How to Change SoundCloud URL

How to Change SoundCloud URL

The display name and profile on the profile URL are significant when using SoundCloud. This criterion should be considered for aesthetics and description (as well as for performance: see How to Optimize Title, Description, and URL for SEO). For other users to find you via the SoundCloud website, the URL you will use here must reflect your name. Otherwise, other users searching for you with your name cannot find the SoundCloud profile. If you did not open an account with your name when initially creating a SoundCloud account, the URL of your account would naturally be with the name you first use SoundCloud. People who are not happy and content with this situation and want to choose another URL should proceed with the change SoundCloud URL option. However, in this case, a problem may occur that people can meet.

If the requested URL was already in use by someone else, then people should make minor changes to the name they want to get. It is possible to find suitable words, and it is not difficult to make changes.

Change SoundCloud URL

You can only change your URL from the desktop site. Unfortunately, changing URLs via a mobile device is impossible, but don’t feel discouraged. After choosing the appropriate name, make sure that this name isn’t in the ‘already in use’ list. If everything is ok, you can get your new URL via the save changes button. The important thing is that you feel free. You can also learn how to change name on SoundCloud in detail, but we provided a short version in this article.

Change Your SoundCloud URL on Desktop

Follow the steps below to change your SoundCloud URL on your desktop.

web SoundCloud
  • First, you must go to Soundcloud on your web browser. After logging in to the site, you must proceed over the profile icon.
  • Click ‘Profile’.
change URL on SoundCloud web
  • To change the URL, you have to click the edit option. Clicking the edit option will enable you to change your username easily. Don’t forget to save the changes.

Change Your Display Name on Mobile

You cannot change your SoundCloud URL on your mobile devices, but you can still change your display name. This way, you can easily change your display name and have fun with different nicknames. It’s an easy process; just follow the steps below.

mobile change
  • After login into your account, click on the ‘Library’ option
  • Then click on the user icon.
edit profile on soundcloud
  • You will see your profile page here. Click on the button shaped like a pencil.
  • Then you will see the page to change your display name. After changing it, tap save.

You have successfully changed your name. After changing your URL and display name, you might also want to grow your SoundCloud profile to reach a wider audience. You can buy SoundCloud followers to help you with that quickly.

What If the URL Is Already Taken?

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In this case, people have to make minor additions to the name they want to get. Changes can be made by using the last letter of the name twice or adding a number to the end. If you think the name would be wrong that way, you need to find another name. Try changing the URL to your preferences until you find a new name. You can also check the SoundCloud Help page for more details about your profile settings and URL change.


SoundCloud URL change is a straightforward process. People can change until they have the correct URL. A SoundCloud URL should provide information about the account’s music. This way, it will be easier for people to orient themselves to the page. We hope our article has been of some help to you in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions

SoundCloud is entirely free. People don’t have to pay to get the URL they want.

People who want their profiles to be clicked more often must make a URL change. Choosing the correct URL increases the interest of people.

It is of great importance to include names describing the profiles of people. Thus, when someone searches the URL for the songs they are looking for, it will be easier for them to appear in front of your profile.

People have the right to change their SoundCloud URL as they want.

SoundCloud URL change will take up to 5 minutes as long as the steps are followed thoroughly and without errors. Of course, you should find the right name.

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