How to Delete Your TikTok Account

In this article we will cover how to delete your TikTok account because sometimes social media can become very time consuming, for instance. TikTok. Even though it features very short videos spanning seconds you can end up spending hours on it.

What’s TikTok ?

TikTok is a popular social network that allows users to create, share and discover user-created music videos. Users can upload videos of themselves singing, lip-synching, dancing, or performing some kind of trick. Ongoing challenges encourage users to create content related to a particular theme, and users can integrate their own videos with another user’s with the Duet feature. Users can add Simple stickers, filters, and augmented reality (AR) animations to your videos, and users can livestream themselves and interact directly with online audiences via chat.  Users can set their videos to private or share them publicly. If shared publicly, videos can be viewed, commented on, or remixed by other users. An in-app store lets users purchase in-app currency that can be used to buy digital “gift” icons for their favorite live streamers. Users under 13 are restricted from using all the features of the app. They can’t interact like a normal user. For example, they can’t comment or upload videos. There is also a strict filtration of videos to make the content kids friendly.

delete tiktok account

How to Delete Your Account

Previously to delete your TikTok account you had to contact the customer support but now there is a “Thinking about removing your account” option that make things much easier. Please note that if you delete your account, it will be permanent; it will delete all your videos so back them up before doing so. There are also alternatives to consider before deleting your account. You can use TikTok in private mode, prevent other users from finding you and can control who can send you messages and post comments  on your videos. All of these are in the “Privacy and Safety” settings on your account.

  • Step 1

First you need to add your phone number so that you can confirm that you want to delete your account. If you have already added your number to your profile information, skip to step 2. Tap on your account at the bottom right. Click on settings. Click “Privacy and Settings” – “Manage my account” – “Phone Number”.  Then type in your phone number. They will send you a 4-digit verification code. Wait for that. After typing the code in, finally your account should be verified.

delete tiktok account

  • Step 2

Afterwards, you should once again tap on the Profile Information icon in the lower right corner.

  • Step 3

Select “Privacy and Settings” – “Manage my account”

  • Step 4

Locate the “Thinking of Removing your Account” tap that. It will prompt a verification code sent to your phone.

  • Step 5

Type in the code and click continue. This will be enough to completely delete your account.

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How to Delete a WhatsApp Group

If you’ve realized that you want to delete whatsapp group, you are in the right place. However, they can be a good way of sharing information, exchanging fun conversations and grouping  a certain community together, WhatsApp groups can become irritating  and time consuming if used in the wrong way like spam messages or just reading conversations that don’t involve you. You can delete WhatsApp group very quickly.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Select the group you wish to delete
  • Tap on the group name at the top
  • Scroll down until you see the “Exit Group” and tap that.

You will no longer be a member of that group.  Afterwards, the other group members will receive a notification that you have left the group. If you want to delete the chat completely from your chats simply right swipe on the group, then tap delete group.

delete whatsapp group




If you are looking to kick everyone out of the group before exiting the group, you must be an admin to do so. In other words, you must have created the group or an admin must have given you admin rights. If you are the admin; you can delete WhatsApp group

  • Firstly, go to the chat
  • Then, Click on the group name
  • Select the members you wish to kick out
  • After that, exit the group and delete group to get rid of the chat. This will be deleted permanently

You might also be wondering how to assign admin control to someone else.

  • First, Open the WhatsApp chat and select the group
  • Then, press on group info.
  • Next, press and hold the name of the person you want to make an admin.
  • Finally, choose make group admin

delete whatsapp group

Neat WhatsApp tricks you might not have known:

You can make your messages bold by putting an asterisk (*) before and after the message. For example; *Hey this is bold*

You can use italics in your messages. Just put an underscore ( _ ) before and after the message. For example; _hey this is in italics_

You can tag contacts in group chats. Just use the @ sign and select the person you want to tag.

