How to Create a Poll on Facebook

Polls throughout social media platforms have proven to be very successful in getting engagement from users and at the same time show what people think about a certain topic. Social media realized the power of polls and almost all of the big companies have incorporated polls. Such as Facebook polls. Let’s take a look at Facebook for now. If you want to create a poll on Facebook for your personal account, follow these steps below on “how to make a poll on Facebook

how to make a poll on Facebook

For example, let’s say your question is “Who do you think is going to win the NBA playoffs?” you would then type in “Toronto Raptors” and “Golden State Warriors” after each “add option”. It’s pretty straight forward.

Facebook Poll

Facebook poll also allows you to take add additional actions with your poll such as tagging a location, tagging an event, tagging friends, add photos/videos.

It should be noted that if you want to create a Facebook poll with more than 2 options this is only limited to Facebook groups. You can make a poll on groups by going to your group and then at the top where it says, “Write something” then click on the 3 dots, then “poll”. Enter the question and the possible answers. This way can be more than just 2 options.

how to make a poll on Facebook

If you don’t want people to add their own options or select multiple options in the “post options” settings on the left corner, you can uncheck those. You can also have the option to add a scheduled time you would like your poll to be posted.

In conclusion polls can be very beneficial for business owners as you can specifically target a certain audience or can be just plain entertaining for your followers. Polls have much higher engagement rates as you usually have to pick something to view what other people voted on. Try out using polls on social media today. They are very fun to use!

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How to Delete a Facebook Page?

If you want to close your Facebook page for any reason, you should think very well before doing so. Because this is irreversible, you cannot close it temporarily. We’ll still give you information for how to delete a Facebook page. Choice is yours:

  • Go to your Facebook page
  • Click on the Settings menu on the top tab
  • Go to general settings
  • Click the Delete page button
  • And click OK to delete your page
  • Say goodbye to your page!
  • You can re-activate your page for 14 days.

Delete on Mobile

You can use both the mobile app and the web interface to delete a Facebook page. There is no difference between them. There are only a few transaction differences. In the mobile application (Android or iOS) go to the Pages tab and select the page you want to delete. Click on the Page Settings link and select General Settings and click the “delete page” button. Again, in the same way Facebook will give you 14 days and you can open your page again during this time.

delete a Facebook page

Delete via Desktop

You can delete your page from the web as described above. Facebook offers you both options on this (Mobile and web). We can say that Facebook is the most tolerant site among social media sites. There are fewer restrictions for users. In this respect, we can say that it is the easiest-to-use social media site. This process is quite sensitive. So before deleting your page, we strongly recommend that you download your backups (data). We’ll explain below how you can do this. Even if your page is deleted, you can back up your old shares and use them when needed.

delete a Facebook page

I Cannot Delete Facebook Page. How to Fix?

If you are unable to delete your Facebook page, there may be several reasons. You may not be able to do this on that page. Or, you may be experiencing a problem that is temporarily caused by the connection problem. If the problem persists, you should contact Facebook Customer Service. Customer service will help you if there is a situation of special reasons. Usually you do not encounter such problems, but it can happen rarely.

Download Your Facebook Page Data

Before you delete a Facebook page, we will give you a few suggestions on what to do. We strongly recommend that you do this because you may want to use this data in the future. Don’t think I’ll never need it. You may need posts you share on your page. You can back up shared posts, photos, and videos, contacts list, settings, and Page information on the page. Let’s check how to download your page data:

  • Go to your Facebook page
  • Settings > General settings
  • Click on “Download Page “button
  • Tab on “Create File”
  • When the file is ready, Facebook will send you an e-mail of information and provide you with a link to download it within 4 days.
  • Keep this backup file on your computer.

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How to Download Facebook Data? 2019

You can download all historical data in your Facebook account. We recommend that you back up your account before you permanently close it. To back up your account, download a copy of Facebook data at the bottom of the General Account Settings section. Just click the link. When backing up your Facebook account, you can download all the information to your computer. If you just want to download your photos and videos, you should specify this on the backup page. Posts, photos, videos, comments, likes, phrases, friends, followers, followed, messages, groups, events, profile information, pages, payment history, saved content, places, ads, search history, location history, searches, if you get full back up the entire archive, including the page, login information and network information is downloaded. You should download Facebook data, because you may need it later.

