How Can I Turn My Personal Instagram Account Into Business Account?

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Considering the increased popularity of Instagram, many people including celebrities, writers, models, businessmen have accounts and they use Instagram for different purposes. Some of them use it for individual purposes and some of them use it for business. So, whatever your purpose is, you need followers if you want to reach more people on Instagram. Because of them, people try different ways to have followers. They look for the best place to buy Instagram followers, buy such services and have followers. It is a short and effective way to have followers. If you have the same purposes, you can search the best place to buy Instagram followers and become popular on Instagram. If your aim is to start a business and increase your sales on Instagram, having followers is a good start. But, you should also turn your personal account into the business account to make your business easier.

It is a common question asked by those who have just started their business on Instagram. We will explain how to do it step by step.

Turn Your Personal Account Into Business Account Step by Step

First, log in to your Instagram account and go to settings. You will see an option “Switch to Business Profile”. But, you must have created a Facebook page first. If you don’t have the Facebook page, create it and you can turn your Instagram account into the business account.

Integrate Your Facebook Page With Instagram Account

You can turn your Instagram account into a business account when you integrate your Facebook page with your Instagram account. Once you switch to the business profile, you will be able to see the statistics related to your account. For example, you can see how many likes you get, how many people viewed your profile and more.

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