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How to use WhatsApp

In this article we will go over how to use WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a completely free cross-platform Wi-Fi based, instant messaging service that’s used all over the world, with more than 1.5 billion users exchanging messages, photos and calls every day. The app’s easy to use, with quick contact setup, and it supports both cross-platform functionality (including Android and iOS versions) and media-rich messaging.

How to download WhatsApp

  • Go to the app store on your phone and Install WhatsApp, it’s free.
  • Allow WhatsApp to access your contacts to sync your saved contacts.
  • Tap agree and continue to accept “WhatsApp Terms of Service and Privacy Policy”
  • WhatsApp will send a verification SMS via your phone number. Enter the code you receive.
  • Enter your name and a photo (Optional). If you have downloaded WhatsApp before you can also restore your chat history.

You are all set to start using WhatsApp.

How to use whatsapp

How do I make a phone call?

When you go to a chat you’ll see a phone icon in the top right corner, press that.

How do you send pictures, videos and other documents?

Tap on the “+” in the chat on the bottom left. Here you take and send a picture/video through WhatApp, send a picture/video already stored on your phone, send a document on your phone, send your current location or live location, or send a contact.

Is it free to call out of country?

Since Whatspp uses an internet connection instead of a cellular one, it’s free no matter who you call, just make sure they have a number registered with Whatspp.

How will I know when my someone reads my message?

A grey tick right next to your message means your message has been sent. 2 grey ticks mean your message has been received. 2 blue ticks mean the recipient has read your message. However, if you don’t want people to know these you can toggle Read Receipts off from the Privacy settings in the app. This way people won’t know if you saw their message or not.

How many people can be in a group chat?

You can have up to 256 contacts in a group chat.

How to use whatsapp

How to block someone on WhatsApp?

Go to the chat with that person. Tap on their name. Then at the bottom you should see “block contact”. You can manage these contacts in the privacy settings.

How to add a status to WhatsApp?

On the very  bottom left of the app you should see status. You can add and edit your status there. A status is sort of like a Story on Instagram. It stays there for 24 hours.

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How to Backup WhatsApp

Having a WhatsApp backup can be very practical. If you end up losing, breaking, or getting your phone stolen, you’ll have a WhatsApp backup saved online. For instance, you don’t want to lose potentially important conversations, files, photos and everything else. Furthermore, you should be prepared for this. Also, if you switch to a new phone this can be useful.


1) Firstly Launch WhatsApp on your phone

2) Then, Go to settings > Chats > Chat backup

3) Next, Click on the Backup Now button to backup all the data to your iCloud account

In addition, from here you can also adjust the frequency that WhatsApp is backed up. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Off)

whatsapp backup

 To restore your WhatsApp backup back to your new phone:

  • First, Download WhatsApp
  • Then, provide your number to get an SMS
  • Consequently, WhatsApp will automatically provide an option to restore the previous backup. Tap on the “Restore Chat History” or the “Restore Backup” option
  • Finally, wait a few minutes and make sure you have a stable internet connection


  • First, Open the selected WhatsApp Chat you want to save
  • Then, Swipe left
  • Tap more
  • Next, Select “e-mail chat”
  • Consequently, you’ll be asked if you prefer to keep the media or not
  • Fianlly, type in the e-mail you will use to store the chats


If you have an android, you can backup Whtsp through Google drive. However you will need to have a Google account as well as Google Play services installed on your phone.

  • First, Open WhatsApp
  • Secondly, Go to Menu > Settings > Chats > Chat backup
  • Press BACK UP to begin the process

whatsapp backup

To restore the WhApp backup to your new phone be sure that your number and the google account you used for the backup are the same. Otherwise this won’t work.

  • First, install WhatsApp
  • After you verify your phone number WhatsApp will ask if you want to restore your chats & media. Restore.
  • Finally, wait a few minutes as it could take time to restore all of the chats and media.

That’s it. You’re good to go.

