What Are Chatbots? (& How They Work)

What Are Chatbots? (& How They Work)

Chatbots are the results of AI technology that can simulate a conversation with a natural language. Without humans, chatbots can make a natural conversation and frequently are used in customer services nowadays. Let’s assume you want to buy a dress from an online web site. But you are not sure about size options. You connect chatbot of the web site and make a natural conversation about the dress’s size and expectations. Without any human interaction, you solve your problem and continue shopping. It is a great solution for both customer and business owners perceptive.

Where Can You Use Chatbots? 

Chatbots have many usage areas, and every day with newer technologies, we see new areas that chatbots can be applied. Here is a list of some examples of where they are at great service:

  • Customer Service 
  • Online payment management 
  • Information on new products and services 
  • Increasing true and effective engagement 
  • Troubleshooting 
How Do Chatbots Work

How Do Chatbots Work?

We can summarize the working principle of chatbots in two steps: User request analysis and returning to the response. 

  • User request analysis: To answer questions, a chatbot should understand request firstly. When a person writes her or his request clearly, a chatbot with AI technology picks up words and tries to define the problem. When the definition of the problem is done, the chatbot goes to returning to the response phase. 
  • Returning to response: After the chatbot defines the problem, it tries to create a response. There are different ways of responding to a request by the chatbot. It can find a predefined answer. So the chatbot can find a response with the help of machine learning and back end apps, either. Once the response is created, it sent to you to the person to be responded and explained.

Chatbot, Fears, and Misunderstandings 

The chatbot is a “non-human” contact that the user adds to their messaging, and that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to propose a structured dialogue. There is always a little thrill, as well as a hint of fun, in dialogue with an artificial being. Science fiction novels and films come to mind in which advanced robots become humans and, in some cases, oppose or oust men. For the moment, there is already a series of blunders in which some chatbots have become protagonists. For example, Microsoft’s Tay chatbot software, created to communicate with young users, quickly began to praise 9/11 or support Hitler’s work and was closed.

FAQs About Chatbot

Is Siri a chatbot? 

Siri helps people with voice inputs and visual content. Siri is a good example of chatbots. 

Are chatbots safe? 

Chatbots are well designed and offer an easy and safe environment for customers. They aim to protect the information of customers and even protect customers more than human interaction.

Why do we need chatbots? 

Because they make customer relations safer and more efficient. With a chatbot, customers can find solutions to their problems fast comparing human interaction. 

What security concerns do chatbots have? 

Chatbot technology has almost the same security concerns as any other system; the chatbot system technology has the same safety or security privileges. So, the chatbot poses no security breach threat as long as your the website itself and the data it stores is set up securely.

What types of Chatbots are there?

There are generally two types of chatbots.
Rule-based chatbots, meaning they scan for keywords the person writes and recognize the question, and check for predefined answers to reply. And AI-powered chatbots use machine learning and natural language processing and are used for having more natural conversations with the person.

Conclusion on Chatbot

Chatbots are a new way of conversation to customers in the business world. With the help of AI technology, many ordinary processes in customer relations have become more efficient. We will see many newer usage areas of chatbots shortly. 

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