How to Increase Boost Your Youtube 2019

YouTube, one of the most popular methods of making money in recent years, has been used by millions of people. To make a profit with YouTube, you need to have enough YouTube views. Watching each video you add to your channel by a large number of people gives you more revenue. Well, How to Increase Boost your Youtube? For this we will have some simple advice. In doing so, you must use legal methods. Otherwise your Youtube account may be banned and the earnings are not paid to you. Liking the video you add by users will cause more people to share it. This also automatically affects the number of YouTube views.

What is Youtube View?

Youtube view is the number of viewers and visitors viewing a video added to the YouTube channel. It shows how many people are watching that video. Each IP address is counted once, and even if a person watches the video 2 or 3 times, it is considered to have been viewed only once. YouTube has some rules about it. for example, if a video is viewed less than 30 seconds, it accepts the video as unviewed. Videos with high-quality content will have more views. The video title, description, and keywords must be compatible with the video.

Ways to Increase Your Number of YouTube Views

The first 30 seconds of the video are very important. During this time, you must keep the user. Boring, meaningless and classic video entry have a negative impact on the user. To increase Youtube views, you must use natural methods. You can prepare a cover photo for your video. This photo increases the viewing rate of your video. We recommend that you add a photo that is compatible with the video content. Behaviors to deceive the visitor will lose visitors to you. The video title should be short and descriptive so that the video can be viewed for more than 30 seconds. Do not use exaggerated titles. We recommend using a few hashtags for video. Thus, not only your followers but also other Youtube users can see your video. Not only is the number of videos viewed, but also the number of video interactions important. Commenting on that video, sharing, and the number of likes also affect your earnings. In short, you have many options to increase your Youtube views.

Paid & Free YouTube Views

There are various web services to increase the number of YouTube views. You can use them for free or paid. There are many websites that provide you with this service in the form of natural or bot. However, you should be very careful when using these services. Do not violate YouTube video Rules. If you use this service too much, YouTube can recognize it and close your account. In recent times, almost all social media sites have different attitudes towards such services. So we recommend that you develop your YouTube account in natural ways. We hope that all these will be an answer for How to Increase Boost your Youtube question.

How to Promote your Youtube Channel Easily 2019

Have you ever wanted to be a YouTube millionaire in recent years? We’re sure you’ve been thinking about it too. Because YouTube is no longer an ordinary social media site and has become a profit center. From a 5-year-old to a 70-year-old grandmother, everyone has a Youtube channel. So we’d like to offer you a few suggestions on how to promote your YouTube channel. If you’re doing this, do it in accordance with the rules and earn more.

how to youtube promote your youtube channel

Grow Your Channel

To grow your channel, you should definitely choose natural methods. Don’t make extra transactions like fake followers, fake likes in the initial phase. This could damage your channel. First, decide what you want to do. If you do what everyone else does, it’s hard to move forward. if you share different, interesting and personal content, you’ll have more followers and your channel will grow faster. This is the first main rule. We will describe the other methods in detail below.

How to Promote your Youtube Channel Easily 2019

Way to Increase Your Subscribers on Youtube

As your number of followers increases, your channel will also be promoted. There are a few little things you need to do for this:

  • Don’t publish boring videos
  • Publish impressive, diverse and natural content
  • Don’t squeeze the user by talking too much in your videos. The stalkers want action!
  • Use the video effects correctly. Don’t overdo it!
  • Reach your target audience. Don’t share irrelevant and ridiculous videos
  • Pay attention to keyword usage.
  • The video title should definitely hit the target!
  • Do not upload video in day overload. Let your followers miss you a bit

If you do this, you will see that your number of followers is increasing day by day. Be yourself! You will win!

Earn More With Your Youtube Channel

The more followers, the more publicity. and of course, it all means more money. To make money with YouTube, you need to know how to promote your YouTube channel. Unfortunately, you will not be able to do this by simply opening the channel and uploading the video. A few tips will help you. If you want to make more money on YouTube, don’t be limited to Youtube to promote your channel. Use other social media sites too.