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The sexiest and hottest women on Instagram 2019

Instagram has some of the hottest women that wouldn’t have been there without the app. Hence is the number one social media platform when it comes to visuals. Photos and videos are what drive the app. That being said it is a very ideal place for aspiring models. They can showcase their looks, but also show behind the scenes of their life which tends to attract more and more fans. We have comprised a list of some of the hottest women on Instagram, from famous actresses to ordinary women who knew how to properly take advantage of social media. Go through their Instagram’s and you’ll realize their fame isn’t overrated.

Cindy Prado

She is a 27-year-old Instagram model. The model known for appearances in magazines like FHM and working with companies like Telemundo. She was named a Hometown Hottie by Maxim Magazine. Followers on IG: 659K

Melanie Iglesias

Model is an American model and actress aged 31 known to MTV fans as a regular contributor on Guy Code and Girl Code. She also worked as the Royal Flush Girl on the World Poker Tour in 2011. She was voted Maxim’s “Hometown hotties” winner for winter in 2010. Followers on IG: 1.2M

Emily Ratajkowski

Model and actress aged 27 years old was born in Westminster, England who starred in the popular “Blurred Lines” music video and appeared on iCarly from 2009 to 2010. She played Ben Affleck‘s mistress in 2014’s Gone Girl. After dancing naked in the song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke she rose to fame. Followers on IG: 22.7m

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel is a 30-year-old Victoria’s Secret model. She was ranked #10 on Forbes’s list of the Top-Earning Models in the World in 2012. She had an estimated income yearly income of 3.3 million in 2013. Followers on IG: 13.3m

Jen Selter

This fitness-based model is 25 years old and was born in Roslyn NY. She was named the #82 Most Hottest Women of 2014 by AskMen. She has appeared in such publications as Elle, FHM, Maxim, Vanity Fair, and Muscle & Fitness. Followers on IG: 12.7m

Emily Sears

The Model is a very successful 33-year-old based in Los Angeles. To illustrate she has more than 15 magazine covers to her name. She had appeared in titles such as GQ, FHM, Zoo Weekly and Maxim. Followers on IG: 4.4m

Yovanna Ventura

Social media star and model born in Miami aged 23 who posts workout routines and dieting ideas on her enormously popular Instagram account, Followers on IG: 5.5m

Kate Upton

Model and actress is 26 years old. She was named Rookie of the Year after she graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2011. She also appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2012, 2013 and 2017 and was the cover model of Vanity Fair’s 100th Anniversary issue. Followers on IG: 5.9m

Tammy Hembrow

She is an Instagram mommy blogger who was born Australia. The Fitness guru documented her body pre and post pregnancy to inspire other mothers to get the body they desire after giving birth. Followers on IG: 9.4m

Yanet Garcia

Mexican model and meteorologist aged 28 has become extremely popular on Instagram. She opened a modeling school in her hometown of Monterrey called Yanet Garcia Models. Followers on IG: 10.2m

Kindly Myers

The Bikini model was born in Kentucky. She is 33 years old and has been published in several men’s magazines such as Maxim, Playboy, and FHM. She was also popular on Vine. Followers on IG: 1.5m

Svetlana Bilyalova

Model and Instagram celebrity aged 30 years old born in Moscow, Russia became best known for her selfies and the occasional comedic video. Followers on IG: 6.2m











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How to Unblock Someone on Instagram 2019

Some social media users ‘ goal is not to use the site, but only to disturb users. The only way to remove users from your Profile who engage in abusive, spamming, swearing, advertising and similar illegal acts is to block them. In this article, we will explain to you how to block a user and How to Unblock Someone on Instagram. So, you will learn both way. If you are an active Instagram user, you need to know how to do this.

How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

Unwanted Users on Instagram

You’re wrong if you think that only women are abused in Instagram. Unfortunately, corporate corporations are making the biggest abuse. Engage in unsolicited, inappropriate use of hashtag, sending unwanted follower request, etc. To block them, simply block them. You will never see any content about them again. You can also go into profile detail and complain them to Instagram. If there are more than one complaint, Instagram will consider it and punish them accordingly. Don’t forget to complain. It will definitely come to an end.

