How To View Twitter Media Content in the App

Twitter is known as microblog sites that is why no one expects a high-quality media service but Twitter media content is available in the app now.

Twitter is known as one of the most popular social media apps and social media platforms with its simple and user-friendly interface, many useful features. There are millions of tweets uploaded on Twitter every day. A big proportion of society in the countries use Twitter. Actors, actresses, politicians, famous people, writers, celebrities use Twitter to get in touch with their followers. There are millions of users on Twitter and they follow other users including those famous people as well as their friends. They also share their tweets with their followers. Of course, they need followers to reach more people. So, they buy Twitter followers from various third-party services.

How Can I View Twitter Media Content?

People not only search for ways to get more followers on Twitter, but they also search many topics in order to find solutions to their problems. One of the most common problems around Twitter users is about content. Users may not open some of the content on Twitter. For example, users can not open videos because of sensitive content warning. There are several reasons for this issue. We will explain the possible reasons and solutions related to this issue:

How To View Sensitive Content On Twitter?

First, open Twitter app, go to your profile and tap settings and privacy. There you will see two options including “view media that has sensitive content” and “mark the media in your tweet that it may have sensitive content”. Check the boxes of these two options and save the changes.

Sensitive Content Is Very Important On Twitter

Twitter takes much importance on sensitive content. So it is highly possible that you can’t view a video to the reason for sensitive content. Once you give permission to view sensitive content on Twitter you will not have any problem related to this issue anymore.

How to Turn on Twitter’s New Night Mode

Recently, smart phone makers and popular social website began to pay attention to your eyes and your overall health. Apple, for example, introduced the Night Shift to play around with colors to lessen the strain on your eyes. Android phones have similar feature.

Like YouTube, Twitter introduced the Night Mode so that you can follow your feed without causing pain for your precious eyes.

Here is how to turn on the Night Mode

on Android Phones

  1. Open Twitter
  2. Next, swipe left to see your options.
  3. Next, tap on “Moon” icon at the bottom.
  4. Now, you turned the Night Mode on.

on iPhones/iPads

Steps are similar with Android phones.

  1. Launch Twitter
  2. Next, swipe left to see your options.
  3. Next, tap on “Moon” icon at the bottom.
  4. Now, you turned the Night Mode on.

on Browser

  1. Go to
  2. Click on your profile picture (at the top left)
  3. Scroll down to see “Moon” icon
  4. Click on “Moon” icon to activate the Night Mode.


How Can I Turn On Twitter Sleep Mode?

Twitter Sleep Mode was released and from now on you will not disturb by new notification and also you can schedule it so you do not need to turn it on and off.

Just as Instagram and Facebook are so popular social media platforms, Twitter is also a very popular social media platform with its millions of users around the world.

Twitter app is also one of the most downloaded apps in App Store and Google Play Store. People share their tweets on the Twitter app as well as follow other users’ tweets. Apart from that, people get instant news about everything thanks to the Twitter app.

The interactivity is very important on Twitter. In this way, people share their opinions, things that they like with their followers. Users need followers in order to make other users see their tweets. If a user doesn’t have any follower, nobody will see any of his tweets even if he has many tweets.

Especially new users on Twitter buy Twitter followers so that they have followers and increase their popularity on Twitter.

Have you ever heard Twitter sleep mode? Although it is not a very popular feature like followers, there are many users who use that feature.

What Can I Do With Twitter Sleep Mode?

You can schedule your Twitter updates with Twitter sleep mode feature. You specify a time interval and the updates will be made at that time. So, we will explain how to schedule your updates on Twitter with Twitter sleep mode.

How Can I Schedule Updates With Twitter Sleep Mode?

The open Twitter app, log into your profile and go to your profile. Tap settings and privacy option. You will see the mobile option. Tap it and you will see a time interval. Specify a time interval. Once you determine the time interval and check “Turn off the updates between these hours” option and save changes, updates will be turned off and it will be turned on when the time you specified comes.

How Can I Turn On Read Receipts On Twitter?

Just as Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social networks, Twitter is also known as one of the most popular social media platforms. Twitter app is also one of the most downloaded apps in Google Play Store and App Store. There are millions of Twitter users today and most of the users log into their accounts every day. The reason that Twitter got so popular is that it has a simple and user-friendly interface. It is a fast communication. Users can get instant news on Twitter, know about what is going on around them and also around the world. Once a tweet is shared it can be very popular on Twitter when it is retweeted by thousands of people. That is why some important news and events can be so popular in a very short time. Of course, users want their tweets to be read by other users. The simple and easiest way is to make them retweeted. Because of that, some users buy Twitter retweets to their tweets.

