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What Is a Brand Ambassador? (Job Description & Role)

A brand ambassador is a person who represents the brand. He or she promotes the product or service in the media and society, and help to improve the popularity of the brand. In general, celebrities work as a brand ambassador and get paid due to their efforts to promote the brands. In today’s world, we mainly call them influencers who promote products and have the power to affect the audience. Whatever they are famous or not, they should have connections in society and have powerful tools to communicate with people. 

The brand ambassador is a strategic marketing professional who actively promotes the company and its products. They are experts in the sector, the brand, and the main competitors who, with their direct testimony, increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

They are paid professionals who can be a permanent part of your marketing division (as happens for medium-large companies) or work with you only for a period.

Why Does Business World Need Brand Ambassador? 

Nowadays, almost everyone uses social media and general digital tools. In the past, people were looking at ads or connecting with limited people to start to use a new product or service. But today, time is changing, and we have many connections on social media. That’s why we have a tendency to use digital tools to check the trust value of a brand. 

The brand ambassador has a vital effect on business due to the changing environment. Their responsibilities tie them with being the successful one that affects people and convince them to try new brands. Trust is the key to success in business, and they help the business world to get it. Once they become successful, they need to be kept by the brand because they are the face of their company’s income now. If people accept the face of the company, there is no turning back from this point.

Brand Ambassador Programs

Brand Ambassador Programs

Some companies have a special program in different fields. They mainly choose celebrities as well as professionals as a public figure. Here are some examples of them: 

  • Dell: 

Dell is one of the most important tech companies that have a special brand ambassador program. It has more than 10,000 brand ambassadors all over the world to promote its product and services. Dell thinks that the program is one of the most critical parts of its marketing strategy. 

  • Patagonia: 

The clothing company Patagonia mainly chooses Instagram celebrities for its brand ambassador program. Patagonia wants from these influencers to post some photos while using their product. Patagonia mainly focuses on sharing experience to create a trustworthy business. 

Differences With Testimonials, Influencers, and Advocates

Before telling you about this figure in more detail, I want to briefly distinguish the brand ambassadors from the promoting figures with whom they are often confused. Let’s see them:

  • Testimonial: is generally an industry VIP (e.g., sports, nutrition, make-up) hired and paid for a specific advertising campaign that they have the right qualities. It is thought that it can positively influence the public, but it doesn’t have to use the products it advertises.
  • Influencers: “Influencers” are young web and web marketing experts who become famous within a more restricted circle of people. Their role is not to advertise or sell products, but are “exploited” because they have visibility. They don’t have to be an employee in the company; they are like “web model” personalities.
  • Advocate: this is nothing more than a particularly satisfied customer who, voluntarily, promotes the brand with direct testimonials and positive word of mouth.

On the other hand, the brand ambassador is a marketing and market expert, meaning who, for a fee, actively promotes the brand.

What Are the Advantages for the Company?

Now that you know this figure better, I’m sure you’re curious about what benefits it can bring to your business.

Let’s start by saying that the brand ambassador is not for everyone. If you do not have a direct relationship with your audience (for example, if you do B2B), you will reap little benefits from this type of marketing.

But if your business also thrives on a public image, if your customers increase or decrease depending on your real and digital reputation (in most cases!), Then a brand ambassador can be useful, as a part of branding strategy.

Here are the main advantages it can offer you:

  1. Expand your audience: If they have all the necessary characteristics, their presence and actions will resonate with your audience and the like. If they like their niche, this, in turn, will pass the word on to hundreds of thousands of other people, bringing you new onlookers “in the house.”
  2. Make yourself perceived positively: By putting your face to it and having direct contact with the public, you improve the perception of the brand, which will thus be “felt” accessible, close to the public, and ready to confront.
  3. Give yourself authority: By providing proven opinions and offering factual information (backed up by data), the brand ambassador increases their (and yours!) authority. So you will not be the only one who sells the product: you will be the expert.
  4. Increase your sales: It is the final effect of all this work and one of the main objectives, isn’t it?

How to Find a Brand Ambassador?

There are two possibilities: do it yourself or rely on an agency. If you want to move independently, the work you should start doing is analyzing your target audience: 

  • What do they say?
  • What is the news around? 
  • Who do you ask when in doubt?
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All this information is essential to find, if any, those prominent personalities in the industry to whom most people turn. For example, in the world of electronics, most users look at 5 to 10 reviews before buying a product. Find out who does these reviews, who is really authoritative, and who has earned the public’s trust: that is your next brand ambassador.

If you don’t want to bother and rely on a professional agency, all you got to do is find them in your area and describe your needs.

Conclusion On Brand Ambassador

We saw earlier how to choose a qualified corporate ambassador. But how do you find one? There are two possibilities: do it yourself or rely on an agency.

A brand ambassador is quite an important role in the business world. They are the face of the brands and definitely have a high impact on the existence of the brands. Celebrities and professionals can work as brand ambassadors and help brands to promote their products or services. 

If you want to learn more about marketing and digital marketing, please read our other articles about it. You may be interested in what is influencer marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions About

It depends on the company, the job, and the role. But according to Glassdoor, a brand ambassador gets paid between $40,000 to $50,000 annually.

You need to have natural leadership and good communication skills. Also, you need to have knowledge of marketing and digital tools. 

Brand ambassadors share their experience with brands and inform people about new things on the brands. 

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