Can I Block Anyone?

Yes, sure you can! It is very easy to block and unblock someone on Instagram. Enter the Instagram profile of the person you want to block. Enter three-point settings in the top right corner. You can block the user by using the Block user option in the drop-down menu. It’s that simple! To unblock it, simply enter that person’s profile and click on the “Unblock” link at the top. This will remove the block. You can’t block a person as multiple. You need to do it one by one. In the same way you have to do it one by one while unblock.

Unwanted Users on Instagram

I blocked Someone, Can He/She See My Content?

No! If you block someone, he/she can never see your content or send you any message on Instagram. But if the profile isn’t private, you can see its contents. If he has blocked you too, you will not be able to see his content and profile. This feature is really one of the most effective features of Instagram. It is important for the protection of user safety. There are many Instagram users who don’t know this feature yet. People who are on your blocked list cannot access that content even if your content is shared by other Instagram users.

How To Unblock?

There are 2 different way to Unblock Someone on Instagram. First way is easy. Go to Instagram profile Which you blocked, and click to “ Unblock” at the top of his/her profile. And you done! Second way is also easy:

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Click on to there points setting at the right top side.
  • Tab on Settings
  • Go to Privacy & Security
  • And click to Blocked users
  • Choose user that you want to unclock and that is all!

You can’t unblock in bulk. You should do this by selecting the users one by one. There is no daily limit for this process on Instagram.

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How to Download Instagram User Pictures / Photos? 2019

As you know; Instagram does not allow users to download pictures and videos. There may be some good reasons for this. It’s a little technical. We’re not gonna talk about this. We’ll give you information on How to Download Instagram User Pictures / Photos. You don’t have to have extra technical knowledge or do anything to do this. You can easily do it on both PC and online, as well as on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Do it on PC

Download Instagram User Pictures Photos

To download Instagram photos and videos on PC, you don’t need to install the program. There are many websites that offer services on this subject. You can download pictures and Videos by entering these web sites with the browser. On the search tab, type the user name and search. You can download the pictures or videos of the user listed in this way. How simple is that? You don’t need to take any other action. There are some programs for the PC, but you do not need to download them to the computer. Doing this online is safer and faster.

Save Insta Photos Online

When you like a content ( photo or video ) in Instagram, when you want to download it to your mobile device, unfortunately, you can’t do it in normal ways. But there are different methods of Save Insta photos online. And these methods are very practical. To do this, you can go to a related website and download the content that you want. This process is unlimited and free. You may transact on these web sites without being a member and without paying any fees. We do not want to give the website name in this article. You can find it yourself from the search engines.

Download Instagram Photos on Android

You can find hundreds of applications on Android market. We do not list application names because we do not want to promote any application. Because we are not sure of the reliability of these applications. We do not want to take responsibility. If you have a mobile device with Android operating system, you can do it easily and download the app that works best for you. The videos and photos you download are saved in your gallery. Make sure that your mobile device has enough storage, especially when you download videos. you can fill the capacity of your device without being aware of it.

Download Instagram User Pictures Photos

Download Instagram Videos on IOS

In this article, we hope you have a clear answer to the question “How to Download Instagram User Pictures / Photos“. As with Android devices, you can also download applications in the same way as mobile devices with IOS operating system. The system operates in the same way. There is no difference between them. Many processes that are prohibited on Instagram can be fixed with 3rd party applications. But we say again; Do not use applications that you do not trust and do not know who is the publisher. Otherwise, these applications may damage your mobile devices.

Download Photo/Video:

How to Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer 2019

“Instagram Direct message – DM” feature is one of the most popular features for users to communicate with and message with each other on Instagram. There are those who think that this option is only in Instagram application. But they’re wrong. Not only within the application, you can also messaging with other users with on computer and some 3rd party applications. With some methods we will give you in this article, you will learn to Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer.

