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What Does a Community Manager Do?

For centuries, the marketing strategies of brands have been changing intensely. It is due to the competitive environment. The brands are keeping up with innovation according to the conditions of their time. In addition to the emergence of new marketing strategies, the number of marketing tools used has increased. Also, communication tools are gaining strength with the development of information and technology. In the mobile age that we are in, social media is a priority and indispensable for brands in marketing strategies. Social media has risen to the top of the rankings today by increasing its order in marketing. Traditional communication tools such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazines almost unnecessarily opened up another mandatory marketing space for social media businesses. It created lots of business positions. A community manager is one of them.

Some brands have quickly accepted the intensive use of social media. But did brands adequately understand the importance of community management? Can we say that it makes social media communication meaningless?

Users of all ages on social media spend most of their time on the internet. As a result, it made it inevitable for businesses to use these platforms. They use them in marketing activities such as “increasing brand awareness, creating brand loyalty, conducting consumer research, learning about competitors, or providing Word of mouth marketing.”

At this point, the lack of brands stands out. Many brands have not yet done well enough of community management in online environments. So what does a community manager do? In our article today, we will talk about how to make good community management.

Community Management

Community management description means that consumers can actively manage this communication process by interacting with brands or organizations on social media and similar online platforms. The community managers are responsible for creating targeted communities on social media channels, websites, and blogs owned by the brand.

First of all, you should not confuse this term with social media expertise. There are so many terms in the digital world that these concepts can cause a mess after a while. The way to stop this is to decompose concepts. Community Manager, as the name suggests, spends hours creating a community for a brand. Of course, members of this community are not random people. Therefore, the definition is to create a community within a specific purpose and based on a sense of belonging and to be tasked with carrying out all relationships with this community. In the community you create, incorporating people who are not active into processes, improving and improving the product or brand with feedback from them is also within the definition of a task.

Community Manager vs. Social Media Manager

Community Management vs. Social Media Management

Community management is a whole of “relationship-building” and the methods your brand uses to get to the audience or community it has in the right way. As your brand and the audience you call grow, so does community management’s importance and responsibilities. It ignores managing the community of brands without a Community Management plan, increasing the loyalty of their community, and receiving accurate and valuable feedback.

Therefore, we can say that community management is all of cultivating, developing, and interacting with a particular audience. Let’s compare this concept in detail with its social media expertise.

Social Media Management

In addition to producing content for the brand’s social media channels, a social media executive follows comments to the content it produces and moderates them to interact with followers. A social media manager has a much more important mission than these basic tasks: being the brand’s voice on social media channels and software.

Social media managers can do this in many ways. But among these methods, the most effective is to produce content and show them to more people through advertising and share them. In short, we can say “marketing” the brand through social media channels, which is called social media marketing.

It is possible to say that this is the most important feature that distinguishes social media management from community management. While the social media manager is the voice of the brand, the community manager is the brand’s target audience’s voice.

Let’s say your social media manager has reached the audience you targeted through all channels and managed to include this audience in your brand. Next up is to get them to hold on to the brand, which is where community management comes in!

Community Management

You need to answer the question of a “community” for your brand before community managers can define work.

The community can be members of that platform for an online platform while customers for a brand. For example, the freelance creator’s collection of a platform produces hundreds of content every day is, of course, its authors and editors.

Your customers, members, followers, or “freelancers” should do community management for them, no one for you, and you should work to expand your community as well as make the existing community stronger.

There are endless steps you can take to expand and strengthen the community. Later in our article, you will find detailed tips that can make you a good community manager.

What separates the community manager from the social media manager when he’s doing all this is that he exists as a persona on social platforms. It kind of response to the community’s needs and wishes not as a brand representative, but as someone in that community.

You can ask your social media management team for help with everything you can do to improve the community. It is only possible for community managers to reach your audience more accurately through social media!

How to Manage the Community

How to Manage the “Community?”

We live in a world where we can shop, make relationships, watch new movies, and communicate online. They’re a big part of our lives anyway.

A lot of us can regret something we’re getting online. We feel the need to comment after watching a terrible movie or share our disappointment after a bad relationship.

