Calculate Your Instagram Account’s Worth

Have you ever wondered the worth of your Instagram account? Sometimes you may have thoughts about life isn’t fair enough when you see Instagram profiles which has thousands (maybe millions) of followers. Some people are travelling around the world, using many services for free, sharing their posts with their followers and it is more interesting that they get paid for things their share on Instagram. Especially those called “sponsored posts” have been one of the biggest revenue sources of social media platform. Many users want to increase the number of their followers and they want to earn more. But it is not possible to find out how much you can gain with the number of followers you currently have. At least it wasn’t before. But now it is possible with new internet service called Infiki. The new website helps you to calculate how much your Instagram account worths.

As you may already know celebrities, well known people and those called “instagram phenomenons” can reach to many people thanks to their high number of followers. So, companies are considering this platform as a great advertisement area. The number of followers is directly related to amount that Instagram users will earn per each post. So, if you want to earn via Instagram posts you can start with calculating your account.

Go to Infiki website. Write your Instagram username on field written “Enter your Instagram handle”. When you press Enter button, system will calculate your account and give the result in Sterling currency. So, it is time to check it out and earn.

Calculate Your Instagram Account’s Worth
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