Why Should I Download?

Facebook is a platform with many memories and friends. It is the largest of social media sites where unforgettable friendships, sharing and feelings are experienced. For any reason, even if you want to close your account, you do not want to delete old memories and information. The only way to do this is to download Facebook data if you regret it in the future and want to bring it back.

download Facebook data

Download Your Facebook Archive

  • Enter the Settings menu
  • Click the link to Facebook information
  • Click Download information
  • Specify which data you want to download
  • Click on the Create file button

After you complete the steps, you will encounter a zip file, just open the files using a zip software, or if you’re working in Windows 10, just Right-click the file and choose extract all. After extracting the files, double-click the index.htm file to discover your information. You should also pay attention to several folders that you can browse to access your photos, videos, and messages. When it turned out that this data was used by Facebook, it created a debate among social media users. There were even some actions in response to this. But still nothing changed. Because the Facebook service contract clearly states that these data are used by the company. t does all the social media sites, not just Facebook. Data is shared with 3rd party companies for advertising purposes. So briefly; No one is safe on social media. You should know that.

download Facebook data

It Doesn’t Work! How to Fix?

You tried to download Facebook data, but it didn’t work? Let’s check it possible issues:

  • There may be a problem with the data download link. You must notify Facebook customer service to correct this.
  • Your internet connection may not be enough to download the data file. Turn off the modem and refresh your internet connection
  • The request for data download may have been incomplete or incorrect. Try again
  • The device to which you want to download the data (PC or mobile device) may not have enough storage space. In such cases, your download may fail. Clear your HDD and try again.

How to Go Live on Facebook? 2019

One of the crazy features of Facebook, Facebook live, is the most used feature. It is enough to have a cell phone and a camera to share with your friends the moment you live and to broadcast them live. To go live on Facebook at mobile phone, you need an extra camera. You can use phone camera for this. If you want to broadcast live from the computer, you need a computer camera.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook allows users to broadcast live. The feature is quite fun. Broadcasts through fast servers will not freeze. Of course, this depends on your connection speed. With just a few keys, you can start the live broadcast. When the broadcast is opened, a notification goes to your friends and everyone is automatically invited. Those who watch live can participate in the conversation and send various emoji. You can see the number of people watching the live broadcast on the screen and see each new viewer. You can chat with viewers in voice or in writing.

go live on Facebook

What Happens After Streaming Ends?

After the live broadcast ends, Facebook stores this live broadcast as a video and after the broadcast is over, you will be able to share this video on your profile. It provides an opportunity for those who miss the broadcast and cannot watch. The video can remain on your profile until you delete it. After you go live on Facebook, your friend list can watch your past live broadcast and post comments under video. If you don’t want to miss the live broadcasts of your friends, check the settings in the notifications section at your profile and make sure they are open.

When and How I Should Use This Function?

You can do this anytime. If you want to share a happy moment with your friends, you can start Facebook live:

  • Click on to your profile status
  • Tab on to Go live
  • Facebook will ask you for some permissions. Accept all
  • Choose privacy settings and type a description for your live broadcasting
  • You can tag your friends or add filters and lenses
  • After everything is ready, click to Start live video and go!

You can use this feature on both the web and all mobile applications. There are no restrictions for users. Compatible with Android and IOS operating systems.

go live on Facebook

I cannot use Facebook Live Option. How to Fix? Solution

If you cannot go live on Facebook, you may be experiencing a connection problem. The live broadcast feature can be turned off. Select Settings – privacy and security to fix this. You may have a camera problem on your mobile device. Check this in the camera settings of the device. Your Facebook application may not be up to date. Update from the application market. If you are on the move, if you have internet connection problems in your location, you may have problems with the live broadcast. These are possible problems and solutions.


How to Delete Facebook Account? 2019

If you want to close your Facebook account, you can close it with 2 different methods. Temporarily or permanently. We will explain both methods. And because of the process you will learn what can happen, risks and consequences. Before you delete Facebook account, be sure to back up your historical data and edit the settings of the pages you have. When you permanently delete the account, it is not possible to retrieve this information.

