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Can’t Sign in to YouTube? Find Out Why

With your free YouTube account, you can utilize many features of YouTube. You can add videos to your list to watch them later, you can create your own YouTube channel, or you can visit your history page to watch videos you watched before, etc. However, you can turn your account into a premium account. If you buy a premium membership, you pay monthly prices to watch videos without ads. You also can play videos in the background of your phones.There might be different reasons if you can’t sign in to your YouTube account and can’t use the features. Let’s see them!

Do keep in mind, this article does not aim to adress entering the code. If you want further info on that matter check out: How to Enter the Code on YouTube.

The Problems You May Face While Signing into YouTube

The Problems You May Face While Signing in to YouTube

  • There might be a problem arouse by your browser. Check if your browser needs an update or try to sign in from another browser.
  • If you are trying to sign in with your username, try again with your mail address connected to your YouTube account.
  • There might be a problem with your password too. You can click the “Forgot my Password” button to request a new password. After you complete the instructions, you can create a new password.
  • Moreover, your problem can be about your Google account too. It is because you register to YouTube with your Google account. Thus, if you deleted or deactivated your account, you might be having a problem.
How to Reach the Support Team

How to Reach Support Team of YouTube

  • There might be other people who struggle with the same issue. Therefore, you can go to the help center and describe your issue. You can find a solution from there.
  • If you couldn’t find the answers you were searching for, you can join discussions on the help center. Experts on YouTube try to solve your problems there. You should ask the community page and create your question. After following the other instructions about details, your question will be posted.
  • You can give feedback too. However, you should solve the problem first. Then, you can make the necessary comments not to encounter that problem again.

Concluding Signing in to YouTube

In this article, you can find the answers to your signing in problems on YouTube. Hopefully, they would be helpful! Good luck with that!

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Frequently Asked Questions About

You should sign in to your account first. Then, go to the “Help” page. On that page, you will see a button that says, “Need more help?”. Click it. After that, you should choose the category of your problem. Now you can choose the “Email Support” option. Then, you will be able to send emails to YouTube.

Of course. If you still can’t sign in to Youtube, you can click the “Send Feedback” button after signing into your account. The support team will take them into the evaluation.

Other users cannot see your email address from your YouTube account unless you share.

Yes, you can. If you already have an account, you can log out and watch videos. However, without signing into YouTube, you will not be able to use YouTube’s most features.

Mostly they are free. It means that it depends on the owner of the channel. Most of the channel owners do not request payment for subscriptions. Nevertheless, to subscribe to some channels, you may buy a monthly membership.

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