How Can I Make GIF on Instagram ?

Can You Share GIF on Instagram ?

Positive, Instagram allows GIF post in his news feed. There is a GIF maker internet site Giphy. With giphy you can make GIF on Instagram.

Instagram renovate himself in every available time. In last year Instagram made very redical upgrades, news feed changes, story feature, animated story faces and ex. They trying to keep their most popular social medi app actual. Last update was released only few days ago and last seen feature is avaiable for all Instagram users.

Instagram is most useful social media app for sharing photos and videos. Hundreds of millions people using Instagram these days and Instagram gets almost billions of use for a one month. That super-fast growing seem to never end. Instagram celebrities and big brands has millions of followers. They making sponsored contents and making lots of money, if you want that much follower and making money on Instagram, you can get Instagram followers.

Instagram GIF Search Engine

Instagram and Giphy working together for a gif search engine. With this engine Instagram users can share gifs in news feed and also they can share gifs on their stories. Search engine will help users to find very fun gifs but it will not help for making GIF on Instagram.


Instagram still making tests about new gif feature and gif search engine. But you can make your own gifs with some jpgs and jpegs. Giphy has a gif maker on his internet site. You can use this maker and make your own gifs and then you can share your homemade gifs on Instagram.

Facebook and Whatsapp also allow you to share gifs with your friends list. Also Facebook messenger has a gif search engine and you can choose in them or you can share your own gifs. Gifs are very fun and makes people interactive on social media.


How Can I Make GIF on Instagram ?
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