Tips to Promote

If you know the ways to promote your YouTube channel, you can start dreaming of becoming a Youtube rich very recently. Because we will continue to support you in this matter:

  • Be creative!

Don’t imitate anyone. Create your own content. Be different from the others

  • Collaborate with other users

Collaborate with other YouTube users who have a lot of followers ( link exchange, advertising, etc.)

  • Impressive channel design

The design of your channel is very important. It should impress the first person to see it immediately. Even your cover photo and profile picture will have a different effect on your followers.

  • Be active!

Advertise your channel everywhere. Advertise and promote on forums, other social media sites and if necessary, you can use paid ads

How to get more views on Youtube? 2019

Youtube is one of the first when people think about a video application. It has a dense mass of users. While some people start channels to make money, others start it to show themselves to the public. So when it’s like this, getting views on youtube is something quite important for the channel owners.


In this article, we will extensively focus on how to get more views on youtube question. Before we get to the article, let’s talk about a point here. No goal ever happens easily. Don’t expect it to happen overnight. The key element of this job is patience. The more patient and willing you are, the better places you can get at this job. Failures that happen to you, again and again, will show you the way to get to better places. Then let’s begin.


How to get more views on Youtube? 2019 explaining with pictures


What is Youtube?

Youtube is a social media platform where lots of people start channels free of charge and can publish it the same way. It’s a place where visitors do one of the most researching while searching for videos. It’s also one of the biggest search engines in the world.

Concepts of being a YouTuber, starting a channel is related to this field. Because people can give ads on this platform and gain big amounts of money, there’s a lot of competition. Which is why everybody wants to start a channel, but most end with disappointment. The biggest issue of youtube channel owners is that they have little views. So this means there’s a mistake somewhere. There is a mistake being made in this.


How to get more views on Youtube? 2019 explaining with pictures

Can I use cheats to get more views on Youtube?

Because youtube is a big platform, most importantly because it gives the opportunity to gain money, subscriptions and getting views is quite important. The people who have a lot of subscribers and get a high amount of views on their videos are very lucky. But not everyone is lucky like that.

At this stage, we want to talk about a big mistake that’s being made. There are some cheats being used to get more view counts on Youtube. There are some programs which act on this purpose. Do not forget, Youtube is a big and equipped program. They have a dense follower base and to keep their followers happy, program cares a lot about certain subjects. Privacy and security principles come first. These cheats to get more views violate the security principles, so they get noticed by search engines. At the result of this, your channel gets a strike and it may even get shut down. For this reason, be careful not to use cheats to get more views on Youtube.

After we get the average information on Youtube, we can move to the topic of how to get more views on youtube.


How to get more views on Youtube? 2019 explaining with pictures


What is necessary to be done in order to get more views on Youtube?

To get more views on youtube there are some points you have to be careful about. Even if you do these, there needs to be stability for some time. Don’t expect a miracle like a magic wand touch. Time and stability is the key to your success.

Before we get into the topic of how to get more views on youtube, it’s better for you to have knowledge of the subject in general. Theoretical pieces of information will help you understand the system better. Youtube doesn’t count every watch as a view count. If the video is seen under 30 seconds, it doesn’t count as a view. For this reason, on the application, every watch over 30 seconds counts as one plus. Youtube manages this over singular clicks.

For you channel to last a lifetime and to prevent errors from Youtube, don’t get into wrongful ways. Be sincere and show you’re the best at this job naturally. Be sure that Youtube will not overlook this.


How to get more views on Youtube? 2019 explaining with pictures


What’s necessary for getting more views on Youtube :

-Authentic Content

In the online world, wherever you go you will be met with this concept. Authenticity. This status is the base principle for search engines. When publishing new videos on Youtube, think about what different thing you can bring to the table. Show the answer to that question by the video you create. Remember, the videos you make by taking someone else’s content are destined to perish.

