Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Story? (Updated – 2020)

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Story? (Updated – 2020)

When you post a story on Instagram, it is guaranteed that some people will eventually see and view it. However, is it really possible and can you see who views your Instagram Story, or is it just a filler feature?

We’ll see the answers in this article, let’s go.

Can I See Who Views My Instagram Story?

Now, you’ve uploaded one or more photos and videos if you know how to use the Stories.

Good job!

However, can you see who viewed it?

We will try to explain with short instructions for our readers:

  • That’s fine! As soon as the first followers have looked at your story, a small eye icon and the number of users who have seen your story appear at the bottom left. Tap on it to see a list of viewers.
  • If you have multiple photos or clips in the story, you can switch between each segment to see the audience.
  • This information is only visible to you. Nobody else can see how many views you have per story.
Who Views Your Instagram Story

Who Can See My Instagram Stories?

  • If your account is private, only allowed people can see your Instagram posts and Stories.
  • And for you, if you are added to another person’s Instagram, you can see all their sharings.
  • Even if you’re not a follower of them, you can see their sharings if their profile is open to the public.
  • Public pages on Instagram is open for anybody by their nature.

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Can You See How Many Times Someone Viewed Your Story?

Unfortunately, as of 2019, there’s no way of knowing to see how many times someone viewed your story.

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It’s probably certain that there are numerous people viewing your story repeatedly but there’s no way of knowing that.

This can become frustrating because people can be very curious as to, if for example “your crush” is into you too.

Instagram doesn’t allow its users to see how many times someone has seen an Instagram story as of now. It is the same as dropping likes on somebody’s posts – you can do it once only.

If you similarly keep viewing it, it still counts as one view only.

I know many of you would be sorry to hear that. But perhaps, some of you would be a relief knowing that no one would know you just viewed a slideshow of a random IG user’s girlfriend 5 times continuously.

On the contrary, you can also go crazy and replay as much as you desire or even make a remix before the 24 hours goes by.

You’re safe to view any Instagram Story as many times you want without ever getting caught.

Instagram Stories Guide in 2019
(Tips, Tricks, and Strategies)

Many online and content marketing experts agree on Instagram Stories.

It’s one of the future defining features.

At this point, we want to give you tips and tricks to win more viewers for your stories.

Tips for Successful Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are usually more spontaneous than the rest of the platform.

Nevertheless, planning your stories makes perfect sense. Our tips below will help you produce good Instagram stories and reach many viewers.

Think about what you want to show your viewers.

Nothing is more annoying than an Instagram story without content. At best you should never lose sight of your core issue.

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Also, keep in mind that content marketing does not mean that your Instagram story becomes infomercial. Instead, think about what you can tell and/or show to your viewers.

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Who Views Your Instagram Story

Suggestions for Instagram Stories and Posts

  • Imagine yourself. (and possibly your team)
  • Tell your way from the first business idea to the founding of your business.
  • Give exclusive behind the scenes insights.
  • Take your audience to exciting events.
  • Talk about a relevant topic that suits your business.
  • Of course, it is perfectly legitimate to use the stories, for example, to point out a cool action or a new product. Always keep in mind, however, that the added value of content in your Instagram story should prevail if you want to keep your viewers permanently happy.
  • Touch yourself piece by piece to speaking.
  • Speaking in a camera is initially unfamiliar to many people.
  • From experience, however, we can assure you: Over time, a certain routine sets in and with a little practice speaking becomes child’s play.

If you are still an Instagram Stories beginner and are just looking at the format, you can overcome your fear of speaking with these tricks too:

  • Use pictures and boomerangs in order not to talk permanently. (that also gives your story more dynamism and variety)
  • Do not pretend, but always be yourself. (keyword: authenticity)
  • Do not be afraid of slips – these are normal and make your story even more likable.
  • Plan your Instagram Stories in advance.

Even more, security when dealing with the Instagram stories you get, if you plan this in advance. This step brings with it the following advantages:

  • You can bring the maximum value into your Instagram Story.
  • You may figure out what can you tell your followers.
  • You can build your story logically and completely. (entry, body, finish)
  • You can estimate how long your story will take. (and possibly shorten it)

Note: At this point, we want to emphasize once again that not all your Instagram Stories have to be planned beforehand.

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Then what can an Instagram user see?

That you have seen their story, the other users who have seen the story and the total amount of people who have seen the story.

What about Privacy? 

Furthermore, Instagram protects every video viewer’s privacy as well as also protects the one who posts it. Only the person who posted the story has access to the analytics.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry that others can know how popular your content has become, or bashful in terms of checking out your story statistics.

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