Coolest YouTube Channel Art Examples

Coolest YouTube Channel Art Examples

Do you want to make a cool photo design to share in your Youtube channel’s banner section? There is a lot to be aware of to give your followers a professional look. The right YouTube channel art can make your profile look professional, up-to-date, and extremely modern. In this way, you can convert more viewers into your followers. It will always be a more logical choice to use professional design instead of a stock photo in the banner part of your YouTube channel. You will notice that your videos are watched more, thanks to a YouTube banner design that can adapt to the video content and introduce you. We have prepared some cool channel art examples for you and some good channel design recommendations. Let’s have a look at them!

Cool Channel Banners With Balanced Design

If you want to have a cool channel art, it might make sense to take inspiration from YouTube banner examples. When you look at these examples, you will notice that designs are generally balanced. For example, the views on the right and left sides of a banner photo should be just like in a flow. This flow requires a balance in terms of both color, density, and image crowd.

cool channel banners with right youtube banner size

Cool Channel Banners With Right YouTube Banner Size

The first way to create cool channel art is to stick to a YouTube banner first. It is possible to draw compelling results with a few simple vectors. But generally, paying attention to a few essential criteria can help you achieve the perfect design. Here are the essential criteria:

  1. Use of images with high resolution: If the image you will use does not have a high resolution, even a photo with perfect dimensions can cause you problems. So be sure of the resolution of the image.
  2. Using modern and simple image: What exactly is your company or channel doing? The banner you use should explain this. Otherwise, the YouTube banner templates you create will not look cool and will make you look old-fashioned.
  3. Unique banner usage: It may make sense to use Youtube cool channel art views, especially on popular stock photo sites. If you use copies of other brands’ logos and banner photos, your brand prestige will decrease. Generally, photos you find on free resources can be used by many people before and after you. This means that you cannot have a unique brand image.

Which Platforms to Use For a Cool Channel Art?

There are many resources that you can create free channel art for yourself. Use the following tools during the process of creating a YouTube banner with an eye-catching view on Youtube:

  1. Google: Google is a very popular search engine platform that has unlimited resources on almost every subject. You can find templates here. It is feasible to get excellent results by making changes to these templates and placing the contents you want in the templates.
  2. Canva: You can take advantage of the trial version of Canva, a paid platform, and then find discounted options. Canva, which has unique cool channel art template options and a wide stock photo collection, will support you a lot in the channel creation process.
  3. Fotor: You can also choose Fotor to take advantage of the Youtube banner templates option completely free of charge. High-quality template options with a size of 2560 x 1440 pixels can be beneficial.

In addition to the above three tools, do not forget that there are many stock photos or a YouTube banner tool that can be used for free and paid on the internet world. It is also possible to design your own YouTube banner by working with freelance graphic designers or agencies.

channel art templates

Channel Art Templates

The basic features that you should pay attention to have a good and cool channel art are as follows:

  1. The recommended image size is determined as 2560 x 1440 px.
  2. The minimum upload size you can use to upload a template to the system is determined as 2048 x 1152 px. But it is a larger view that is recommended.
  3. The area that ensures that the texts and slogans you use on the banner on your Youtube channel are not covered in any way is called the safe area. 46 x 423 px is known as a safe area size.
  4. The cool channel art you will use for your YouTube channel must have 2560 x 423 px width.
  5. The banner photo you will use on your Youtube channel must be 4 GB or less than 4 GB. Otherwise, the system will not upload your photo.

A YouTube cool channel art that you design or choose by paying attention to the above basic factors can create excellent results.

YouTube Banner Design Suitable for the Themes of Your Videos

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What theme do you have in your YouTube videos? Minimal, maximal, modern, traditional, vintage, or much more! Feel free to reflect your style on your videos and the banner photo that will show up prominently in your profile. Take advantage of colors and graphics. If you own a food channel, you should use colorful and delicious food photos. Another little note for you! Don’t forget to add your username and the small icons of other social media platforms in the lower right corner of your YouTube banner photo. It’s that simple!

Conclusion: Making the Coolest YouTube Channel Art

To create a cool YouTube channel art on your YouTube profile, you must stick to a few basic design ideas and pay attention to necessary technical details. With the right resources and collaborations, you can have a good channel banner design and enjoy the professional look.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not want that sentence that gives the message in the coolest way to be covered due to your profile photo, you should share the articles in the safe area.

To decide this, take the safe area as a basis and take care to start the design from the middle point.

Absolutely! You must use a good banner to show your professionalism and your company’s official personality with others.

To solve this problem, you should turn off the “Block third-party cookies” setting in Chrome. Then head back to YouTube, reload the page, and it should be fixed now.

Yes, you can use animated GIFs or MP4s for your YouTube banner and make it animated.

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