We talked about how important authentic content is, in order to get more views on Youtube. Quality matters as much as authenticity. When individuals watch your video, will they get the information they’re seeking? If you want subscribers that stay, your content has to have quality. If you’ll be able to short, swift and to the point in your videos, you will gain loyal subscribers.


How to get more views on Youtube? 2019 explaining with pictures

-Video Cover Picture

Think of yourself when you go on Youtube. Instead of clicking the videos with boring cover pictures, you click on the one that’s interesting. Having an interesting cover picture is one of the key points to get potential subscribers’ attention to your video. You can even add texts on these cover pictures to make them even more interesting.


-Video Titles

After the video cover picture, the most important part is the video title. After people like your video’s cover picture, they look at the video’s title before clicking. If it interests them, then they click. Make your titles interesting in order to get more views on Youtube. Also, don’t forget to add some ‘magic words’ to your title. These magic words make people curious and make them psychologically secure, which makes them choose your video instead of others’.

These magic words are: step by step, 100% solved, guaranteed proof, 2019, solved, definite solution etc. These kinds of words give people the trust and assurance they seek.



How to get more views on Youtube? 2019 explaining with pictures



-Video descriptions

Descriptions are important after you get them to click on your video. The first thing they look after they click on your video is the description. You can write a few important sentences that you mentioned in the video. Or you can add some keywords, then to turn them into a sentence. This way, the viewer will get a general idea about the video before they watch it. According to studies that were made, the videos of channel owners who add no descriptions to their videos, get fewer views. And it’s all about the views, isn’t it? Also the quality, of course. We need both quality and the quantity in order to get more views on Youtube.


-Interaction with Subscribers

In order to to get more views on Youtube, we can say this is the most important part. Because our main goal is to keep the subscriber numbers stable and prevent them from going down. What goes down can’t come up easily after all. You need to answer and interact with your subscribers. If they’re asking questions on comments, be sure to reply to them.  This shows you care about your subscribers. If the subscribers can’t get the answers to their questions and/or if they feel uncared, they will stop subscribing.  Which means you will get fewer views.

At the end of your videos, give your subscribers a message. Tell them to like and subscribe, turn on the bell and share the video if they think your video was helpful. By saying these, if you really made a good video, the people who watch your videos will do as you say. But if your video isn’t good quality, then don’t expect them to be loyal. Nobody follows someone who they see unworthy. Remember, this is a stage job. You are a public figure.



How to get more views on Youtube? 2019 explaining with pictures


-Social Media Accounts

Share every video on your social media accounts in order to get more views on Youtube. This way, even the people who don’t know you have a channel will be watching your videos and learn about your channel’s existence too! Win-win situation overall. More shares, more views.


If you’re reading this it means you’ve read all of this article, or you scroll quite fast. If it’s the former, thank you. If it’s the latter, we’re impressed with your quick scrolling skills. In this article, we gave you information on how to get more views on Youtube. So, now you know how to get more views and Youtube’s algorithm. See you in the next article.

A Guide For Perfect and Complete Youtube Channel

Youtube is the greatest video sharing platform and having an active Youtube Channel is one of the best things in social media.

Youtube is not only a video sharing platform but also second greatest search engine after its owner Google.

This means lots of Internet users use Youtube while search for anything not Yahoo, Yandex or etc.

It is going to be searched a day it does not matter what kind of video you have provide.

The photo below belongs to a woman try live in wild nature and interestingly she has a lot of subscriber.

Youtube Channel

Here is a Complete and Step by Step Guide for Perfect Youtube Channel

Begin with the Basics

The main thing you’ll have to do is really make your business channel, and YouTube makes it unfathomably simple to do.

With only two or three ticks, you’ll be prepared to plunge into setting up your new channel.

