How to Change Your SoundCloud Picture

How to Change Your SoundCloud Picture

SoundCloud is a music sharing tool and music sharing platform in its simplest definition. The Berlin-based SoundCloud app was first established in Stockholm under two musicians, Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. The application, which was created in 2007, has become widespread worldwide in a short time and has gained an important place. This platform, which was founded by two musicians, of course, has attracted everyone’s attention. You might want to get straight to the topic and see how you can change your SoundCloud picture but we assure you that it is essential to understand the basics first.

It is known that SoundCloud, a free application, has over 1 million members. It has hundreds of thousands of music content because it is a platform where users can share music online. In the application that can be used for free by everyone, people can create personal profiles and personal brands. Here, people can create private groups, meet new users, or send their favorite music to the people they love.

What Is SoundCloud Used For

What Is SoundCloud Used For?

SoundCloud offers a service that all music lovers will always need. SoundCloud is an application that appeals to everyone’s style. It allows you to keep every music on the device you are using. With SoundCloud, people can access music that they cannot find on many different platforms. Also, SoundCloud people have the opportunity to listen to any music file online. You can download files or upload your own file to the platform.

SoundCloud is actually a social network for music. People who have good voices but cannot be recognized can come forward with this platform. It can meet new people and new environments through a common understanding of music. In short, people can use the SoundCloud application, which has a desktop version and a mobile version, as they wish.

Change SoundCloud Picture

Change SoundCloud Picture

SoundCloud is not only a functional platform for music but also a social platform. For this reason, users should set up their own profiles here. The first thing to do is to change the profile picture (if you want to take it a step further and wish to change your URL see how you can change SoundCloud URL). A profile picture is the most important indicator of how good a profile is. Changing a profile picture on SoundCloud is extremely easy. The important thing is to consider the image size part, which will be uploaded as a profile picture. One should not choose a large visual size. These images do not attract attention.

To be able to change the SoundCloud profile picture, it is first necessary to create an account. After creating their SoundCloud profile, they can easily use a new icon. The first thing to do is to go to the user profile from the homepage. When entering the profile, the profile icon must be highlighted. There are two options here, such as changing a profile picture or updating an image.

People will click on the update image button. Then SoundCloud will give you two options; Change a profile picture or delete a profile picture. People should click on the change profile option. After selecting this option, a tab showing computer files will open the person to select the desired picture. What needs to be done here is to perform the select new image operation. After the picture is selected, the contacts save the profile picture by pressing the save option. As long as these processes are followed in order, it will not be difficult to change the profile picture.

FAQ About Changing Profile Image

Can I make the picture I want as a profile picture?

If no thumbnails are placed, and the desired dimensions are reached, any desired picture can be a profile picture. People need to be more careful about this. The profile picture gives general information about the content of the page.

What types of profile pictures are of interest?

Profile pictures, which attract more attention, are pictures that the person adds something from his own life. It can be a picture of the person or a picture of depicter their music.

Is it possible to change profile pictures on mobile devices?

People can change their profile pictures on a computer or mobile device if they want.

Is a password required to change the profile picture?

No password is required to change the profile picture.

Is there a fee to change a profile picture?

Changing a profile picture is not paid, but people can make a profile picture by purchasing paid photos.

Conclusion on Changing Profile Image

Changing your profile picture is an effortless action. People can make any profile picture they want, whenever they want. However, it is important not to choose copyrighted images. Besides, images that are sensitive content are removed quickly, even if they are not noticed in the first place.

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