Apart from retweets, there are also many popular features of Twitter. One of them is the direct message. As it is commonly known direct message is one one of the new features of Twitter. Users can send private messages to each other via direct message. A great feature is that users can turn on or turn off read receipts in their direct messages according to their choice. Now we will explain how to turn on read receipts on Twitter.

Turn On Read Receipt Step by Step

First, log into your profile, go to settings and privacy. Find privacy and security in the list. When you click it, you will see an option “receive/send read receipts”.

You Will Receive Read Receipts

Once you check the box near the option, you will be able to receive and send read receipts in direct messages.

How Can I Turn On Direct Message On Twitter?

Twitter is the most popular microblog site in the world and it has some new features and one of them is Direct Message today we will discuss how to turn on the notification.

Social media has got much reputation in recent times. Facebook was established first. Then, other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter was established. People liked to use those social media platforms. Because people liked to be part of social media. Today, there are millions of users around the world who use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. People use Twitter to get instant news about the world. When an important thing happens, many people can know it instantly. Twitter has been a fast communication way. Users can share their tweets with their followers. They also follow other users’ tweets. Of course, it is very important to have followers in order to make people read our tweets. Because of that, some users buy Twitter followers to their profiles.

How to Turn On Direct Message On Twitter

Of course, it is important to have followers and share tweets with them. However, there are many other important issues about Twitter. One of those important issues is about a direct message. As it is commonly known, Twitter included direct message feature so that users can send private messages to each other. Moreover, it is up to their choice whether to receive those direct messages from other users. Now we will explain how to turn on or turn off direct messages on Twitter.

Turn On Direct Messages Step By Step

First, log into your Twitter account, go to settings then select “privacy and security”. You will see direct messages. There is an option “Receive direct message from a user”. Check the box and save changes. Once you do that, you will be able to receive a direct message from any user on Twitter.

Turn Off Direct Messages

It is also simple to turn off direct messages. Go to settings again and uncheck the box of the option about a direct message.

How Can I Turn Off Notifications On Twitter?

Twitter one of the most beloved social media platform but it some times disturp us those Twitter notifications are enable to be disabled.

As it is commonly known, Twitter is one of the most social media platforms by the users. Twitter app is also one of the most downloaded apps in Google Play Store and App Store. People can follow tweets of their friends, popular people and brands as well as they can get instant news about anything. Users can also share tweets with their followers. As it is a very big social media platform, many topics are discussed on Twitter and a topic can be trend in a very short time. While users retweet a tweet it may be very popular and it can reach to thousands of people quickly. Users are aware of this feature and those who want to have popular tweets try to make their tweets retweeted in some ways. For example, they buy Twitter retweets from third party websites.

Users can get instant news, direct messages and updates when they turn on notifications. In this way, they are notified by Twitter app when such news, messages or updates come. However, it may be boring to get many notifications instantly especially if the user is busy at that time. If you want you can turn off Twitter notifications for a while and then you can turn on them any time you want. Now we will explain how to turn off and turn on those notifications on Twitter:

Turn Off Twitter Notifications Step By Step

First, we should say there is no code to mute Twitter app. You don’t need any code to turn off notifications. Open the app or go to Twitter website on your web browser. Then, go to “settings and privacy”.

Make Your Choice

You will see notifications in the list. Tap it and you will see many options listed on the screen. You can choose any of them according to your choice. Tap “save” button in order to save changes.

New Layout Twitter Replies Updates is Testing

Twitter is one of the most used and beloved social media platforms and like other platforms Twitter get updated to the last update about Twitter replies and it is testing now.

It is not definite that Twitter will release this replies update.

The tests has continuing and when thay decided that it is good enough the update will be delivered.

Twitter focused on 2 different lay out and most probably will ask to users which lay out is better than the other.

Twitter Replies

As you can see in the scree shot of this 2 tweets and replies, Twitter will change the replies entirely.

The feature of this new update is:

  • It will be more easy to tweet threaded tweets and followers will be able to easily read the threads.
  • When tweet owner reply its tweet, the tweet color will be differe
  • Users will have a green circle chain that shows that the user is online or not
  • When you scroll replies the original tweet remaining at the top as pinned
  • See replies button will show the all replies and collapse them.
  • tweet your reply transformed to join the conversation

Twitter Replies Update

This new update is testing most probably because of the decreasing engagements, Twitter wants to increase this number of engagements.