Sign into YouTube and tap on the client symbol at the upper right of the screen

Tap on the rigging symbol to get to your record’s YouTube Settings

Tap on Create another channel

At that point pick “Utilize a business or other name”

Include your Brand name and snap make

Fill in the about segment

Next, you’ll need to round out your profile and channel portrayal; this is the primary choice you see after you have made a channel. Here, you ought to depict your image and what watchers can hope to see on your channel. This is likewise an incredible place to add connects to your site and other internet based life arranges that you utilize. This portrayal will show up in excess of one place on your channel, so make sure to put your best foot forward when rounding it out!

Channel your Talent and Ability

When you go to a YouTube channel, you’ll instantly be welcomed with an expansive standard showing the channel name. This is your cover photograph and is prime land for presenting your image.

You can make your cover photograph as extreme or insignificant as you’d like, yet simply ensure that your image is the point of convergence, as it will be the early introduction somebody gets after entering. Fortunately, there are an awesome arrangement of devices to kick you off on the off chance that you don’t occur to be a prepared visual planner. Benevolent update: YouTube suggests transferring your cover photograph at 2560 x 1440 pixels with a most extreme record size of 4MB.

Know Your Market, Know Your Substance Compose

Since you’re beginning a YouTube channel for your own particular business, you ought to have all that anyone could need source material to work with.

In the event that you have an intricate item and need to enable your clients to take in more about it, video instructional exercises may be an incredible road for you. Need to flaunt awesome audits from your clients? Tributes might be the approach. Shockingly better, do both! Along these lines, your channel has an assortment of substance to expend, which can reverberate with various watchers.

You should to make content that is gone for your objective statistic of your business.

The more that you take into account your objective market, more probable they will need to investigate your business administrations.

The Action

Lights, camera, trailer!

Like your channel workmanship, you’ll likewise need to make your channel trailer. Channel trailers are typically quick and painless, and are a decent presentation for new guests. You can tell your group of onlookers your identity, what your business is about and what sort of substance they can hope to find later on. Making your channel trailer will likewise be great work on paving the way to your first video.

Upload your first video

Now, you’ve presumably completed a considerable measure of research about your first video, and on the off chance that you as of now have your channel trailer added to your repertoire, you have a touch of training also! Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to take and say “activity.”

It’s a great opportunity when you complete your recording and altering your first video to transfer it.

Given that YouTube depends on video transfers, you’ll discover the transfer alternative at the upper right of the screen when you sign into your record.

Remember we have special offer for your Youtube Channel check them!

We have a video for you that inform you about Youtube Channel.

Please do not hesitate to ask question and comments.

Youtube Marketing and Trick for Your Channel

Youtube enlarge its community day by day and now it is the second most visited search engine after Google. This makes Youtube Marketind unavoidable.

Youtube join our lifes in 2005 and after that day nothing stay same.

Appearently Youtube change ur lifes deeply and even candy we buy has a Youtube channel.

Most people stop searching on Google and use Youtube this makes Youtube’s “how to” search one of the most searched keywords.

Most people start to make how to videos after find out it has great searched background.

Today we can see anything irrelevant for daily life but has been watched millions of times such as 1000 degree metal ball vs grape, eating frog lag challenge or the gossip of the week.

All these elements make a new marketing way.

Add subtitles to your videos thus users from other country will be loyal to you.

Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing with all Aspects

Today we are going to talk about 5 general Youtube Marketing tricks

  • Make the Research: Youtube is most important place for content marketing, you do not have to waste millions of Dollars to make a great advertising just take an amazing Youtube and let millions of people watch it.
  • Always have a Plan for Your Content: Youtube based on content sharing ad you will be exist as much as your content. Users will subscribe you because of your content not because of your carisma, so if you do not publish new interesting videos your subscriber number will melt in time. Buy publishing new videos is not the key you ahve to optimize your old videos and research for keywords.
  • Another important point is having a cadence it mans having a specific timatable for your new video and publishing the. Users do not like publisher posts once a month or 5 times a day you should make a researc on your subscribers and find out the best cadence for them.
  • Do not hesitate to make a collobration with others. Every successful Youtubers work with a company so in any chance you should use collobration.