Can You See Who Views Your Facebook?

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook?

Nowadays, millions of people have still been using Facebook actively. Most people have hundreds of friends on the platform because it is a great way to communicate with their friends and acquaintances. Some people, your friends or not, can look at your account without your knowledge. Is there a way to see who views your Facebook account? 

Can You Find Out Who Has Visited Your Facebook? 

The answer is short; you WON’T see who views your account because Facebook doesn’t allow its users tacking who views their profile. Unfortunately, while the number of users increases on Facebook, the number of users who want to see who viewed their profile has been increasing. On the other side, if you see a website or application that claims to show a list of people viewed your Facebook profile, you need to report it to Facebook, according to the company. These services aren’t safe and true; they may steal your Facebook account or even swindle your friends on the platform through your account name. Keep that on your mind!

However, you can see who follows you on Facebook. Facebook provides great convenience for its users to protect themselves against bad people on the platform. Even if you can’t see who viewed your Facebook, you can hold out your videos, photos, and information on some users you don’t like. Thus, these users on the platform will not be able to see your account, information, and posts.

Who Views Your Facebook Stories

How to See Who Has Viewed Your Story on Facebook?

No one can see who has viewed your Facebook story; don’t forget it. If you want to see who has viewed your Facebook story;

  • Open the Facebook mobile app or go to ‘’
  • Log in with your email address/phone number and password.
  • Open the ‘Stories’ section next to your ‘News Feed.’ 
  • Tap the ‘Your Story’ section.
  • The users who have viewed your story will be listed below ‘Story Details.’ That’s it!

By the way, if you don’t see anyone in this section, your story hasn’t been viewed yet. In addition, as in your Facebook information, photos, and videos, you can edit to control who can view your Facebook story, if you wish. Here are to change your Facebook story privacy settings;

  • Chose a photo or video to share on your story but don’t share yet.
  • In the bottom-right, there is the audience selector. You will have four options; ‘Public,’ ‘Friends and connections,’ ‘Friends,’ and ‘Custom.’ Choose who views your Facebook story. When you choose the ‘Public’ option, everyone will see your story. On the other side, when you select ‘Friends and connections,’ anyone on your Facebook Friends list and Messenger can see them.

Besides, if you want to hide your story from specific users, you need to choose the ‘Friends’ option and then select one or more than one person you want to hide your Facebook story from.

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FAQs About View Your Facebook

Can you view what your Facebook account looks like to users who aren’t on your Friends list?

Yes, go to your profile and click your Facebook profile photo; you will see an eye icon below your name. That’s it! Your profile precisely looks like this. When you want to exit from this page, click the ‘Exit View As’ button.

Why hasn’t Facebook introduced a feature to see who views your Facebook account?

It is due to the privacy policy of the Facebook company.

Can you choose who can view your Facebook profile?

Absolutely YES. Go to your profile, tap the ‘About’ option next to your profile photo, and then click the ‘Contact and Basic Info’ button. Edit the information you would like to change, and use the audience selector.

How do you hide your profile photo on Facebook?

Automatically, all your profile pictures are public. If you’d like to edit this, you need to open each profile picture;
– Click the ‘Edit’ button.
– Click the ‘Privacy’ option.
– Choose the ‘Who should see this?’ option, and then click the ‘More Options’ button from the menu that comes up. Select one of these options; ‘Publis, Friends, or Only Me.’ Unfortunately, there isn’t any shortcut to apply all photos. Because of this, you must follow these steps for each post in your Facebook album.

Can you see who views your Facebook videos?

No, there isn’t any way to see who has seen your videos on your personal Facebook account. You can only see the number of video views. If you have a Business page, you will be able to reach more comprehensive video information.

View Your Facebook In Short

‘Can I see who views my Facebook?‘ is one of the most frequently asked questions by Facebook’s users. Many websites and applications offer you who has viewed your account, but these ways aren’t safe and correct. Unfortunately (or luckily, because it depends on the situation), according to Facebook’s statements, Facebook users can not learn who viewed their accounts due to the company’s privacy policy. On the other side, you can hide your profile, posts, and story from some users on the platform.

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