Why Can’t I See My Followers on Instagram?

Why Can’t I See My Followers on Instagram?

Some Instagram users are saying that ‘I can’t see followers on Instagram. Are you one of them? Make sure you keep reading to learn how to fix this issue. 

What Is the Reason?

The problems are generally originating from the new Instagram app updates, and Instagram has officially said that they are working on fixing these bugs coming with the new updates. If you can’t see your followers on Instagram, below are some tips for seeing your follower list on Instagram again.

how can i see my follower list on instagram

How Can I See My Follower List on Instagram?

  1. You can update Instagram. Go to your App or Google Store to check whether your Instagram App needs updates.
  2. You can try reinstalling. After you log in to your Instagram account, most probably, you will be able to see your followers.
  3. You can also check your follower list on Instagram by downloading the data, but in this way, only the usernames are visible, including the private accounts. To request this data using your Instagram app, you can go to Settings > Security > Access Data > Connections > Accounts you follow.
  4. It is also a good idea to check whether you are in the right Instagram account. Since many users have more than one Instagram account, they have this problem if their different accounts have the same profile pictures. 
  5. Do not use your Instagram app for a while. Generally, the problems are not very serious and get fixed in a couple of hours. 
faq on problems seeing the follower list on instagram

Conclusion on Follower List Problem on Instagram

New Instagram app features may cause some problems for the users. Many users complain that they can’t see their followers on Instagram. Checking updates generally solves the problem, and people can see their follower list again.

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Even if you manage to solve these problems, you may run into some other problems as well. A common one is the security code problem. To solve that too, check out our tutorial on Instagram security code problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is generally the updates of the Instagram app. Some bugs create problems in Instagram app features.

Just check if your Instagram app needs some updates. 

You can uninstall and reinstall Instagram. Log in to your Instagram account; the issue is probably fixed.

You can contact the help center via your Instagram App. 

Open your Instagram app and follow this path: Settings > Help > click on the appropriate option for your problem.


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