Delete Facebook Permanently

Well, if you’ve decided to delete your account exactly, then we’ll tell you how to do it:

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Go to this link:
  • You will see 3 options at this link: Close temporarily – Download your data – Manage your pages setting
  • If you click on the “delete my account” button below, you can proceed to the second stage of your account deletion without selecting one of these 3 options.
  • Type your account password and done! That is all.

Please note that when you permanently delete your account, all your pictures, videos, and shares will be deleted.

Delete Facebook account

Close your Facebook Account Temporarily

Your second option is to temporarily close your Facebook account. It is an ideal method for you to just rest for a while and stay away from social media. In Facebook searches, no one can find you, send you messages, and follow your account. You can also do this in the same way as above. Follow the same steps and select the “temporarily close my account” option, which is only the first option. In fact, this method is the best method. It’s more advantageous to close permanently. When you change your mind, you can log back into your account and activate it.

Delete Facebook on Mobile

Most other social media apps don’t allow account deletion through the mobile app. But Facebook allows this process. You can delete Facebook account on mobile easily:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account in the mobile app
  • Settings & Privacy -> Settings
  • Account ownership
  • Temporarily or permanently
  • And choose your preference

Delete Facebook account

Whichever operating system you are using, the settings are roughly the same (Android & IOS) Deleting Facebook from your mobile device does not mean deleting your account. These are different processes. When you delete your Facebook account, your Facebook ad account, your pages, and your friend list are completely deleted.

Delete Facebook on Web

The ability to delete an account from the web and mobile application is important. You can delete your account without leaving the application. You can delete Facebook account, regardless of the web or mobile. We’ve explained just in case how you can delete your account in both the web and mobile app. Both are the same. You can delete your account permanently or temporarily using the option that works best for you. Before you do this, if you have any credit card information stored in the system, we recommend that you delete them. Do not store this information in your social media accounts.

How to post a gif on Facebook? 2019

Facebook, which constantly develops itself and frequently introduces a new feature, continues to surprise its users. GIF images shared on Facebook so far have been shared as a visual or link, but you can now add animated images directly. If a share is GIF, it can be distinguished by an icon on it. To post a gif on Facebook, you don’t need to use any 3th party app. You can choose from Facebook Gif gallery and post it easily.

What is a Gif on Facebook?

GIF is the conversion of short cuts from videos into images. Another name is the animated photo. Some special graphics programs are used to do this. But now things have become so easy that you can convert any video you want online from various websites into GIFs. You can find hundreds of different Gifs in Facebook’s gallery. So, you don’t even need to do Gif with other applications. Even stickers are now available in Gif form. As social media sites started to support Gif format, interaction and sharing on these sites started to increase.

To post a gif on Facebook

Steps to Share a Facebook Gif

You can use gifs when posting on your Facebook profile status message, messages with your friends, or commenting on any content. If you want to post a GIF on Facebook, you can add it yourself or choose from standard GIFs:

  • Open Facebook web site or app
  • If you want to post Gif on your profile status, choose GIF section at post
  • You can search any Gif from Gif gallery or you can direct add your own Gif
  • And you done!

You can use the same method in all Facebook activities (like message, comment)

To post a gif on Facebook

How to Post a Gif on Facebook Comments

You can use Gif while writing a comment on your favorite content on Facebook. You do not need to apply a different method to do this. As mentioned above, you can add Gif to comments. Select from gallery and add to comment section. For this you can add your own custom Gif. First, create Gif, add it to your gallery and add it to the comment section and select it from the gallery. You can also use gif this way when you send a message to someone. Facebook supports Gif in all parts of the site or application. You can search the GIF gallery and find GIF by topic.

Cannot Post? Solution

Cannot post a GIF on Facebook? To experience this problem, it must be an extraordinary situation. Because there are very few people who are experiencing this issue. But we have a few suggestions for those still who have this problem:

  • Update your Facebook app. You may be using the older version
  • If you are having this problem at the PC, your video card may not support file extensions like this
  • If you have problems with the mobile, check the device settings. There may be some restrictions.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can get support from Facebook Customer Service.

