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Coolest YouTube Channel Art Examples

Do you want to make a cool photo design to share in your Youtube channel’s banner section? There is a lot to be aware of to give your followers a professional look. The right YouTube channel art can make your profile look professional, up-to-date, and extremely modern. In this way, you can convert more viewers into your followers. It will always be a more logical choice to use professional design instead of a stock photo in the banner part of your YouTube channel art. You will notice that your videos are watched more, thanks to a YouTube banner design that can adapt to the video content and introduce you.

We have prepared some cool channel art examples for you and some good channel design recommendations. Let’s have a look at them!

What Is a YouTube Banner?

The Youtube banner is the image that is the home page of your website that runs horizontally at the top of your YouTube page. Just like the cover photo found on Facebook.

Your YouTube channel banner design is the first thing someone sees on your profile when they land on your page. If you have a company account, this is your first, and perhaps the only, most important chance to advertise. One of the essential things on your channel is a banner, so it’s an important requirement to advertise your brand. It would be nice to have a cool banner. You can also learn more about customizing your channel through YouTube Help.

How to Make a YouTube Banner

So, we said it would be a good idea to have a cool banner, but you may ask how to make a YouTube banner. One of the best ways to find YouTube banner ideas is, of course, to take advantage of Youtube. There are many video examples that you can easily follow. If you don’t know how to use Photoshop or other photo editing apps and tools, you can learn simple ways, especially by watching such simple videos. And you can learn how to create a YouTube banner with us.

Also, follow the steps below to upload your own banner for YouTube:

customize channel
  • Log in to your YouTube account. Click on your profile image and then select Your channel.
  • Click the ‘Customize Channel’ button.
channel customization
  • At the top menu, click ‘Branding’.
  • You will see the ‘Banner image’ section. Then click on ‘Upload’.
  • Select the photo you want as your banner on your computer.
  • Make sure that everything looks good before clicking done.
  • As the last step, click ‘Publish,’ and it’s done.

What Makes a Cool YouTube Banner?

A good YouTube banner is designed to attract the attention of people who see it; it should be readable, not tire the eyes, and reflect your brand well. And, of course, the essentials of a good YouTube banner should be the brand’s logo and your channel name so that you can advertise it. You can also use graphic elements if you want to prepare an eye-catching banner.

You should make sure that your YouTube banner is specific to your brand. No one wants to use similar banners with other people and brands. Therefore, make sure to express your creativity while creating your banner. Show your YouTube channel art to everyone with confidence.

YouTube banner size and dimensions

YouTube Banner Size and Dimensions

If you want your banner to look good on top of your YouTube channel, you should know the correct banner size and dimensions to ensure that. Your banner should look proper on every device to make your channel look professional. Take a look at the YouTube banner dimensions shared by Google to make your adjustments accordingly.

  • YouTube banner size: 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Minimum dimension to upload: 2048 x 1152 pixels
  • Minimum “safe area” that ensures text and logos will be visible: 1546 x 423 pixels
  • Maximum width that ensures the “safe area” is visible: 2560 x 423 pixels
  • File size: 6MB or smaller

These dimensions are for making your channel banner look good. So keep in mind these matters while customizing your YouTube channel banner.

tips for designing YouTube channel art

Tips on Designing YouTube Banners

The tips we will share in this section will make it easier for you to create cool YouTube banners.

  • The Graphics you use should include your logo or slogan, perhaps an image from inside your company, and exciting content. Remember, this is the first thing people
    will see on your channel.
  • Don’t forget to add your other social media links to your YouTube account. They should show up on the banner’s bottom right side.
  • You should find an image that can look good on all devices and platforms. Also, you can use the preview option on YouTube to see how your banner looks.
  • You perhaps don’t have a good-sized image. But you can make one for yourself by adding multiple images together.
  • Since these are all for marketing purposes, don’t forget to add the “Subscribe to our channel” or the “Turn the notifications on” type of phrases to your banner.
  • You should update your channel banner often to freshen up your channel.

Learn how to promote your YouTube channel thoroughly and for starters, buy YouTube subscribers to help you launch a basic foundation.

free templates for YoTube channel art

How to Make Banners for YouTube Free

There are many resources that you can create free channel art for yourself. Use the following tools during the process of creating a YouTube banner with an eye-catching view on Youtube:


Google is a popular search engine platform with unlimited resources on almost every subject. You can find templates here. It is feasible to get excellent results by making changes to these templates and placing the contents you want in the templates.


You can also choose Fotor to take advantage of the Youtube banner templates option completely free of charge. High-quality template options with a size of 2560 x 1440 pixels can be beneficial.


You can use Canva’s free templates and features and take advantage of the trial version of Canva, a paid platform, and then find discounted options. Canva, which has unique cool channel art template options and a wide stock photo collection, will greatly support you in the channel creation process.

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And there are lots of other options you can check out to make free YouTube banner. Check YouTube banner template options to create your own.

Some Cool YouTube Banner Examples

We included some examples you can check out. These are for the fun part of course but they fulfill their duties well. You can learn some insights from these examples.

banner examples

Famous channels Mr. Beast and Pewdiepie’s YouTube banners.

YouTube cool banner examples

These are from 5-Minute Crafts and Movieclips. You can enjoy their content as well while taking notes on their banners.


To create a cool YouTube channel art on your YouTube profile, you must stick to a few basic design ideas and pay attention to the necessary technical details. With the right resources and collaborations, you can have a good channel banner design and enjoy a professional look.

Frequently Asked Questions About

If you do not want that sentence that gives the message in the coolest way to be covered due to your profile photo, you should share the articles in a safe area.

To decide this, take the safe area as a basis and take care to start the design from the middle point.

Absolutely! You must use a good banner to show your professionalism and your company’s official personality with others.

To solve this problem, you should turn off the “Block third-party cookies” setting in Chrome. Then head back to YouTube, reload the page, and it should be fixed now.

Yes, you can use animated GIFs or MP4s for your YouTube banner and make it animated.

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