingly. Check here to make sure there is no problem.

FAQs About COPPA on YouTube

Can I produce content for children on the YouTube platform?

Of course! Want to appeal to children? There is no problem with that. However, algorithms control the content that appeals to children in detail than others. Therefore, you have to make sure that your content does not contain bad examples or details that may disrupt the psychology of children.

Do I have to set the audience setting for each video separately on YouTube?

Yes, YouTube wants you to determine whether each video you upload is suitable for children or not. It does this to ensure maximum security.

Why is COPPA Law implemented on YouTube?

Because this is a fundamental law in the USA about protecting children from online content, and it has been in effect since 1998. People and institutions that do not obey these rules are fined.

What if YouTube creators don’t follow this rule?

In this case, YouTube creators’ channels may be suspended, and they may need to pay a fine.

Will YouTube get a penalty if it does not comply with COPPA rules?

Yes, platforms that are found not to comply with COPPA rules, in general, are also fined at a certain rate as platforms. However, we have to state that you are responsible for the videos you upload to the YouTube platform.

Conclusion: COPPA on YouTube 

In general, we can say that every platform must comply with certain criteria to serve and to take care of the psychological health of society. Especially children under 13 are highly vulnerable to the outside world, according to many developmental psychologists. It is essential to prevent this impact from turning into problematic situations. To do this, platforms and those who share content in the public domain must comply with the COPPA rules. Otherwise, you or the platform will be fined.

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