What is Direct Message ( DM ) and How to Use it?

Instagram Direct Message ( Called as DM ) is a messaging system on application. You can send and get private messages from the other Instagram users. But please do not forget that, other user must allow you for this action. If the user does not want to receive DM from other people, he can turn this feature off in profile settings. Or he can just say that you want to receive messages from his followers.

Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer

Check Insta DM on Computer

We are sure that many Instagram users do not know which transactions they can do through the website. Because more than 95% users use Instagram only from the application. The Instagram Website is a site where very limited transactions can be made. Unfortunately, many features in the application can not be used through the website. Most important operations such as sending messages, receiving messages, sharing content can only be performed from the application. Normally, you can not Check Direct messages on Instagram on Computer. You can do this in just a few ways. We will share these methods with you below.

Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer

Ways to Check DM on PC

It is not possible to control DM on the PC ( from Instagram website ). But if you install the Instagram Windows application, you can do this. This is a desktop application and is downloaded from the Microsoft commercial website. Apart from that, you can do this with 3th party mobile apps. There are many similar applications in the Android and iOS application markets. However, we cannot guarantee the reliability of these applications. It is your responsibility to use them. Except for these two methods, you will not be able to check your Instagram messages from your computer in any way.

Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer

Instagram DM on App

The best way to use Instagram is to download it. Because you can find all the features you are looking for in the application. It is very easy to send messages to a user in the application. Simply enter the contact’s profile and click on the “Send Message” link at the top. To do this, the contact must be on your followers list. Or, in the user privacy settings, the Message feature must be turned on. Some users can deactivate this option. If you want to receive notifications when you receive a message, you can change it in the settings ( at notifications ) section.

How to Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer 2019?

Via Instagram you can not only publish photos, but also chat with other users via messages. But what about the chat on Instagram on the PC? We all know that you want to do this because sometimes your phone charge finishes and you try to reach your phone. Unfortunately, this is a very bad situation, right? But do not worry because we are in 2019 year and this problem as well is solved finally! You can send messages from your computer on Instagram now. Wonder more? Instagram web site prepared a great article for you. Details below:

Instagram: Send direct messages on the PC – this is how the chat works

You can open the photo community via the browser. The functionality is limited. For example, you cannot send messages directly, for example. Nevertheless, you can chat via Instagram with a PC on Instagram.

Instagram: Chat on PC on Windows 10

Windows 10 users have it the easiest: For the DM chat you do not need to open the platform in the browser. Installs Instagram’s Windows 10 desktop app instead. After opening you can as usual also from the mobile app via the icon direct messages send and read received messages.

Instagram: direct messages on the PC via the app

Even without Windows 10 you get the chat on the PC but must do some preliminary work. This requires an Android emulator. This leaves the Android App of Instagram with all the features synonymous on the PC running. It does not matter if you usually use Instagram on the Android smartphone or iPhone. Prerequisite is only an Instagram account and a Google access. If the Google account does not exist, you can create it for the emulator. Steps below:

Check Instagram Direct Messages on Computer- Steps

  • BlueStacks Player software is an available program for this purpose. Other Android emulators are “Andy” or the Nox App Player also can be used for this transaction.
  • Install BlueStacks and start the program.
  • After starting, follow the instructions to sign up for the Google Play Store account.
  • You can use the search function to download the Instagram app for the PC.
  • Log into Instagram with your usual access data.
  • The app offers the same functionality as on the smartphone. So, steer the “Direct Messages” on the usual way. You can use the arrow symbol to search for chat partners or to retrieve and continue already started chat profiles from Instagram on the PC.

Also, Learn How to Use Instagram On Mac.

It remains to be seen whether one retrofits on Instagram and, for example, as with WhatsApp Web also unlocks a chat feature for the browser. Until then you must use the path via the Windows 10 app or the Android emulator. You can see different softwares and new features on the internet for your Mac computer. Every single day a new software and web site is released. Who knows maybe there is an available thing for you too!


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