Personal networks or, more importantly, social networks used for business are the main issue. There are many things we need to take advantage of, and at the same time, there are many dangers that we need to avoid; if you can effectively manage the online community, you can get the following benefits:

  • Communicating with professionals in your industry
  • To conduct discussions and research that can improve your expectations and perspective on your customers.

We all want to create a meaningful online community on social media platforms and ensure its continuity. Here are a few tips to expand your network and ensure continuity as part of community management:

Be Patient

Being patient to expand your online network is an important factor. Let’s say you’ve contacted respected individuals or organizations on Twitter, and obsessively you control what your new followers are doing every hour.

You may want to take a more strategic approach as you expand your network. Try to see if you have something in common or if you have similar goals. Even in the online world, people want to communicate with people they like!

You should remember that meaningful connections on social networks are more significant than inactive accounts or illegal profiles.

Be Friendly

Before Google Maps and similar apps for smartphones appeared, you have to remember that we all did ask others directions before. If you were lost, which person we explained below would have more impact on you?

  • Someone who says that your destination is a few blocks away.
  • Someone who spends a few minutes to show you where to go and draw a simple map of your destination.
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Have you made up your mind? It’s probably going to give you a better impression of how you’re going to get to where you’re going.

So how can you adapt it to your online community?

  • It might be a good start to use search words and help you answer the area you’re an expert in on Facebook and Twitter.
  • To participate in chats, you must visit LinkedIn groups and answer questions.
  • It is also a good solution to monitor and reply to comments made on your company’s blog and social accounts daily.
  • Finally, you need to define at least 2-3 web titles that you will comment on every day.

Give People What They Want

Want to give your community content to read in one breath? Then you have to decide what they want first. To decide what they find interesting, you can talk to your existing customers and follow tactics such as tracking what kind of interactions your competitors and potential customers are interested in.

Let’s make a little summary. Your content must contain a good mix of:

Being a good community manager is like having a good host. He’s a welcoming host. First of all, you have to find the right people. You need to welcome them well and make them feel as comfortable as they do in their own homes. When you set up the audience, you need to communicate; you should now keep them interacting and entertaining. Who can say no to useful and interesting dialogues? Of course, in the meantime, you have to make sure that people don’t bother each other and create inappropriate dialogues. Not everyone may have good intentions, and every goodwill tends to be a little peated.

It seems easy to say that, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, community management is not an easy task. It’s not something anyone can do. To manage a community, you need to have human and interpersonal communication skills, quick insight, technical experience, knowledge, and commercial understanding in online areas. At the same time, PR and marketing instinct is a must for this job.

But above all, the most important thing to be in the community manager is that he understands his audience. When you do this, you won’t believe how easily you create your business strategies.

No Mistakes Allowed

Intimacy is a must for original, quality, and creative content and dedication of community management. We have to make it clear that it’s hard. Brands should work with professional and experienced teams. This way, brands can only prevent the social media crises we have recently encountered with new examples and provide a quality and effective return from community management efforts. With community management, brands are flesh-and-butter. Emotions and the personality of the brand come to the fore. He has the chance to be closer to them through his dialogues with the brand community. When there is such a chance, it will not make much sense under the loyalty program that brands do not evaluate.

Conclusion on Community Managers

In our article today, we told you what a community manager does. Remember that community management’s most vital point and the requirement is to abandon the usual communication model. Of course, it is necessary to do this following the brand strategy. Communicating with people and ensuring that they interact with their brand is not just a “communication.” This is a planned action.

If you want to learn more about social media, please read our latest articles about it, you may be interested in social media management.

Frequently Asked Questions About

The average salaries of the Community Managers in the United States are somewhere between $49,228 per year.

To foster and maintain the image of a company, group administrators must have extremely good social skills. Empathy, strong communication skills, and adaptability are essential, above all, to the development of positive interpersonal experiences.

The primary aim of the work is to provide guidance and top-quality portfolio management services. They work closely with the Board of Directors or Trustees, and the community members are appointed to the position.

A community manager’s role is to act as the bridge between a brand and the community it is aiming to create. They should be the brand’s ambassador, engaging with potential customers, and building relationships with existing ones.

Community managers proactively reach out and build relationships with users online. It saves you the burden to be there for all your online customers and prospects all the time.

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