How to Change Snapchat Username?

Snapchat is different from other social media applications in all respects. One of the questions users are most curious about, how to change is a Snapchat username question. Let’s just say that the username change in Snapchat is strictly not allowed. This is the official description from the site, and you can read the description about it on the help page. This is not allowed for some security reasons. Although some social media sites allow it to be restricted, Snapchat has a very stable and strict rules.

Find Out Your Username on Snapchat

Snapchat may seem a little complicated on first use. It has an unusual interface. But when you use it several times, you are getting used to it shortly. Some users find it hard to find out what their user name is. What is your Snapchat username?

  • Open Snapchat app
  • Tab on your profile page ( at the top )
  • You will see your Snapchat username next to Snapchat score

You can also look at the user names of the people in your list this way. The user name is written in everyone’s profile.

Change Snapchat Display Name

Unfortunately, you cannot change your username in any way. But you can change your display name. So it is possible to change the name your friends see on your profile. This is at least as effective as the user name change. You can try this:

  • Click on the Settings button on your profile
  • Click on the “Name” tab in the My Account section
  • Type a new name and click on the save button to change your name
  • That is all! Now, you have a new display name on Snapchat
  • After that, your friends will see you with this new name.

how to change is a snapchat username

Can I Change It With 3th Any App?

No way! Do not rely on any app that claims to do such a thing. No application can achieve this. You only compromise your Snapchat account security. No need to use 3th party application for this. Because even if you use it, you can’t. Snapchat username change cannot be done in any way. You can use applications only for filters and some different actions. Otherwise, do not use additional applications related to Snapchat. These apps damage your account and can be hacked by malicious people. We only recommend that you use your Snapchat official app to make your account transactions.

how to change is a snapchat username


Unfortunately, there is no way to change snapchat username ever. You only have 2 options. You can delete the Snapchat account you use and open another Snapchat account, or change the display name of your account. If you delete your account, keep in mind that all your data will be permanently deleted and that you will not be able to bring your content back. At the same time, your friend list is also deleted and you cannot communicate with your friends again. But if you change the display name, it won’t affect your account and you’re just changing the name.

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How to use Snapchat Filters?

The most important feature of the Snapchat application is its filters. Using Snapchat without filters may sound too boring. It is quite fun and has different effects. But to use them and find the most popular ones, it may take some time. Because it is difficult to make the right choice between thousands of filters. We’ll give you a few tips on how to use snapchat filters. After learning these, you will enjoy using Snapchat more. Let’s take the first step into the crazy world of Snapchat filters!

  • Open Snapchat app and point the camera on face
  • Click and hold over the face on screen
  • Scrool to left and select the filter that you want
  • And use the filter!

Most Popular Filters

In fact, it is wrong to separate filters into popular filters. Because it depends entirely on the person’s use. A user may not like a filter that others like. That’s why you have to decide. If you like which of the hundreds of filters, use it. Determine your most popular snapchat filters. You can use them all by trying different filter options. You can apply your favorite. Note that some filters can only be applied to photos. some may not be used for videos. Or vice versa. Some of the filters suitable for videos may not be suitable for photos.

Snapchat filters

Photo Snaps Filters

There are various filters in the application. If these aren’t enough, you can download extra apps and diversify the filters. On the Internet it is very easy to find many applications for this. Here are some crazy Snapchat photo filters for you: Pink Flower Crown, Frown, Rossy Cheek, Bee, Dog, friend face swap and etc. Some applications sell filter packages as paid. But you don’t have to. You can find many filter packages for free already. Application of filters is done differently to photos and videos. Applicable for every video or photo.

Video Snaps Filters

Snapchat is not just about photo sharing. You can take and share short videos from 1 to 10 seconds. And you can apply various filters to these videos. You can prepare lots of fun videos and surprise your friends. You can use these filters for video snaps: Slow Speed, Reverse, Super Speed, Speed Up, Camera Roll Face Swap, Rosy-Cheek. There are hundreds of different Snapchat video filters on the app.

Snapchat filters

Snapchat Filters Not Working? Solution

If you are having this problem, it must be really annoying! But this is very easy to fix. If you can not use snapchat filters, please try these solutions to fix:

  • In the application settings section, make sure filter option is turned on
  • If the Snapchat application is out of date, please update it at app market
  • Update your mobile device’s operating system
  • Close and restart the application
  • Delete and install Snapchat again

One of the above options will definitely work and fix the problem. But if you are still having problems, we recommend that you get support from Snapchat customer service.

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What is Snapchat?

Almost every day we see different and new applications. As long as technology continues to evolve, these applications will always exist. Name of the latest crazy invention of social media: Snapchat. Let’s look at what this great application is and how it works. You will also find the answer for the question: what is snapchat. Snapchat in brief; is a fun application that allows you to share short-term photos and videos to your friends. You can add text and emojis in different styles over the content you share. These contents appear only in 1 to 10 seconds and are automatically deleted.

How to use Snapchat?

Snapchat is very easy to use and practical. Even if it is slightly different from other social media applications, you get used to it in a short time:

  • Download snapchat app from Android or Ios market
  • You can instantly see who is using your snapchat in your phone book.
  • Add contacts to your list
  • Once registered, you can start sharing content.
  • To add photos or videos, press the round boat in the center of the screen. If you press it 1 time, it takes a photo, if you press it for a long time, it starts video recording.
  • Before sharing content, you can set how many seconds people in your list can see this content. You can choose from 1 to 10 seconds.
  • You can adjust your application settings from the Settings tab in the top right corner.

what is snapchat

Snapchat Guide

If you started using Snapchat, you should know some terms. We have prepared a Snapchat dictionary for you. If you want to be a professional Snapchat user, you need to know them:

  • Snapchatter: Snapchat user
  • Story: Like other social media applications, snapchat also has a story option
  • Snapcode: Similar to QR code, lets you add new friends
  • Score: It is a scoring system that tells you how many days you have used the app
  • Filter: A feature that lets you add crazy effects to your shared content. Makes your sharing more fun

Delete Snapchat

If you want to close your Snapchat account, you must log in at Log in by typing your password and apply to close your account. The 30-day term is temporarily closed and no one can access your account. If you do not reactivate in 30 days, it is permanently deleted and you cannot use it again. Removing the app from your mobile device does not mean deleting your account. You must surely process from the Snapchat website.

what is snapchat

Snapchat filters

When we evaluate filter usage, we see that Snapchat has a much richer filter package than other social media sites. Snapchat filters are really spectacular and crazy. With hundreds of different filters, you can differentiate the use of the application. To use Snapchat Lenses, you need to enable this feature in the application’s settings section. You can also find different applications for Snapchat filters in the app market. One of the most important features of Snapchat is its filters.

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