Can You See Who Views Your Twitter? (Updated – 2022)

Can You See Who Views Your Twitter? (Updated – 2022)

It is natural to be curious about who viewed your social media accounts. Among social media networks like Instagram and Facebook, users wonder who read their tweets and view their accounts. So, can you see who views your Twitter profile?

If you do not get interactions in the Twitter world, including likes, RTs, you feel like you are talking to ghosts. That’s why we call those platforms social media and not journals you keep to yourself. You can see your metrics on Twitter by using the Twitter Analytics tool.

So, is it possible to tell when people view your Twitter profile? Although you cannot see directly, there are alternative ways. Applications are promising to show you such information. But they are useless for the most part. However, there’s still a tool that allows its users to analyze their metrics. Let’s see how you can utilize that.

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Find Out Your Metrics With Twitter Analytics

So, there is a tool, Twitter Analytics, provided by the platform itself to find out whether or not your tweets are engaged by people and what your statistics are. It looks like this:

find out your metrics with twitter analytics

To get insights about your tweets, you need to log into this address and follow the guidelines:

What Does Twitter Analytics Accomplish?

Twitter Analytics provides you general information about your account. When you click on Tweets, Audiences, Events, and More, you will get more information on this analytics page. Also, if you are wondering how to see who views your Twitter, then this tool is for you. You can see how many impressions you received for your tweets, and what you can do to optimize your status on Twitter.

what does twitter analytics accomplish - who views your twitter account
  • You will have the statics on how many impressions you get during the last 28 days on the Tweets section.
  • If you want to see a longer period, you can click on “Last 28 Days” to change your calendar according to your wishes.
change calendar on twitter - Who Views Your Twitter Profile

You can choose “Last 7 Days” or last month. Alternatively, you can select a date according to your preference. Also, you can export this data to show possible clients. When you scroll down, you can see more options like your Top Tweets and Tweets and find out how many impressions your tweets have acquired.

see your top tweets - Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile

Is There a Way to See Who Viewed Your Images and Videos?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell who viewed your images and videos on your Twitter profile. Yet, you can indeed see who viewed your Twitter stories. In fact, Twitter will notify you. Apart from this, the people who view your images/videos will go unnotified. However, as mentioned before, you can utilize the analytics tool to get an idea.

Check Your Audience

Let’s say that you want to have a general idea of the people who visit your profile.

  • Click on “Audiences” at the top of the page to see this information
  • It appears that my audiences like “Dogs” very much.
check your audience on twitter - Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile

Also, you can have an idea about your audiences’ preferences and their gender. Besides, you can see the location and region of your followers. Apart from followers, if you want to see what Twitter users are talking about, you can click on “Event” to find that out.

what twitter users are talking about me - Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile

For companies and brands, they can create campaigns from this section to reach their target audience. Age, demographics, location, gender, and many more filters are available for brands if they wish to divide their resources.

Twitter Analytics is a powerful tool to monitor your account and get clear insights about your profile. Still, you will not be able to tell who viewed your Twitter profile, but you will acquire much more information than you desire.

third party twitter apps that do not work

Third-Party Apps That Do Not Work

You might have come across some third-party apps that claim to reveal anyone who views your site. Remember to be cautious when approaching such applications or websites, because most of them are only spammy malware that might cause great harm to your software.

FAQs About Seeing Who Views Your Twitter

Can you see who views your Twitter?

Although it’s not possible to get specific data about your stalkers, Twitter Analytics can give you some info that will help you speculate.

Can you see how many times someone views your Twitter profile?

Unfortunately, there’s no way available to see how many times someone’s seen your Twitter profile.

Do profile visits include my visits to my profile on Twitter?

Twitter Analytics won’t count for your visits on your profile, and it does not count multiple visits from the same visitors.

Can someone tell if you’re stalking them on Twitter?

As of now, there’s no specific way to know who exactly has viewed your profile or Twitter unless they make a direct engagement like replies or retweets or likes on your Tweets.

Why does my Twitter keep posting spam?

Some malicious applications that you’ve connected your Twitter account can take action on your Twitter profile on behalf of yourself. Beware what application you connect to your account and what permissions you give to them.

Conclusion on Seeing Who Views Your Twitter

To sum up, we are kind of sad to say that it’s not possible to tell who viewed your profile or other restricted information like that. However, there is some good news too. You can still see and analyze your metrics with the Twitter Analytics tool. That won’t tell you who interacted with you; nonetheless, it’s a good tool to have.

So, did you ever wonder when the first time you thought about who viewed your profile was? That might mean that you’re in love, and maybe you’re already…

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