How Can I Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications?

Facebook make easier our life but sometimes we do not want to get the notification, today we will talk about how to turn off Facebook messenger notifications.

Social media has been so popular in recent times. Facebook is known as the first social media platform and today it is still one of the most popular social media platforms and apps.

People share their moments, follow their friends’ posts. Apart from these, people also create fan pages or join those fan pages. They share posts about things they love on those fan pages. Users who create fan pages try to improve their pages.

They buy facebook fan page likes or some other things to make their fan pages popular on Facebook.

Apart from fan pages, there are many topics that are searched about Facebook. For example, notifications feature about Facebook messenger is a common topic. Some users don’t know how to turn off notifications on Facebook messenger. In this article, we will explain how to do it step by step.

People Send Messages On Facebook Messenger

As it is commonly known, the Facebook messenger was established and people send messages to each other on this separated platform. Although many people like this app, some users have still couldn’t get used to it.

Some of them are bored of this and don’t want to get these notifications at all. It is easy to turn on and turn off this setting in the settings.

Turn Off Notifications on Facebook Step By Step

If you are bored and don’t want to get notifications from Facebook messenger you can easily turn off them. First, log into Facebook messenger with your Facebook mail address and password.

Then, go to settings. You will see notifications and sounds. Tap it and it will be closed. You won’t get notifications from Facebook messenger anymore. If you want to turn on them, you can go to settings and tap notifications and sounds again.

Facebook Video Call Voice Problem

Social media has gained much popularity in recent years. There are many social media platforms and apps today. People share many things about their life or things that they like on social media. Facebook is knowns as one of the most popular social media services around the users. There are millions of Facebook users today. They share interesting things that they like or their moments on Facebook with their friends, as well as they, follow what they are up to on Facebook. People can like their friends’ posts or videos or they can make comments so that those posts or photos get popular. Of course, all users want their posts/photos to get likes and be popular. Because of that, some of them buy Facebook photo/post likes to their photos.

Other Person Doesn’t Get My Sound During Facebook Video Call

Apart from likes or comments, there are many features that Facebook provide. One of those features is the Facebook video call. As it is commonly known, people don’t need some apps like Skype to make video calls. They can make those video calls with their friends on Facebook. However, there may occur some problems during the video calls. Some users don’t get sound when the video call starts. We will explain the possible reasons for this problem.

How To Solve Facebook Freeze Problem

When you are making the video call on Facebook, the first thing you should do is to check if the connection is lost if Facebook freezes. You should also ask the person who you are making a video call to check his internet connection.

Why Doesn’t My Friend Get My Sound During Facebook Video Call?

If you hear your friend but he doesn’t hear you while making the Facebook video call, you should try another microphone if you have one and also your friend should check his speaker.

The reason may be so basic that the sound of your microphone may have been muted. If it is muted, you should increase its volume.

Close The Apps That Work At The Background

If there are apps which are running in the background, you should close them. Of course, your friend should do the same thing.

How Can I Disable Comments on My Facebook Page?

Facebook pages are popular but sometimes page owner does not want to followers comment on their page and wants to disable comments.

Facebook is known as one of the most popular social media platforms and apps around the world. When it was published first, it wasn’t known by many people. But it has grown in time. While people used it, they advised it to their friends so that Facebook has become very common. Facebook is a large social network with its millions of users today. People can share things that they are interested, follow other users, create fan pages and join fan pages that they like. When they create Facebook fan pages, they need followers in order to make it known by people. They try different ways in order to get followers. For example, they buy Facebook followers on their Facebook pages.

Apart from getting followers, users are also interested in many topics about Facebook pages. While their fan pages grow, some problems may arise. While people make comments too much, it may be hard to control them one by one as there may be unwanted comments that disturb other users. So, users who are the owner of pages may want to disable comments of those users that disturb other users. In this article, we will explain how to disable comments of selected users on a Facebook page.

Disable Comments On Your Facebook Page Step by Step

First, log into your account on Facebook and go to your page.
Find “members” and tap it.

Go to Members Area

When you go to the member’s area, tap the user who you want to disable his comments, tap “mute the member”. You can determine the time when the user can’t make comment or share something. If there are any other users who you want to disable their comments you can follow the same steps in order to prevent them from making comments. They will not be able to make comments in a specified time.

Although There is no Message, I get Notification on Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger one of the most successful messaging application but in the recent time users face off Facebook messenger problem.

Facebook has taken many steps since it was established first. At first times there were rare people who knew Facebook. But, it has grown and has become the biggest network in the world. Today there are millions of people who use Facebook. They post something about themselves, share something they like, see other people’s posts, like them and make comments. As the interaction between the users is so important, some people want to be popular and get interacted with people. They can buy facebook photo likes to their photos or posts in order to make them popular on Facebook.

Apart from being popular on Facebook, people are also interested in many topics about Facebook. Sometimes, they face problems and don’t know how to figure out. One of them is about notifications on Facebook Messenger.

There Is No Message But Notification On Facebook Messenger

Notifications about new messages won’t be shown up on Facebook messenger. If you are new to this problem, it is normal to see it as a problem.

How to Solve Facebook Messenger Problem

Before, we used to get messages on Facebook inbox. All messages were used to be here.
But the new Facebook messenger doesn’t work this way. If someone sends a message to you and he is not your follower, you receive the message but it will not be on Inbox.
In other words, if someone that you don’t know sends a message to you, notification will show up, but you will see nothing.
Go to the app and find “friends”. You will see requests and you will see all the messages that came to you. When you follow these steps, your problem will probably be solved.