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How to Change Your Name on Facebook? 2019

We hesitate to use our real names and information in social media accounts. Because we can be disturbed by the fact that thousands of people we don’t know our private information. It is very difficult to understand who is good and who is bad in social media. If you want to edit your personal information and change your name on Facebook, you can do so with a few settings.

Why I Should Change?

You may want to change your Facebook name when you have some security weaknesses or want to verify your profile on Facebook. When many people register for the first time on Facebook, they become members by writing different names and not their real name. But once they realize that it’s unnecessary, they want to change it. You can change the name in such cases. In addition, if you want to take advantage of Facebook advertising services, you will need to use your own real information at the time of payment. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform these operations.

Change Your Facebook Username URL

On Facebook, each user has a URL. So we can say the address of your profile page. this URL can be in different ways. As you can change your name, you can change it here. It doesn’t even have to be the same as your Facebook name. You can update any way you like, except some prohibited letters and characters. Other users will be able to find you on Facebook and access your profile. Therefore, it is better to choose short, clear and easy names. You can change or edit this section from profile settings on Facebook

Change Your Name on Facebook

Steps to Change Your Name on Facebook

Facebook have a notice at that page. It warn you about not to add unusual uppercase/lowercase letters, punctuation, characters, or random words. If you use a second name, you can add it. Name and surname must be in the same way as your ID. If there is a potential security check made by Facebook in the future, you can verify your profile. So, please use only your information and all must be the real information.

  • Go to your Facebook profile page
  • Click on Settings at right side
  • On General Settings, you can change your name and surname
  • Change it and save!

Change Your Name on Facebook

Is There any Limitation on This? How Often Can I Change?

Of course! Changing the name on Facebook can only be done once every 60 days. This is a security measure taken by Facebook. It is not possible to make any changes in the name surname before the 60 days have expired. To change your name on Facebook, you need to be careful. You can do this via both the web and Facebook mobile app. n which language you use Facebook, you can write your name in the appropriate letters. Facebook has many languages support and can use letters in international standards. We only recommend that you change your name when necessary.

How to use Facebook? 2019

The use of Facebook may seem a bit tricky and confused at first. But, it is the site that has the easiest and simplest use among social media sites. User friendly. We’ll give you a few tips on how to use Facebook. After reading these tips, the confused ones will understand how simple Facebook is. You only need to learn the categories you need. Because Facebook has dozens of different sections. You don’t need to know them all.

Facebook Mobile Apps

Android, IOS, and Windows applications are as comprehensive as the web site. You can also do all the transactions you make on the website in mobile applications. Sometimes, you can even find more on mobile than the website. You can do all the activities on your mobile devices, such as opening pages, setting up groups, setting payment methods, advertising, communicating with your friends, and so on. You can only close your Facebook account via the web. This is a mandatory procedure for security reasons. This is not allowed in mobile applications.

how to use Facebook

Which One is Better? Web or App?

It’s hard to answer that question. Because it’s impossible to choose between the two. Web and mobile applications are really 100% successful and both are user-friendly. We can only say that mobile applications are a bit more advantageous in terms of ease of use. You can spend more time using your mobile phone and mobile devices. There’s not much we can say apart from that. If you use Facebook for commercial purposes, it may be advantageous for you to make your transactions on the web. You can edit more comfortable settings on the web. Facebook is compatible with all mobile operating systems.

Tips for Facebook Use

We’ll give you a few tips for getting the most out of Facebook. Those who do not know how to use Facebook should consider these suggestions:

  • You must protect your account security on the web or mobile application
  • Never save your credit card info on your Facebook account
  • Don’t add people you don’t recognize to your Friends list
  • Do not share your private information with anyone (password, card information, address, phone and family information)
  • Always update applications. Do not use the old version
  • Do not insult anyone and do not become a member of each group that you don’t know
  • Do not make spam on Facebook!

how to use Facebook

I have Problem on Facebook. How to fix?

You are likely to have problems with Facebook. This is very normal. You may experience many possible problems, such as server problems, common problems and update problems. In such cases, examine the recommendations on our web site. We have published many articles on this subject. Read them and we’re sure you’ll find a solution to the problem. If you can’t find an answer, contact Facebook Customer Service. The help desk is very fast and will surely find a solution to your problem. You can find hundreds of informative articles in the Facebook Help section.

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