The green dot, active indicators would also boost real-time engagement – if you knew that the person who tweeted was active when you went to reply, that would likely make you more inclined to engage.

There are obviously a range of considerations here, but it is a good move for Twitter to consult with users first. While it may not even take any of the recommendations on board, one of the criticisms Twitter always gets with changes is that it’s not listening to users, that it’s not consulting with ‘power users’ and letting them have a say.

Even if Twitter went ahead with the change as they liked, internally, by opening the discussion up to public comment beforehand, they may be able to quell some of these later grievances.



Social Media Content Inspiration Tools

Social Media Content is very precious because of it is hard to find an original and effective content so what should we do in the road of finding content?

Discover Unofficial Holidays and Popular Events With Forekast

Forekast is outstanding amongst other spots to find what’s going on and which prominent occasions are coming up.

Occasions are added to the site and after that upvoted by the network, enabling the most sweltering occasions to ascend to the highest point of the page.

As you look through Forekast, you get a review of the real happenings and drifting occasions coming up in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

It can give huge amounts of motivation and stay up with the latest on drifting gatherings in your industry, occasions like National Pet Day, brandishing occasions, item discharges, and pretty much everything in the middle.

You can even add occasions to your calendar so you keep in mind essential up and coming dates for communicating with your group of onlookers continuously.

Make it a training to check in once a week and take a glance at the recently included and slanting occasions.

Your web based life creation endeavors will thank you for it and you’ll keep your substance as pertinent as could be expected under the circumstances.

Tip: For the “do it for me” types, you may need to sign up for the newsletter The Weekly Forekast. Each Monday morning, you’ll get a gathering of the most mainstream occasions for the coming week.

Find Trending and Interesting GIFs With Today on the Internet

Long gone are the times of content posts via web-based networking media. Photos, GIFs, and recordings likely make up a vast piece of your online life advertising endeavors.

is where Today on the Internet can help motivate your innovativeness.

The webpage positions the best inclining GIFs, photographs, and recordings on the web, and best of all, it refreshes like clockwork with new substance so you can simply be large and in charge.

The Photos area is an extraordinary place to rouse your own particular internet based life showcasing endeavors too.

While the GIF segment just features the main 10 drifting GIFs, the Photos area gives you a chance to scroll perpetually.

On the off chance that there’s an occasion inclining on a specific day, you’re everything except ensured to locate some fascinating photographs of the occasion on Today on the Internet.

A portion of the photographs you’ll discover on the site can influence extraordinary increments to your swipe to document, which we’ll discuss somewhat later.

Identify New Social MEdia Content Sources With Almighty Press

While numerous web based life advertisers depend on administrations like Feedly to bring them news from chose sources, once in a while going out looking for substance can give better outcomes.

Scouring the Internet for web-based social networking motivation can demonstrate testing, which is the reason an apparatus like Almighty Press is so significant.

This instrument works ponders for your substance revelation endeavors.

After you agree to accept the free 14-day trial, click Content at the highest point of the page and perform a scan for any pertinent catchphrases.

You can also focus your pursuit by including particular sites or phrases you’d get a kick out of the chance to see showed in your outcomes.

For this illustration, we’ve scanned for the catchphrase “startup” on any article from Forbes. Modify the time channel to see comes about because of whenever from the most recent hour to a particular date go.

You can also adjust the commitment channel.

This will change your outcomes to only indicate content with the comparing social offers you set inside the channel.

For our outline, we’ve left the commitment channel open finished, and the time channel to the most recent 24 hours.

Regardless of whether you’re not utilizing Almighty Press as a scheduler or for distributing articles straightforwardly to your blog, it offers a profound arrangement of hunt includes that make it worth the sticker price.

God-like Press offers a 14-day free preliminary, before charging $27/month for utilization of the administration.

Stay Current With Events through Twitter’s Business Blog

Social Media Content

You won’t have any desire to pass up a major opportunity for any inclining occasions on Twitter in light of the fact that those occasions will probably be drifting all around the web.

Thankfully, Twitter’s Business Blog publishes a timetable approximately multi week before the finish of consistently to keep you on top of things.

With the timetable, you get an incredible review of inclining occasions coming up and expected tweet impressions for every occasion.

This can give motivation when setting up your month to month web based life plan, enabling you to benefit from the greatest expected occasions of the month on Twitter.

You can download the full Twitter Marketing Calendar for the year directly from the blog.

In any case, they commonly include new occasions each month, so it’s best to inquire each month for new increases.

You will grow your social media account by following steps above and watching video below.

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