I Can’t Create Facebook Account With My Phone Number

Facebook Account one of the most helpful social media accounts you can register with the account almost every Internet sites.

Facebook is known as the first and biggest social network. It wasn’t popular at its first times. But, people have heard Facebook and have created accounts since that time. Facebook is so popular with its millions of users today. New accounts are being created on Facebook every day. People have had the opportunity to find their old friends and get interacted with their all friends thanks to Facebook. Users can follow each other and see all their updates instantly. Users can share their photos and videos with other users and they can get comments. If their posts are liked by many users they can be popular on Facebook. There are many people who have become popular on Facebook. So, many users want to be popular like them as well. Because of that, they try different ways. For example, they buy Facebook video views to their Facebook videos.

Why Can’t I Create Facebook Account With My Phone Number?

Of course, being popular on Facebook is not the only issue that people are interested. There are also many problems that Facebook users face. One of the common problems is about creating a new account on Facebook. Some users complain that they can’t create a new account on Facebook with their phone number. Now, we will explain the possible reasons for this problem.

Your Phone Number May be In Use With Another Account

If you gave your phone number to your friend or a relative to use it with his Facebook account, that may be the reason as Facebook doesn’t allow to use the same number in different accounts. In this case, you may ask your friend or relative to change the number that he uses on Facebook.

You May Have Typed a Wrong Number

It is a very common mistake that users may not type phone numbers correctly. In this case, you should check your phone number whether you typed it correctly.

I See Spam Content On Facebook. What Can I Do?

Spam content can be seen in every social media platforms but because they are not reported as spam, today we will show you how to report a content.

Facebook is known as one of the biggest social networks. As it is widely known, social networks have been so popular and they have been part of our lives. We get much news and updates from those social networks such as Google +, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Facebook is known as the first social network. Because it is been widely used, we can get the latest news instantly on Facebook. We can follow our friends and see their photos and posts. Apart from that, many firms have created accounts on Facebook. In this way, we can follow all the news, updates about those firms on Facebook. We can know about them when we join their fan pages or pages. Of course, they need to be popular on Facebook in order to reach more people. So, some companies buy Facebook fan page likes. In this way, they can make their fan page popular, reach more people and increase their sales.

While fan pages are so popular, there are also very common issues about Facebook. One of them is spam. Unfortunately, many users try to spam on Facebook because of their purposes. Developers of Facebook and other social networks work hard to prevent those spam actions. However, some users manage to do it in some way. So, the users may see spam content on Facebook. We will explain what you should do in this kind of situation.

Prevent Spam On Facebook

When you see spam on Facebook, first you should download and install an antivirus software if you don’t have. Then, make a scan on your computer or mobile device. Clean all viruses and malware.
Clear the history of your web browser.

Delete Malware

You should also download and install a software to delete malware. When you do these, you will probably get rid of spam.

Why Can’t I Receive Facebook Verification Code Via E-Mail?

Being known as the oldest social network, Facebook has got much popularity since it was established first. In this time many people have heard facebook and have created accounts. So, Facebook has been so popular. Today, it is widely known social network and there are millions of users who use Facebook on their pcs and mobile devices. One of the most important reasons that Facebook got so popular is that the interactivity between the users. They can like and make comments on other users’ posts. Of course, all users want their photos or posts to be liked by their friends and they want them to make comments on their posts or photos. Their posts will be more popular when they get likes and comments. Some of the users on Facebook buy Facebook likes to their posts or photos to increase the popularity of their posts.

Apart from likes and comments, there are also many popular features of Facebook. Sometimes people have problems with those features. One of them is about verification codes. As it is commonly known, a verification code is received via e-mail from Facebook when the users want to change or reset their password. So it is important to get the verification code. Otherwise, it will not be possible to reset the Facebook password. Now, we will explain the possible reasons why verification code isn’t received.

The Reasons Of Why Verification Code Isn’t Received

First, you should ensure that you followed the steps to reset your Facebook password and got the message including a verification mail was sent to your e-mail address.

Check Your Spam Folder

If you don’t see the e-mail including the verification code, it might have been moved to the spam folder by the e-mail service provider. So, you should check if the e-mail is in the spam folder.

Banned Facebook Account and the Ban Reasons

Facebook released a new update and banned facebook account which looks like a bot account, today we will show you what not to do to get banned.

When Facebook was established first, it wasn’t known by many people. It got interested of people and they started to use it and had fun. Then, they invited their friends to Facebook. Those people joined people and they also invited their friends. While people have suggested Facebook to their friends, it has been so popular in a short time. Today, Facebook is known as one of the biggest social networks with its millions of users. People do many activities on Facebook, a serious number of users log into their Facebook account and spend hours every day. They enjoy the time that they spend on Facebook. Users can know about what their friends are up to and also they can play games on Facebook. It is also enjoyable to share videos on Facebook. Some of the users even buy video views on their Facebook videos in order to increase their popularity.

What Kind Of Accounts Are Banned on Facebook?

Although it is fun to do all these, share videos, follow people’s updates, users are also interested in many other topics about Facebook. One of them is about banned profiles. As it is known, Facebook is so strict about inappropriate activities on Facebook. Because of that, Facebook provides its users to report those actions so that they are banned soon. The question is what kind of posts and profiles must be reported to Facebook?

Report Users That Violate The Terms

Users can report profiles when they see their photos. Users who disturb other users, show offensive behaviors, do spam activities and those who share inappropriate content against the terms can be reported.

Fill The Form To Report Profiles

When you want to report a profile, you can need to write the required information in the form. Once you send your report, it will be checked and required action will be taken about the related profile.